ALEXANDRU BUSUIOCEANU () – istoric, mitograf, critic literar, poet, ALEXANDRU BUSUIOCEANU si Zamolxis – Mica enciclopedie AS – Numarul. Busuioceanu, Alexandru () Zamolxis sau mitul dacic în istoria şi legendele spaniole, Bucureşti: Editura Dacica. Caraioan, Pompiliu () Geneza sacrului, . Alexandru Busuioceanu (–), former docent in art at the University of Bucharest, newly appointed cultural counselor at Madrid. Became professor at the.

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The practices involving sacred sexuality are not new, their millenary oldness is found in Hinduism and Buddhism, two major religions well- known in the entire world. There is a secret location to be found only with the help of a guide who knows the route.

Alexandru Busuioceanu

Up untilTransylvania was part of the Kingdom of Hungary, in it became a part of the Habsburg lands. What are the relevant practices maintaining the spiritual life of a Zamolxian zamolxks Zamolxiana, the Neo-Zamolxian Practice of Immortality: Reproduction of part of a tenth-century copy of Thucydides ‘s History of the Peloponnesian War.

Women and girls ware headdresses of flowers as vows to nature to which humanity belongs Fig. The Primer of Dacian Spiritual Renaissance — Alexandtu Sarbatoare will follow a common meal during which there is no consumption of alcoholic drinks or eating meat on preferably basis.

However, specific works to better tackle the subject are needed in the future. Eliade, Mircea Forgerons et alchimistes, Paris: Scientific studies point out, for the human species Homo Sapiens that the normal relationships between sexes are in equal measure monogamous, polygamous and polyandrous. This could have been an echo of Burebistas expansion and it seems that this northern expansion of the Dacian language, as far as the Vistula river, lasted until AD — when the migration of the Vandal Hasdingi pushed out this northern Dacian group.


Alexandru Busuioceanu – WikiVisually

The Zamolxian knight man or woman takes the oath in the presence of The Dacian Sacred Fire, the living fire. The three principalities were united for several months in under the authority of Wallachian Prince Michael the Brave and this area fell to the Ottoman Turks by the 15th century.

The basic rule is that the sacred fire should be lighted in a clean open place where there is not danger of fire blaze or inside a building. These anchorites are retired from the world in so doing dedicating their lives to the purpose of living the higher consciousness. For sure the living in secular society entails following the path of wisdom as is applied to human communities where family is the core cell. Which is the basis of support for the creed?

The devotees look relaxed at the fire, those wanting to say their wishes to the divine to be fulfilled silently or in zamolixs loud voice may be able to do so. Leopardi, Giacomo ritr. On similar perspectives it may be organised meetings for children and young people in which subjects, such as ethics and morality for the individual and the group, may be tackled, etc. It has a flagpole on which, on special occasions, the Dacian banner having the serpent with head of wolf could be raised.

Brief information on the subject will alexanrdu found in our work Pe Calea Lui Zamolxe: Although historian can be used to describe amateur and professional historians alike, some historians, though, are recognized by publications or training and experience. There are now Neo-Dacian hearths, altars and temples allowing the performing of rituals especially those lighting the Dacian Sacred Fire of great proportions, such as The Pyre of Zamolxe.

Soul salvation is the aim. As a reference, the contemplation of the Dacian Sacred Fire in the middle of a family group takes 10 to 30 minutes. However, the European Judaeo-Christian societies accept the practice of people having lovers as extra conjugal sexual relations. At present it has become necessary the elaboration of a more compelling argument to answer the major issues.


In the 2nd century AD, after the Roman conquest, Ptolemy puts the eastern boundary of Dacia Traiana as far east as the Hierasus river, after the Marcomannic Wars, Dacian groups from outside Roman Dacia had been set in motion 5.

Sarbatoare, Octavian b Zamolxiana, ezoterismul neozamolxian: The man is not the master alexandtu nature, as the Judaeo-Christian Bible erroneously advocates, but part of it. The Neo-Dacian spirituality is fledging.

National Gallery of ScotlandEdinburgh. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. However, nowadays the Zamolxian hermitage is reborn on a different foundation than the zamoxis that is practiced by the Orthodox Christian denomination. Alexandru Busuioceanu Romanian pronunciation: Map showing the area where Latin language was spoken in pink during the Roman Empire in the th century. He or she follows a credo of spiritual evolution based on the knowledge of the seven traditional Zamolxian archetypes Fig.

Eliade, Mircea Aspects du mythe, Paris. Several factors contributed to the spread of watercolor painting during the 18th century, Watercolor artists were commonly brought with the geological or archaeological expeditions, funded by the Society of Dilettanti, to document discoveries in the Mediterranean, Asia, and the New World.

The homosexual relations do non apply in any situation to Neo- Zamolxianism; homosexuality is a subject to be dealt with by the secular society. Another kind of Dacian hearths is that where the sacred fire is not lighted; they are mainly sites of contemplation and meditation.