74HC74 Datasheet, 74HC74 Dual D Flip-Flop Datasheet, buy 74HC DATA SHEET. Product specification. Supersedes data of Feb Jul INTEGRATED CIRCUITS. 74HC74; 74HCT Dual D-type. 74HC74; 74HCT74 Dual D-type flip-flop with set and reset; positive-edge trigger. Dual D-type flip-flop with Details, datasheet, quote on part number: 74HC

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May 8, 1. May 8, 6 0. Hello Everyone I’m relatively new to electronics but am an experienced programmer. I’m currently working on an Arduino weather station project and making good progress. However, I am having problems with a reed switch based rain gauge. I just happen to have a 74HC74 D Type flip-flop in my collection which I bought years ago for another unfinished project.

I have not used a flip-flop before and so having problems understanding the IC. I have spent considerable time Googling and experimenting with the IC, all to no avail. I’m however having problems understanding the IC.


This is what I have tried so far. All to no avail. I have even tried this setup using an online circuit simulator, of course, it does not work. Am I misunderstanding something?


Data Sheets: 74HC74

Is it not possible to use this IC as a standard SR flip-flop? If not, can anybody satasheet an IC? I hope this makes sense and I appreciate any help. May 8, 2. Mar 14, 20, 5, Did you 74hcc74 at the Data Sheet Truth Table? That shows your problem. They need to stay high when not used and go momentarily low to perform their defined function.

Also, never leave any inputs not outputs floating in CMOS circuits.

Connect the clock input and all other unused inputs on the chip to Ground including the FF you are not using. May 8, 3. May 8, 4.

That makes perfect sense now, I did get the chop working when making the SET pin low. Unfortunately, I think this will cause me a problem using the Arduino to send a reset command. Do you recommend the CD FF? May 8, 5. May 9, 6. May 9, 7. Thank you, I appreciate your help. Of course I can set a pin to be momentary high or datasheet — I keep thinking in terms of LOW being floating Final question for this thread.


Aside from not grounding the unused pins, is the following OK for this particular FF? May 9, 8. May 10, 9.

Once again, thank you. And I apologise for the extraneous Quote posts I have taken your advice and added a pull-up resistor.

74HC74 Datasheet

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