Ferdinand August Bebel (22 February – 13 August ) was a German socialist .. is the socialism of fools” (“Der Antisemitismus ist der Sozialismus der dummen Kerle”) is frequently attributed to Bebel, but probably originated with the . Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 5 by August Bebel. Woman under socialism by August Bebel. Book Cover. Download; Bibrec. August Bebel, Women under Socialism (). August Bebel (), the son of a low-ranking Prussian officer and a wood-turner by trade, became the.

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August Bebel

Reprinted in Vladimir Lenin, Collected Works: A postcard of August Bebel speaking to members of the Reichstag, Berlin. I had no luck in this, for I loved talking about things I did not understand because I considered any university-educated man a source of wisdom. The Life of JesusBeyschlag: Unlike many of his fellow male comrades in the labor movement, Bebel believed that women are equals to men and should have the same economic, social and political rights and duties.

After the passing of the Socialist Law he continued to show great activity in the debates of the Reichstag, and was also elected a member of the Saxon parliament; when the state of siege was proclaimed in Leipzig he was expelled from the city, and in condemned to nine months’ imprisonment for taking part in a secret society. In Woman and Socialism, Bebel voiced his support for a wide array of feminist demands, such as the active and passive universal suffrage for men and women on all levels, the right to equal education and enter universities, practice professions and the right for married women to own their own property and to initiate divorce proceedings.

It contains only the conclusions that arise from what has been said so far about the position of women in future society, conclusions that the reader may easily draw for himself at this point.


The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoleon. Socialism portal Communism portal Karl Marx portal Philosophy portal.

Woman and Socialism

Cambridge University Press, page Chairmen of the Social Democratic Party of Germany. Stuard, and Merry E.

In Woman and Socialism was published and became the most educational text for working class women. Woman and Socialism offered a more distinct view of the socialist future, suggesting directions for action and pointed to methods by which proletarian women could free themselves from their unsatisfactory position. When in Tyrol in he volunteered for service in the war against Italy, but was rejected; and in his own country he was rejected likewise as physically unfit for the army.

He was regularly elected in the Reichtagswhere he criticized the politics of the German Emperor, its government and de conservative majority in the Reichstags for its imperialism, militarism and support of capitalist exploitation of the workers in several speeches. Representing as he did Marxian principles, he was bitterly opposed by certain factions of his party.

This conflict of tendencies continued, and Bebel came to be regarded as the chief exponent of the traditional views of the orthodox Marxist party. Contrary to the aims of dr German government, the repressive nature of the Anti-Socialist Laws did not weaken German socialism.

August Bebel – Wikipedia

A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy. Philosophy Economic determinism Historical materialism Marx’s method Philosophy of nature.

Even if she spzialismus engaged as a practical working-woman in some field or another, she may be an educator, teacher, or nurse in the second part of her day; she may practice some type of art, or cultivate some branch of science in the third part; and she may fill some administrative function in the fourth. Bebel particularly distinguished himself by his denunciation of the maltreatment of soldiers by officers and still more frequently by non-commissioned officers. Like all members of the proletariat, women were economically dependent upon the capitalist class, but they were doubly disadvantaged in that they were also dependent upon men of their own class.


He was the son of a Prussian noncommissioned officer in the Prussian infantry, initially from Ostrowo in the Province of Posenand was born in military barracks. For many working-class and lower-middle-class women it was the first window to the aims and ideals of the Social Democratic Party SPD. After his release from prison, he helped to organize, at the congress of Gothathe united party of Social Democrats, which had been formed during his imprisonment.

The book was still outlawed, but, as is already known, was read everywhere.

GHDI – Document

That is no match for what the German and other troops of foreign powers, together with the Japanese troops, have done in China… [12]. But there were also texts that sozialismux even more difficult: Women and SocialismTranslation by Meta L.

Living under natural conditions, she is able to unfold and exercise her mental powers and faculties.

On the other side he was involved in a quarrel with Volmar and his school, who desired to szialismus aside from immediate consideration the complete attainment of the socialist ideal, and proposed that the party should aim at sozialimus about, not a complete overthrow of society, but a gradual amelioration.

August Bebel, Women under Socialism August Bebelthe son of a low-ranking Prussian officer and a wood-turner by trade, became the most iconic Social Democrat in Imperial Germany. Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft,pp.