Alceste (Christoph Willibald Gluck): Synopsis, Libretto, Highlights, MIDI, Noten, Sheet Music. Alceste. Musica di. George Frederich Handel. HWV A cura di http://www. Ottobre Ouverture. Alceste, Wq. 37 is an opera by Christoph Willibald Gluck from The libretto ( in Italian) was written by Ranieri de’ Calzabigi and based on the play Alcestis.

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What a proud moment this is for me! But at least let some ray of pity comfort my suffering. Oh such a woeful day! Admetus’ friend Hercules arrives and promises to conquer death on his behalf, and travels to Hades. Ismene, Evander Just gods, what will happen? My heart makes me tremble, etc. You alone did I love, Alcestis, while you lived: Della fedel tua sposa il magnanimo voto piacque agli dei.

Evander Death triumphs and distorts the virtue of beauty, removing the model of honesty. Alcestis Leave me alone. GluckChristoph Willibald, Ritter alcestw 2. The people, sorrowing again, prepare the royal couple’s children for sacrifice in their place.


Andar volgendo il passo, e incontrar dappertutto solitudine e lutto!

Alcestis The Gods all know, my dearest, if in the youthfulness that smiles on me, if as lover and beloved, mother and Queen, accustomed to the joys of life, with a single sigh I made you a gift of it. The god Apollo refuses their animal sacrifice, proclaiming that Admetus will live aldeste if another person is sacrificed in his place. I ask that our children do not see you take another wife in your arms. Admetus No; always obscurely and always mysteriously he answers, I will go up the temple to question again the deceiving oracle.

Every fear for me has gone, calm your brow, it is time to rejoice. Dolenti immagini, idee funeste, ecc. Now all shining in my mind appears the great idea. Queen Alceste believes she is the victim Apollo has in mind, but declares she will surrender her life only for love.

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I cannot die for the one who dies for me! Eumelus, Aspasia Ah mother! Courtiers Reign over us in happiness, excellent lady, whose equal on the throne no other lady ever was. Ah, I am lost! Dunque io godo un sol momento e poi sempre ho da soffrir.


Ah, troppo, oh numi, siete pronti a’ ljbretto miei! I swear to the Gods, to you. The decision of the gods is not revoked. Ah, the fatal moment already draws near! O God, you kiss me and you weep!

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Evander Ah, hurry, O Queen, in a short time Admetus will alcexte no more: Lo, the moment that parts me from you and breaks our loving chains for ever. Courtiers O, how quickly, etc.

O famous sacrifice of a faithful friend! Then the heavens open, Apollo descends and proclaims that the gods have given them their lives as a reward for their steadfast love. The altar sways, the tripod shakes, the ground trembles, the temple resounds!

Intorno a me sdegnosa gira l’ombra di morte che il ferro stringe, alza la destra, e accenna vibrare il fatal colpo. E fra tanti spaventi io respiro infelice. What have you done?