The Jovian is a heavily modified Mars Class Battlecruiser serving in the Imperial Navy. Built for Battlefleet Bakka, this vessel began its service as a standard. Battlefleet Gothic compendium: Battlefleet Bakka – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Fleet lists and ships for Battlefleet Bakka in Battlefleet Gothic.

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Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Everyone is welcome to participate, even if its to say “I hate it and think the whole idea is drivel,” in which case we will know ahead of time your subsequent posts will probably be of the ham-sandwich variety.

On the contrary, the Mercury really fits the concepts of this fleet, very gun-oriented.

Objectively compared to a retribution, it then loses focus ability and power in its front arc for additional off-side firepower and 1T. Calgar had lost half his remaining ships, and several Imperial ships battlefleett to battlefleeet destroyed by the weapons of their compatriots because they had been boarded and overrun by the Tyranids. It lies to the galactic south of the central Segmentum Solarbetween Segmentum Pacificus to the galactic west and the Segmentum Ultima to the galactic east.

Though the Space Marines inflicted substantial casualties upon the Renegades, they failed to kill Huron, whose fleet made its escape back into the Warp.

Email required Address never made public. Fleet defense turrets are no go. Cause this will help me focus my unrelenting assault as to why the Jovian and Mars are on this last as written currently. The choices are cheaper OR better, not both with emphasis on cheaper. Valhallan on February 02, First things first, i really don’t see a need for the new battleships.

Their Lances of fusion fire transfixed the organic hulls of the bio-ships and clouds of Imperial Navy fighters darted in to tear apart the crippled vessels. Here, matter is scarce and the Segmentum is mostly a dark and empty battlefleft dimly lit by scattered stars. The current battleships bqkka are legit that fit into this are the Apoc and the Oberon both slow, both effective at range the oberon still fits since it has limited LC.


Battlefleet Bakka – Lunars and Gothics – EPIC ADDICTION

With the fate of the beleaguered polar garrisons pressing on his mind, Calgar swiftly gathered up his fleet and turned back in-system, while Lord Admiral Rath’s ships swung into triumphant procession behind him. The other Hive Fleet had only been defeated because it was surprised and weakened; this new fleet was too strong to fight. Vessels of both sides fell towards Circe’s hungry pull as they were hit, tumbling down to be smashed apart in the stony rings or to send flares of incandescent gas jetting into space as they burned amidst clouds below.

Bakka serves as the primary Segmentum Fortress for Battlefleet Bakkaproviding coordination bakk all Imperial Navy forces in the region and serving as the primary point of resupply and repair for all the Imperial battlefleets now operating batlefleet the Segmentum Tempestus. This action eventually brought them into conflict with more traditional naval officers on Bakka, eventually leading to an all-out civil war dubbed the Gareox Incident.

If this gets too childish, we can just end the debate and be done with it.

Battlefleet Bakka | Angry Kafeine – ENG

Over Imperial Aquilas emblazoned the hologlobe representing Heavy Cruisers, Missile Destroyers, and Battleships, while a singular gold eagle represented the huge Emperor -class Battleship Dominus Astra. Segmentum Tempestus is mercifully free from proximity to a festering mass incursion from the Warpsuch as the Eye of Terror or bakkz Maelstrom. Ham sandwhcih posts and their posters will be ignored.

This pocket empire stretched from Bakka in the galactic south to the Space Wolves ‘ Chapter homeworld of Fenris in the galactic north. Firedagger bbakka Side View. In space, the survivors of the Ultramar fleet easily destroyed the last wave of bio-ships.

Battlefleet Bakka

Medium range, nova cannon capable. The largest naval base ba,ka to Macraggeit played a key role in defending Ultramar during the Battle for Macragge. Calgar desperately sought an edge to exploit against this new foe. Battlefleet Bakka of the Imperial Navy.

Battlefleet Bakka – Mercury, Dictator, and Dominators

Departmento Cartographicae map detailing the Segmentum Tempestus. Zelnik Full Member Posts: I am currently in the process of converting out a vanquisher Thanks for the levity, Nate. Heavy laser batteries are mounted on the strengthened roofs of the squat, dark structures to blast away meteors, and the Emperor’s foes should they make an appearance in orbit. A young world, Bakka was colonised during the Dark Age of Technology by the restless agents of Mankind who claimed it for their own, greedy for its abundant and available mineral wealth.


This site uses cookies. Is this supposed to be a fleet with: If you must, allow cruisers to purchase a single additional turret for 5 points. Giant, tracked machines extract minerals when convective flow forces important ores near the surface of the seas.

Given this it is quite difficult to get a decent amount of ordnance — handily solved to a certain extent by the ease of allying in Adeptus Mechanicus vessels.

It was evident that the Tyranids were horrifying, almost unstoppable opponents at close quarters. Calgar headed back to Macragge. This fleet comes from an alternative imperial fleet, in the venerable BFG Magazine 2, and represents the home fleet of Segmentum Tempestus. The punishment for a penitent and a Heretic is the same, for though the God-Emperor rejoices at the righteous remorse of a penitent the sin must still be cleansed by punishment.

Vanquisher Need to be removed: The Bakka fleet list is quite launch bay light for fluff reasons — the Garerox Prerogative being a major ideological split within the fleet with the ordnance crowd losing out to the big-gun admirals.

All of the closest Tyranid bio-ships were dragged into the Astra’ s displacement and were lost with it. M36, Bakka was absorbed into this galaxy-spanning heresy, forming a minor pocket empire which was defined by its people’s heretical belief that the Emperor was no longer able to rule the galaxy. Laser salvos and plasma beams struck down the bio-ships by tens and then hundreds but the Hive Fleet ground forward regardless of loss.

Finally, constructive criticism is what we are looking for. As the batflefleet voidships of Battlefleet Tempestus swung their prows towards roiling Circe and its treacherous rings of rocks and dust, the Hive Fleet smoothly divided itself.