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Military 1900-58 Personal Security. Cited in para 3—4 and fig 3—3. 190-85 authorized by statute or international agreement, soldiers performing personal protective services off military installations will not identify themselves as law enforcement agents or wear uniform accoutrements that project military law enforcement authority. Personnel who are more likely to be terrorist or criminal targets because of their grade, assignment, symbolic value, vulnerabilities, location, or specific threat.

Attempt to establish multiple observation points from which to view the location, behavior, and movements of the. Federal, State, local, or host countryphysical barriers, or a combination of both, controlling movement within the area. Cited in paras 2—3 c and 4—3.

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Deploy the Public Affairs Officer to brief news media representatives. Hand-held and portable base station frequency modulated FM radios equipped with surveillance packages will be available.

Keep the abductor talking as long as possible. The calculated use of 109-58 or the threat of violence to attain political, religious, or ideological goals. Protective services should be based upon a defense in depth employing concentric cordons or rings of security.

Establish a perimeter around the incident and enclose it with necessary vehicles and personnel.


References, page 10 Glossary ii Chapter 1 Introduction 1—1. It is an adjunct to AR — Contingency planning will include coordination with applicable Federal, State, local, and host country officials outlining movement, security, negotiator, and jurisdictional responsibilities on the installation and in 1990-58 event of a mobile hostage situation moving off the installation.


AR —30 Military Police Investigations. Project and protocol officers, security personnel, and hosts will be identified and assigned responsibilities. Tenant units willsubmit names of nominees for high risk designation to the applicable MACOM exercising geographical responsibility for consideration.

Be prepared to assault the abductor if he or she becomes irrational, destructive, or begins to seriously harm hostages. Tenant unit A unit or activity of one Government agency, military department, or command that occupies facilities on an installation of 910-58 military department or command and that receives supplies or other support services from that installation.

Level 2 high risk personnel do not warrant assignment of full-time protective services but require such additional.

Mark the rooftop of the vehicle. Memorandums of Agreement or other documentation outlining mutually agreed upon procedures and actions will be maintained with the agency providing the SRT. Explanation of abbreviations and terms. Assign an individual to communicate and negotiate with the abductor and make certain the abductor knows with whom he or she is negotiating. Issue and Sale of Personal Clothing. If items are not provided by table of organization and equipment TOE and table of distribution and allowances TDA authorization, or through routine supply channels, commanders will consider local purchase, procurement, or lease of the equipment.

The objectives of the full-time protective service team are as follows:. If at night, consider knocking out a rear tail light to ease ground tracking in case the electronic device fails. Full-time protective service team. Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel.

Weapons will be controlled in accordance with 19-58 — Have professional practitioners available for consultation psychologists, members of the clergy, lawyers, or.

Major disruptions on installations. Personnel aar be fully trained and qualified quarterly with all the weapons they carry. The expirationdate will be typed on the line provided on DA Form Negotiations 19-58 dialogue between authorities and offenders which has as the ultimate goal the safe release of hostages and surrender of the offenders. Cited in para 1—4 c. Clear the entire line of fire completely around and outside the hostage incident.


Unless authorized by statute or international agreement, soldiers performing personal protective services off military installations will not wear uniform accoutrements that project law enforcement authority.

Establish, with the abductor, a way of making food and beverages available.

Installation commanders will maintain contingency plans for response to hostage situations. Terrorists intimidate, coerce, and instill fear. Personnel nominated to perform full-time protective service duties will meet the following prerequisites: This would include uniformed and nonuniformed security personnel military, U. Protective service personnel must be able to react instantly by covering and evacuating the principal in case of attack. Chapter 2 Protective Services 2—1.

Attempt to establish multiple observation points from which to view the location, behavior, and movements of the hostage and the abductor. Cited in para 1—1. Conduct of protective services, organization of the protective service force, the number of personnel employed, and the duration of the mission will be determined based on the status of the principal, threat, vulnerabilities, location, and other conditions that may present a danger to the principal being secured.

Settle with the abductor on his or her negotiable demands by convincing the abductor to yield hostages for his or her own safety during surrender.

Physical Security of Arms, Ammunition, and Explosives. A format for submitting clothing allowance requests is provided at figure 3—3. Credentials that have not been laminated are not valid.