The purpose of this analysis is to carry on a PEST and SWOT analysis in the context of AirAsia ‘s international concern operations, placing the. AirAsia Berhad dba AirAsia MYX: is a Malaysian low-cost airline. It operates scheduled domestic and international flights and is Asia’s. 1 CHAPTER ONE: INTRODUCTION OVERVIEW OF AIR ASIA AirAsia .. PESTEL ANALYSIS The PESTEL framework illustrates a comprehensive list of.

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This ratio measures how profitable a company sells its inventory or merchandise.

Furthermore a SWOT analysis will be carried out to measure the extent to which its schemes are suited to what is go oning in its present environment. Flight information is available to assist clients do questions on flight airasiw reaching and going airaia and day of the month. Saudi Arabia Education Forecast to The first unit of the plane airassia on 8 December, Pest Analysis On AirAsia – June 29th, Advantages of Pest analysis 1 Get to know all sides of business 2 Provide solution to the problem 3 All angles of the business covered like political, social, economical and so on.

LCC will keep cost of their channel and their customer relation as simple as possible and will cover all their customers.

Threats There are more no-frills airlines may take off in Asia to meet increasing consumer demand following the success story of Malaysia’s budget carrier AirAsia. Creative and low-priced advertisement significantly reduces selling cost.

PEST and SWOT analysis of AirAsias international business operations Essay – Jamila Reddy

The gross domestic product GDP is equal to the total expenditures for all final goods and services produced within the country in a stipulated period of time. Return on assets is calculated as net income divided by its average total assets. Discussions Projects Articles Blogs Videos.


Only available on Essays AirAsia is a pioneer of low-cost flights in Asia,[1] and was also the first airline in the region to implement fully ticketless travel. The airlines established in and started operations on 18 November Finally, after placing competitory scheme a Strategic program will be made to derive competitory advantage. New finishs are implemented to accomplish new market development. Therefore, return on assets should not be used to compare companies in different industries.

Landing and navigation charges are expensive in major destinations including Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore and Bangkok. How about receiving a customized one?

Pest Analysis On AirAsia | Management Paradise

Investors and creditors can use profitability ratios to judge a company’s return on investment based on its relative level of resources and ariasia. Current recession hit the air power concern. Air Asia average total assets for the quarter that ended in Sep.

Air Asia also tries to keep the cost low by recruiting only numbers of workers needed and selecting only capable and hard workers, so each worker will have works to do and the company does not have to pay workers who do not work efficiently. Password Go to Page Air Asia first flight will be starting from on early morning and their last flight will end on late midnight and fast turnaround.

By analyzing the Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal factors of the macro environment, managers will be able to draw the relevant implications of these influences on the organization. Implementing the parts fastest turnaround clip at merely 25 proceedingss, guaranting lower costs and higher productiveness.

Air Asia annualized airasa income for the quarter that ended in Sep.

Pest Analysis On AirAsia. It was because less part would need to be replaced.

Pest Analysis On AirAsia

In addition, for the vision part in AirAsia, AirAsia aims to be the largest low cost airline in Asia and serving the 3 billion people who airzsia currently underserved with poor connectivity and high fares. As AirAsia continuously strives to advance air travel, we besides seek to make exhilaration amongst our invitees with our scope of advanced and individualized service. An organizations dependancy on human resources.


This is worsened pesetl the fact that the airline market is regulated by bilateral air rights agreements. Economic factors AirAsia is a low cost airline and it faces stiff competition from Malaysian Airline.

Pest Analysis On Airasia

This connection could help and bring Air Asia’s image rising to the surface of Asia Pacific. Air Asia is allowed to operate many flights to any destinations in the Asia Pacific. This may seemed as a threat for Air Asia at first, but this could also be an opportunity for the company as it is still the lowest cost air carrier among the others. Labor force participation rate increased by 0.

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Social Many passengers in Malaysia are very reluctant anaysis board no airasia pest analysis flights for long hours.

This enables them to place their mark market. Widening current services into new markets may be helpful to farther growing of this company. Without sufficient knowledge, it will only give small benefit to Air Asia. It enables Air Asia to derive its revenue by incorporating a service fee into the hotel rates.

ROE shows how well a company uses investment funds to generate earnings growth.