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AMCO International Education Services, LLC

Full text of ” Bibliotheca hispanica. Containing a grammar, with a dictionarie in Spanish, English, and Latine, gathered out of diuers good authors: Ight Honorable, after I had brought to light this fillie newe borne infant, as the fir ft fruits of my poore trauails ; beholding both hir weakenes, andthemeancnes of mine own abilities I perceiued it would be verie needful for me, to procure it a vaile of greater brightneffe, which might increafe the repu- tation of hir perfedions if excelendia had any ; and ihadowe hir wants and deformities.

Soextreame is the delight, excelencla manie take to deface the well meaning attempts of others; as euen the fmalleft faults,which with great reafon we might wifli to be buried in obliuion ; euerieone, yea ofthofe that deferue beft; maugre his headheareth in the open ftreetes. Trueitis, that the great ods betweene my nieane eftare and the high degree of honor, wherein, both the nobi- liticofyourbiith,andthe valour of yourperfonhauewor- thelie placed you: Yew HwmmiihtmAly demted, R.

Tor no doubt,thofe things that to me being a flraunger to the amci appeared vpongood reafon to bee worth the obfcruation: In very good time,! Make thy profite of it good Reader, and yeelde mee thy good worde for my paints: P, Thomas Doyieyus medi- cinse do 5tor. Cum populo aurato collubet ergo loqui. Cum rege hoc tanto,collubet ergo loqui.


Latius at fplendet nunc multis gentibus, almi Sol velut excurrens, per camio ligna, die. Pracilitit hoc AngIus,con lianti pollice, fcriptor, VtTartefliiacs detegerentur opes. Non vnum Typhin GriECum,fed mille Britannos Spe lucri accendet, nominis atque magis, Colchica qui leuibus volitent noua regna carinis, Aurcaque apportent vellera mille domum. To the praditioners in the Spanifli, lames Lea. Who lifts not yeeld to neither both, of thofe rehearft before. But iumpe as lately and as fweete,or rather lately more: As full ofprcty prouerbs,and moft dainty priuie quips.

Of graue aduices,bicter taunts,and pafllng gawling nips. Though learned pens in Italy and France do floriih more, Andin our happy Britaine,whcrc are learned menfuch lore: In pradife, yeeld him praife and thanks, for thee fuch paines that tooke. Then thanks,nought clic he doth reqiiire, though more he do deierue; He lets before thee lore of caies, pare not, but like and carue.

S, ‘ V Of a double char offer: Cabo, cavo, Cobrar,covrar, being a tiling foWoaU anbo? S if be be Ongle in tbe mibft of aSo o? Abl, de los, de las. Gen, del hombre, Daf. Dat, para los hombreso. Dat, para la muger. Poco, menos, muy poco. Wjz 3lmperatitte anD of a Verbe.

Sing of a Verbc. If 1 fhaUhane hurt. Ci e tnfinitiac tmk, Creer To heleeue. Aver creydojTo hane helesued. Cl e future of excleencia efttbiuttctme. Tener, poner, poder, anO i0 t!

Chize 1 did, orhaue done. Hazer, To dofjor tomare.

Welcome to AMCO methodology by moises rodriguez mateo on Prezi

Auer hecho, To haue done. Ctuve Jhelde, y ctuvimos. He tenido, tl c pjctcrpinpeticct. PomI Of a Verbe. Smg, -seres -es mg. Sifo fe Soitb tbe t! A bocados, wor- fels: Mas fi, but if: P oTyfort or by: Of of Camio and Concord. Cliefeconb bettoeene tt e fubftantitteanbtl eabie tiue: T us manos enfuzian mis ropas handesfouie my clothes. T he louthfuU [hall hardly fee a good end of his bufineffe, f manp time0 an acCttfatiue,Ay enterra ron a mi abuelo.


Los enemigos pren- dieron o tomaron a Don Alonso en campo raro,6cc. They freed me for an hundred erownes.

Me,tc,ic, a0yome Voy,tu te iientes, aquel le duerme. Dar me has ellos dineros. No fe como fe haga j quando fe pa tu padre? By Richard Percyvall gent. Thou muH mavke ucrtenda. In verbis, licet omnia Infi- wouldhaue thee vnderftandto be aiwaies Jharpe.

ISjbriJfenfem e- fo oftherefl. But as it feU out it could be rimum inftitimus. Sir loirnr 1 yfe. Crebras illas ejufdcm ver- fcarfe faithfully whhhim: Hifpanica enim lingua mihi tin words; for I go about to explain the Spanifh explicandanon Latina.

Hoc amice Ic- not to teach the Latine, Let it fuffice good Reader ftor prsemonuifle fufficiac: Abadengo, tiertaining to an abbot. Ad abbateni pertinens, Abahar,tO fmoKe 0?. Abarrar, tO ball agatnfl: AbejonazOja great magna. Abolladura, beuting in bioioeo? A cada ban io,ftr Cet bp Ireet, yicatim. Acariccar, totocfect, tomaiscmttcll of Indulgere, perhumaniter habere. Acaudalar, tO ftllll bp, In fummam redigere. Acodar vides, to iopnt binco? Acoger, Acojo, to cntertainCjto retire, cipere in adesyrecipere fe.

Acogimiento, entertainment, retiring, Exceptioy receptus.

Acrecentar, ciento, to encreafe, to aug: Adelgazar, to maUefmaH,tcmabcfine, jlttenuArei extenuareidedmere. Adobado, faufcijmenDeli, Condhm, recon.

Adornamiento, aborning, t cc!? Agenolirange, another mano? Ahicarfe, tO hc raiX ftomacfecD, Cmdeflere. Ahogar, to ftrangle,to cijofee. A I Ahumar, tofmofee,tomaheafmoat!

Aiu dar,tO tjelpe, Amiliari. Al, a ete ti e,tO. Albogue, a pipe fiVXZyC alamus. A L Alba ja,!

Alimpiadura, purging, ClcanOng, ILxpur- gatio, expiatio. AIjonjoIj,3 jonjoli, aMjitc graineioljer:? AmanH dextra, Amanyzquicrda,ontl eleftbanb, Aleua manu. Amo, a mailer, a ftljojlmafter, vMagogiu dominus. A m or o faam ,l 0 nc bencuolus. Amortecerfe, tO foioonc, Exanimari. Andrinas, plumo, planeo, wde Ciruelas. Antifaz, a t alle, amaffee, VeUmenyUrua.