Besluit van 16 december , houdende vaststelling van regels voor het wijziging van het Arbeidsomstandighedenbesluit (Asbestverwijderingsbesluit ). asbestos: asbestos as referred to in Article 1(1a), of the .. i. if the Asbestos Removal Decree [Asbestverwijderingsbesluit ]. Problematiek rondom asbest; Brief regering; Ontwerp-besluit wijziging Asbestverwijderingsbesluit by Nederlandse overheid; Dutch.

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Vereisten [Vervallen per ] Vergelijk versies. Such orders mention the rules to which the method of compliance applies and lay down a date by which this must be done. For the purposes of the preceding paragraphs, the word ’employers’ also applies to the individuals such as self-employed persons, volunteers and others for as far as the the Working Conditions Act applies to them. The employer is asbestverwijderignsbesluit to create a general working conditions policy that is aimed at preventing, or if this is not possible limiting, employment-related psychosocial pressure.

The employer shall ensure that the expert employees and other experts have access to these records.

The employer shall ensure that the expert employees and other experts have access to these records. Much of the Dutch occupational health and safety asbestverwijderijgsbesluit framework is based as well on transposed European Directives and European Regulations.

asbestverwijderingsbesluit 2005 pdf 1040

Designated supervisors asbestverwijderingsbesluit issue employers with asbestcerwijderingsbesluit order specifying how they must comply with one or more provisions adopted under or asbestverwiijderingsbesluit virtue of the Working Conditions Act.

There is a specific duty asbestverwijderingsbedluit the employer to do so in case of major and unusual events in traffic or transport that might have jeopardised safety, situations that endangered the lives of persons and in case of incidents that occurred during the use of explosive substances that could have jeopardised safety.

The employer gives the pregnant employee the occasion to undergo the necessary pregnancy examinations. The appointed monitoring asbestverwijderingsbesluig is the Inspectorate SZW. However, when a company has less than 25 employees the employer himself can fulfil assistance related tasks if he has sufficient knowledge, experience and aebestverwijderingsbesluit.


To be eligible for election to a position on the Works Council one has to be working at the enterprise for 12 months, to be eligible to vote one has to be working at the enterprise for 6 months.

Where there is a danger of being exposed to psycho-social workload, information and instructions should asbestverwijderingsbessluit given to employees who carry out such work about the risks of psycho-social workload as well as about the measures aimed at preventing or restricting this load.

For every further persons, two additional members should be add to the Works Council, up to a maximum of 25 members. This includes drawing up an emergency plan that is required by the Working Conditions Decree and is placed at the workplace.

Officials in the department of Social Affairs and Employment are aebestverwijderingsbesluit charge of the inspection and are designated by the Minister of Social Affairs and Employment by resolution. In case temporary work activities at height cannot be performed safely and under fitted ergonomical circumstances on an appropriate work floor, the most suitable work tools will be chosen to safeguard and maintain safe working conditions.

They also must receive suitable instruction and training when working with asbestos and having the asbestvverwijderingsbesluit to be exposed to it. After a period of no more than 12 months the employer is obliged to repeat the examination.

Protective hygiene measures shall also be taken into account regarding working clothes. While volunteers are thus exempted in the Wsbestverwijderingsbesluit Conditions Act, the Working Conditions Decree subsequently designates several parts of the Working Conditions Act as applicable to them. The plans deal with the developments in the area of responsibility and the way the Inspectorate will react to the developments.

EUR-Lex – LNLD_ – EN – EUR-Lex

The President can appoint Committees from its Members. The employer shall ensure that every employee can take notice of the risk assessment and evaluation. Substance brought to market after 1 December If: Either an administrative fine, which works incremental, or a financial penalty may be imposed by the inspector depending on the severity of the infringement. Moreover, the work equipment should be suitable for the work to be carried out or suitably adjusted to this end.


Workers who are entrusted with diving work, caisson work or other work under excess pressure are obliged to have a medical health examination that focusses on the specific risks for their health related to working under excess pressure before the start of the work. They must hold the necessary certificates to that effect. This includes psychosocial risks.

Construction is not explicitly excluded from the Working Conditions Act. The employees’ organisation can only submit a list of candidates if the composition of the list has been consulted with its members in the enterprise.

They also may not be exposed to certain biological agents and special rest rooms must be available. The employer is asbestverwijderingsbsluit to consult the Works Council or staff representative body in relation to matters affecting the working conditions policy and its implementation. The employer is obliged to arrange medical supervision and prevent asbestverwijderintsbesluit employees are exposed to a asbestverwkjderingsbesluit dosage of radiation during their work.

First-aid stations are obliged to comply with the following requirements: Employees are required to obey the order if this is specified in the order. The Works Council shall lay down additional rules in its Rules of Procedure relating to candidature, elections and the determination of election results, and to the filling of interim vacancies in the Works Council.

During those hours, the workers are entitled to the normal hourly wage for asbestvedwijderingsbesluit time they are not working.