Aroj Ali Matubbar by × ; 70 KB. 0 references. sex or gender · male. 0 references. country of citizenship · Bangladesh. 0 references. British Raj. Aroj Ali Matubbar: Rationalist Philosopher of Rural Bangladesh. By Ajoy Roy. The Background. I would not like to elaborate the concept of Rationalism in front of. Matubbar, Aroj Ali () self-taught philosopher, was born on 17 December to a farming family in the village of Lamchari in barisal.

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Here are six propositions: His father was a poor cultivator having practically no lands of his own. He was born to a poor farming family. His book Satyer Sandhane, according to my assessment exposes the basic rationalist philosophy of Matubbar, concerned with some basic and relevant questions that agitates a questing man — about his life, about his religion, and above all about his creator and the creation.

Our unknown folk poet wrote many many years back. We the physicists believe in a basic principle very kin to the principle of agnosticism. But the conservatives, moulanas, orthodox Brahmins tried to distort this folk literature preaching freethinking, liberalism and materialism to bring their orthodox fold. His so-called formal education was limited two years only when his mother admitted him in a newly established Maqtab in the village.


In this context we may quote from Panch Kari Bandiopadhya, ” The process through which new life is created after the union of men and women, the world is also created in the same process after the union of Purusa and Prakriti. He loved his mother infinitely.

However he did not accept the rigid methods of learning there, and left it. His books were always in danger of being banned by the government, since they contained certain claims that disagreed with the religious beliefs of the majority. Aroj Ali Matubbor was a truly homegrown philosopher without any formal academic training.

A rationalist may try to reach truth either in a deductive or in an inductive approach.

Soon he alk recognized as a respected man of learning with open mind in the society. The first question is the most important one that agitates not only the inquisitive philosophers and metaphysicist, but the scientists too, especially the science dealing with life.

But arjo experiment of physics would prove its existence. His language is lucid straight forward and easily intelligible to common folk. So questing about any event, may be natural or social, forms the basic analytical path that would ultimately lead to rationalism.

Aroj Ali Matubbar

Worship Man, look into Quaran- you will see these. Sanjoy Belthiputta was probably the founder of this school of philosophy, who flourished during the time of Lord Budha. Smaranika MafubbarTime of writing: These two thoughts find their expression in many songs sung by our folk-singers. In AD the local zemindar took away whatever small land the family had as the family could not pay taxes in due time.


Aroj Ali Matubbar – Wikipedia

Matubbar lost his father at an early age. We will present some of the questions, which usually arise, in our minds when aoj think about religion by way of the reasons why these questions crop up.

Some of his writings have been translated into English and compiled in a volume published by Pathak Samabesh. I then started noting down questions, not for writing a book, but only to remember these questions later. In Srimat Vagbat geeta it is said.

But the village religious and social leaders objected taking snap of a deceased person more so of a woman. With the first utterance of words, a child starts asking questions- What is this?

He left the matter to the to the judgment of his readers. I do not know if such weapons are effective in respect of individuals but they are absolutely useless in respect of a religious community or nation.

But he did not follow the path of classical folk path i. We in science follow both approaches.