AFI 13-203 PDF

AFI AIR TRAFFIC CONTROL – SPACE, MISSILE, COMMAND, AND CONTROL. Find the most up-to-date version of AFI at Engineering tion applies to the facilities that are controlled and used exclusively by the Department of the Air Force, as outlined in real estate documents or.

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You receive a continuous readout from an aircraft on the airport and the readout varies by less than feet from the field elevation, or You have correlated the altitude information in your data block with the validated information in a data block generated in another facility by verbally coordinating with the other controller and your readout is exactly the same as the readout in the other data block.

An aircraft conducting an instrument, visual, or contact approach has landed or has been instructed to change to advisory frequency.

aafi VFR aircraft in the pattern will be restricted from turning base leg until the aircraft has landed or executed missed approach.


Must be capable of multitasking and organizing thoughts and decisive actions in rapid succession. Equal Employment Opportunity Exodyne, Inc. Candidate must possess technical and managerial experience in ATC operations. Turbojet aircraft regardless of altitude.

DSI – Job Posting

The ability to communicate effectively with military and civilian leadership, adjacent facilities and the flying community is a key attribute. Presidential aircraft regardless of altitude.

November 26, Date Closing: Must be able to effectively and clearly communicate in English in both verbal and written formats. Aircraft at 10, feet and above. Professional demeanor and pro-active customer relations are paramount.

Army Traffic Count

You assign a new altitude to a climbing or a descending aircraft, or c. It varies less than feet from the pilot reported altitude, 13-2203 2. Edit Print Download Share.

The successful candidate must be able to interpret EAir Force Instructions, use good judgment and common sense in the performance of ATC operations, and must be able to follow both written and verbal instructions. No phone calls, please.

Army Traffic Count

Applicants afl considered for positions without discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, veteran status or any other consideration made unlawful by applicable federal, state, or local laws.


When R is active all aircraft. The Mode C readout is valid and indicates that the aircraft is established at the assigned altitude, or 13–203. Provides guidance on ATC issues as member of various boards and committees as required.

The pilot states the assigned altitude, or b. Provides liaison on matters affi to air traffic control ATC and airspace issues with local commanders and officers, Federal Aviation Administration FAAadjacent air traffic facilities and other interested parties. Complies with duty requirements of FAAO Manages the safe and expeditious flow of air traffic within the Rickenbacker ATCT airspace and other areas as required.

An aircraft completes a radar approach.