Schnurloses digitales DECT-Telefon mit Anrufbeantworter Cordless digital DECT telephone with answering machine Bedienungsanleitung Operating. Mon, 30 Jul GMT audioline dect pdf – View and Download. AUDIOLINE DECT manual online. DECT Cordless Telephone pdf. DownloadAudioline dect user manual. though I have say this shot basically replicates the behavior of the from what we ve seen. La empresa se nego.

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Your telephone will show the number in the display if your telephone provider offers this service. Audioliine this function, when dialling a particular phone number, a previously stored number is inserted in front of the actual phone number. Don’t have an account? For technical problems, you can also contact our hotline on Tel.

Audioline DECT Manuals

Additional Base Stations Your own greeting has been deleted. All calls are received normally. The factory setting is TONE dialling. In this case, it is not possible to make a further audkoline call. In the case of complaints, we reserve the right to repair or to replace the defective parts or to exchange the unit.

Keep a cord-connected phone handy, which works without an external power supply, for possible emergencies.


Press the appropriate letter to directly choose an entry from the phone book alphabetically. There is a risk to life if the adioline supply is opened and not disconnected from the mains.


In addition, a memo can be left for other users. Touch-tone ttd Or Pulse pd Dialling Listening To Recorded 8400 The conference is ended by one of the internal participants hanging up. Listening to messages using the remote access facility Call your number and wait until your call is answered. Switching the handset on and off Switching the handset off: Audiolihe number Number can be edited. Button 1x Display Last call saved Comment Selected number You can now view the whole list using the selection buttons.

Delaying Acceptance Of Calls – The answering machine – 9. Handsfree Facility – Operation – Handsfree facility Press the handsfree button during a call. Enter the required new threedigit SOS code.

AUDIOLINE DECT 4800 Operating Instructions Manual

Page of Go. However, it has been shown that portable telephones can interfere with medical equipment when switched on. The manufacturer can therefore not accept any liability for possible damage to furniture or the like. audioine

Klingelmelodie Ausschalten – Bedienung – ausioline. If required, clamp the two cables in the cable channel underneath the foot support and then run these through the two openings towards the rear. Bei einer Bedienung des Mobilteils wird die Displaybeleuchtung automatisch eingeschaltet. However, due to the large number of varnishes and surfaces in use, it may not be possible to prevent marks occurring on the surface due to the feet of the unit.

Page 65 – General information – Position – There must be a Volt mains socket near to where the telephone is positioned.


Text der bereits aufgenommenen Standardansage: Press the button to exit the current menu level and to move one step higher. The phone number will be dialled. When the list is full, the oldest number is always deleted from the list.

The newly recorded messages will now be played back first. Now confirm with or cancel the deletion by pressing twice. Ist diese Rufnummer bereits im Telefonbuch gespeichert, wird direkt der Name des Anrufers angezeigt.

Here, the call-by-call will automatically be placed in front of every number dialled that begins with The volume can be aucioline with the selection buttons Press the button to move to the next menu level.

The number in this case, an area dialling code has the number 0xxxx assigned to it. Wie Sie die Displaybeleuchtung ausschalten, erfahren Sie im Kapitel 8. Special phone book 9. If, however, your unit should develop a fault within the warranty period, please contact the shop where you bought your AUDIOLINE unit, taking with you your purchase receipt. Excessive exposure to smoke, dust, vibrations, chemicals, moisture, heat or the direct rays of the sun must be avoided.

Page 4 – Inhaltsverzeichnis – Direktwahltasten The feet of the base station do not normally leave any marks on the surface.