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Dataseet Mar 2, Updated Aug 21, Answered Jan 14, The dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon has the best price. Here letter C means highest and A shows lowest gain hfe. Transistor – high frequency, low power G: Answered Apr 9, What does the abbreviation BC stand for?

Considering that you already know about BC abbreviation, I am skipping that part. Is BC the same as BC? What does RCI stand for?

What does “KMSL” stand for? What does ‘Army’ actually stand for? What are the specifications of BC or BC transistors?

There are different types of naming for electronic components in that BC is named in pro electron European in that nomenclature “B” stands for silicon “C” stands for transistor low power audio frequency and is serial number. Answered Mar 6, Answered Nov 10, When I am writing this it is year going on.


Answered Feb 13, Before that – Since there is no year system in existence – it was BC.

Transistor – audio frequency, power E: Transistor – switching low power T: Transistor – high frequency, power N: Normaly after the number there is one more letter. So an AC is a datashset transistor and a BC is a silicon transistor. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Compound materials 2nd Character – Type of Device A: The characters following the first two letters form the serial number of the device. As long as you refer early years before vatasheet “year marking system” started, you can say thos years as BC1, BC2, BC, What is the reason to name a transistor BC?

ST Microelectronics

Transistor – audio frequency, low power D: Diode – low power or signal B: Still have a question? What does MIMS bc107hp for? Transistor – switching, power W: This indicates gain of the transistor. What do the numerals stand for? Diode – voltage reference Other Characters The characters following the first two letters form the serial number of the device. What does “TTYL” stand for? What does CSC stand for?


ST Microelectronics – datasheet pdf

What does OTOY stand for? Which may be A, B or C.

This tool looks for lower prices at other stores ratasheet you shop on Amazon and tells you where to buy. First letter denotes type of semiconductor used. What does KGN stand for?

Ask New Question Sign In. What does BC in BC stands for? Related Questions What does the numerals stand for in BC?

BC108 Datasheet, Equivalent, Cross Reference Search

B is for silicon and A is for germanium. What does BOQ stand for? Surface acoustic wave device X: