The previous revision to the NLRC rules was made in Procedure for recovery of amount paid to seafarer during execution proceedings. of the Labor Code prior to , the NLRC had generally recognised the concept of provisions of the Labor Code and the NLRC’s Revised Rules of Procedure. THE NLRC RULES OF PROCEDURE. Pursuant to the provisions of Article of Presidential Decree No. , as amended, otherwise.

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New NLRC Rules of Procedure: impact on seafarers and manning agents

For the purposes of computing the period of appeal, the same shall be procedurd from receipt of such decisions, awards or orders by the counsel of record. Procedure for recovery of amount paid to seafarer during execution proceedings Where a case peocedure lost at labour arbiter level, the manning agents or principals can file an appeal to the NLRC. During the said period, the parties shall ruls required to present evidence to substantiate their respective positions in the main petition.

A non-lawyer may appear pprocedure the Commission or any Labor Arbiter only if: It is not in the form of an appeal but a verified petition with the NLRC Commission the purpose of which is to annul or modify the order of the Labor Arbiter issuing the writ of execution. Thirdly, the consideration of P, Petitioner could have even paid a moderate pprocedure reasonable sum as premium for such bond as the law does not require outright payment but merely the posting of a bond to ensure that the award will be eventually paid should the appeal be dismissed, but still, petitioner failed to do so.

Sy assails the March 30, decision [1] and May 31, resolution [2] of the Court of Appeals CA dismissing her complaint for non-payment of salary and allowances against respondents ALC Industries, Inc. Significantly, at no time did he contest the validity of the payroll or controvert the authenticity of his signatures therein; thus, he is deemed to have acquiesced to their genuineness.

Finality of riles of the Commission. Payment for sickness of. Where proper justification, however, is shown by proper motion to warrant the re-opening of the case, the Labor Arbiter shall call a second hearing and continue the proceedings until the case is finally decided. The Commission may, in meritorious cases and upon Motion of the Appellant, reduce the amount of the bond.


From then on, four reiterating motions for the issuance of a writ of execution [7] were filed. The assailed Decision disposed as follows: The written summary shall be signed by the parties and shall form part of the records. This publication is sent from time to time to clients and friends.

In this case, however, the rule on the posting of appeal bond was relaxed because when the appeal was made, there were still no implementing rules and regulations for the filing of a cash or surety bond. Consequently, at this stage, manning agents and their principals are required nlrd pay the seafarer based on the final award. Seafarer’s failure to attend conferences Under both the and rules, the labour arbiter can dismiss a complaint if the seafarer fails to appear, despite due notice, during the two settings for mandatory conciliation and the mediation conference.

An appeal, per article of the Labor Code, shall be perfected only upon posting of a cash or surety bond in cases involving monetary award. Subject to the requirements of due process, the technicalities of law and procedure and the rules obtaining in the courts of law shall not strictly apply nprc.

Please note that the mere filing of the verified Petition will prevent the bank of either the manning agents or the bonding company from releasing the garnished amount to the seafarer within fifteen 15 calendar days from the filing of the Petition. Upon completion of such presentation of evidence for the complainant, another notice of hearing for the reception of the respondent’s evidence shall be issued, with a warning that failure of the respondent to appear shall be construed as submission by him of the case for resolution without presenting his evidence.

Issuance of Certified Copies. In any event, he shall render his decision in the case within the same period provided in paragraph a hereof. It is meant to be brief and is not intended to be legal advice.


Del Rosario & Del Rosario Lawfirm – Significant Changes in the NLRC Rules of Procedure

He shall render his decision within thirty 30 calendar days, without extension, after the submission of the case by the parties for decision, even in the absence of stenographic notes. As the term connotes, the purpose is to ask prodedure parties clarificatory questions to elicit further facts or proceduge, which will include obtaining relevant documentary evidence from any party or witness. Thus, if the manning agent can prove 2005 the failure to attend a mandatory conference for the second time was due to “justifiable and meritorious grounds”, he or she may have the order of waiver set aside and can file the necessary position paper.

He is the Presiding Commissioner of the First Division. Under Rule XI of Section 14, NLRC labour arbiters can issue orders of restitution to enable manning agents to recover the amount that they previously paid to the claimants as a result of reversed or modified decisions. Any motion to dismiss on the ground of lack prcoedure jurisdiction, improper venue or that the cause of action is barred by prior judgment or by prescription, shall be immediately resolved by the Labor Arbiter by a written order.

Respondents point out that we have occasionally allowed exceptions to mandatory and jurisdictional requirements in the perfection of appeals, such as disregarding unintended lapses on the basis of strong and compelling reasons. To extend the period of appeal is to prolong the resolution of the case, a circumstance which would give the employer the opportunity to wear out the energy and meager resources of the workers to the point that they would be constrained to give up for less than what they deserve in law.

The presence of a majority of all the members of the Commission shall be necessary to constitute a quorum to deliberate on and decide any matter before it.