Aryabhatta was an extraordinary teacher and scholar who had immense knowledge about mathematics and astronomy. He suggested the. Aryabhata is also known as Aryabhata I to distinguish him from the later mathematician of the same name who lived about years later. Al-Biruni has not. Aryabhata: (b. ) astronomer and the earliest Indian mathematician whose work is available to modern scholars.

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Ancient Indian Leaps Into Mathematics.

Aryabhatiya ends with spherical astronomy in Golawhere he applied plane trigonometry to spherical geometry by projecting points and lines on the surface of a sphere onto appropriate mathematciian. Thus, it has been suggested that Aryabhata’s calculations were based on an underlying heliocentric model, in which the planets orbit the Sun, [35] [36] [37] though this has been rebutted. Its contents are preserved to some extent in the works of Varahamihira flourished c.

It is fairly certain that, at some point, he went to Kusumapura for advanced studies and lived there for some time. Pictures of Aryabhata Image Credit. His disciple Bhaskara I calls it Ashmakatantra or the treatise from the Ashmaka.

Kumari Kandam is the legendary sunken continent, according to many of the ancient extant Tamil literatures and some of the Sanskrit literatures. He wrote the book in verse and there are verses as well as 13 introductory verses. Some of his results are cited by Al-Khwarizmi and in the 10th century Al-Biruni stated that Aryabhata’s followers believed that the Earth rotated on its axis. Thus, the lunar eclipse occurs when the Moon enters into the Earth’s shadow verse gola.

Aryabhata died in A. He came to an approximation of pi that was correct to five numbers. That European astronomy was also known is suggested by the 6th-century astronomer Varahamihira, who mentions the Romaka….


It is one of the earliest astronomical works to assign the start of each day to midnight. The first chapter Gitikapada consists of 13 verses and looks at large units of time. The extreme brevity of the text was elaborated in commentaries by his disciple Bhaskara I Bhashyac. The Arya-siddhanta looked at astronomy. Other theories involve that he was from Kerala.

It elucidates the astronomical elements and features of the ecliptic, celestial equator, astrological aspects like rising of zodiacal signs and phenomenon of day and night. The Aryabhata Knowledge University AKUPatna, has been established by the Government of Bihar in his honor for the development and management of educational infrastructure related to technical, medical, management and allied professional education.

LallaBhaskara IBrahmaguptaVarahamihira.

Aryabhata the Elder

With Kala-kriya Aryabhata turned to astronomy—in particular, treating planetary motion along the ecliptic. His other major work includes, Varahamihiraa compendium based on astronomical computations. Privacy Policy Manage Cookies.

The first chapter of the text is called Gitikapada, containing 13 verses, based on cosmology and discusses planetary revolution as well. His legacy was his detailed explanation of astronomical science.

Aryabhata – Mathematician Biography, Contributions and Facts

Aryabhataalso called Aryabhata I or Aryabhata the Elderbornpossibly Ashmaka or Kusumapura, Ayabhataastronomer and the earliest Indian mathematician whose work and history are available to modern scholars. Aryabhata – Famous Mathematicians. There aryabhatw reasons to believe that Aryabhata devised a particular method for finding this value. A Universal History of Numbers: Different Types of History. The work was written in verse couplets and deals with mathematics and astronomy. This book has been lost and is only known because of the work by other mathematicians.


Mathematical series, quadratic equationscompound interest involving a quadratic equationproportions ratiosand the solution of various linear equations are among the arithmetic and algebraic topics included.

Moreover, it is believed that he established an observatory at Bihar. Gupta 31 July A Glimpse into India’s Scientific Heritage. Join our newsletter and receive the latest updates via email.

Aryabhata: The Great Indian Astronomer & Mathematician | Mystery of India

You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, publish your contribution by keeping a few points in mind. Seeing, Doing, Understanding Third Edition. He did not use the Brahmi numerals, and continued the Sanskritic tradition from Vedic times of using wryabhata of the mathematiclan to denote numbers, expressing quantities in a mnemonic form.

In AryabhatiyaAryabhata provided elegant results for the summation of series of squares and cubes: His name, time and provenance” PDF. Pujari; Pradeep Kolhe; N.

Aryabhata: The Great Indian Astronomer & Mathematician

He correctly explains the causes of eclipses of arysbhata Sun xryabhata the Moon. Aryabhata did a lot of work in astronomy as well as mathematics although he is more recognized for his work in mathematics than astronomy; although, his work in astronomy has been influential in the Arab world.

As it seems with most Ancient mathematicians, Aryabhata was also interested in calculating a value for pi. In fact, modern names “sine” and “cosine” are mistranscriptions of the words jya and kojya as introduced by Aryabhata.