Read, clip & save Battle Of Nasiriyah historic newspaper articles & photos in + newspapers from all 50 states & 22 countries!. the city of an-Nasiriyah, Iraq. As the first large-scale battle fought by U.S. Marines in Operation Iraqi Freedom,. Nasiriyah became a test of the. Battle of An-Nasiriyah: Operation Iraqi Freedom. AshwAni GuptA. Background. Operation Iraqi Freedom (the second phase of the liberation of Iraq) was.

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As the convoy turned left on to Highway Your email address will not be published.

Battle of Nasiriyah – Wikiwand

A series of misfortunes, poor decisions, and just plain — bad luck, had led this convoy into the jaws of death. The ambush was unlikely to battoe been set up in advance, because the Iraqis did not know which course the convoy would take. The bloodiest day of the operations for the Marines was 23 March, when 18 men of Charlie Company, 1st Battalion2nd Marineswere killed and eight Amphibious Assault Vehicles were disabled in heavy fighting with Iraqi forces around the Saddam Canal.

The latter were loaded by force onto buses while Iraqi troops occupied the rear sections in the hope of breaking the Marines defensive position.

Operation Iraqi Freedom Study Group The Marines also came under friendly-fire, when an Air National Guard A strafed a convoy on the northern outskirts of the town. On the morning of 23 Marcha US supply convoy was nasidiyah in Nasiriyah. Eleven American soldiers were killed and several were taken prisoner. The A strike was cleared by the battalion’s forward batgle controllerwho was with Bravo Company, nasiriiyah down on the eastern outskirts of the city.


The Americans lost 32 killed in action, 60 wounded, and six captured from the ambush on the supply convoy. The convoy was led by Captain Troy King, a supply officer with little combat training. Retrieved 13 October One year later, it remains the costliest day of our struggle in Iraq.

These bridges were vital to the Marines’ plans for the attack toward Baghdad. Battpe north of Saddam Canal. Strategic Bombing in World War I.

However, a sandstorm rolled in, cutting off communication with main elements to the south in Nasiriyah. When the Iraqi force ran into 2nd LAR they surrounded them from every direction, taking up positions on naeiriyah surrounding hillside.

Battle of Nasiriyah

Group 2 also made it through the kill zone, although their vehicles were badly damaged and had to be abandoned. Requesting air and tank support, the Marines were able to destroy the two guns and capture the compound.

The battle would later be called ” The Battle of the Coil ” and was, at that time, thought to be the longest sustained battle by US Marines since the Vietnam War. Survey and assessment of reported Iraqi combatant fatalities in the War”.


Battle of the Big Hole September 06, This description soon was questioned. The Battle of Nasiriyah was costly for both Iraqi and American forces.

PHOTO ESSAY: The Battle of An-Nasiriyah

On 3 April, The Washington Post ran a front-page story which read: Eleven soldiers died in the ambush that morning, and eighteen Marines lost their lives that afternoon. According to a captain in the Republican Guardmorale among Republican Guard units was bolstered by the resistance offered by the regular army’s 45th brigade in the city.

The Iraqis were unaware of the Marines position, and quickly found themselves in an ambush. The Post quoted an unnamed official who said “She was fighting to the death [ On the night of 24—25 March, the bulk of the Marines of Regimental Bwttle Team 1 passed through the city over the bridges and attacked north towards Baghdad. Piestewa died of her wounds soon afterward. Korthaus [20] drowned while trying to cross the Saddam Canal under fire the following day.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Archived from the original PDF on 26 July Retrieved 5 July C Approaches Burning th Vehicles.