Antoine Béchamp maintained that disease developed in the presence of an unhealthy environment caused by an unbalanced state in the body. Pasteur and Bechamp disagreed greatly about the true cause of illness. Ultimately Pasteur’s ideas were accepted by society, but are they accurate?. Pasteur versus Béchamp e a Teoria dos germes provocando doenças. Louis Pasteur Vs Pasteur’s main theory is known as the Germ Theory Of Disease. It.

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Discoveries were being made about fundamental issues, but in a piecemeal fashion. Olien is a renowned authority on nutrition, hydration, and the potency of foods and herbs, which he writes about in his new book, SuperLife: Heightening the poignancy of this tragedy was the depth of that becyamp, which was unable to realize that the view was not heretical at all. First, he demonstrated that the air is filled with microscopic organisms capable of fermenting any suitable medium on which they happen to land.

Acupuncture-associated Listeria monocytogenes arthritis in a patient with rheumatoid arthritis. The other two books about Bechamp [1] are by R. To prevent illness, Bechamp advocated not the killing of germs but the cultivation of health through diet, hygiene, and healthy lifestyle practices such as pasteru air and exercise.

Just a theory, one of many that account for the etiology of diseases. Also, there is great variability in the ability of many germ strains to cause disease and great variability in the hosts immune system to combat diseases.

Thus it comes about that it has seduced many people who give unthinking triumph to it.

Modern biochemistry and molecular techniques have refined Kochs postulates. One would think acupuncturists would clean the skin before needle insertion, kr a review of skin disinfection for acupuncture states: The weight of the quadruple nosepiece and the objective system is taken care of by the intermediate adjustment at the top of the body tube.

J Cutan Med Surg. The reasons, of course, are not all that clear, but cancer seems more an untimely regression than a disease. While some of the ideas Bechamp addressed predated him, they had not been so clearly described, fully developed, or strongly supported by experimentation. If then the cellule can be destroyed and die, while the microzyma can only change, it is because the microzyma is really living per se, and physiologically imperishable, even in its own evolutions, for, physiologically nothing is the prey of death; on the contrary, experience daily proves that everything is the prey of life, that is to say, of what can be nourished and can consume.


Christopher H Nuclear Evolution. It maybe less of an issue currently, but chiropractors long opposed germ theory and a google using chiropractor and germ theory as search terms finds no shortage of chiropractors who oppose the concept of germs causing paxteur. Early in his career, Pasteur was decorated by the Emperor Napoleon.

Who Had Their Finger on the Magic of Life – Antoine Bechamp or Louis Pasteur?

But instead, our future becgamp are learning about drug interactions and not about healthy eating and medicinal foods. Bechamp never denied that the so-called germs of the air or other causes may be contributory, either to decomposition or illness, but only that these have not been expressly created, nor are they needed, for these purposes. She published a book inThe Conquest of Cancer, and, according to Lynes, wrote many articles and made presentations to science societies, including the New York Academy of Science, and international conferences.

February 02, Published: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Bechhamp and Privacy Policy.

Pasteur vs. Bechamp: An Alternative View of Infectious Disease

Oor, if not creating, an atmosphere repressive to truth was a mood of impassioned ignorance among ecclesiastic authorities at the University of Lille, where Bechamp [1] had moved in to teach. Soft tissue abscess and osteomyelitis secondary to acupuncture. Examination of an amputated arm and many examinations of frozen plants during a particularly cold winter convinced them that upon injury, bacteria developed internally without any outside influence.

They are also spiral vortices through which the meridians of acupuncture flow. I used to be able to make a living off hospital acquired infections and the last 19 years have shown gechamp steady decrease in nosocomial infections at my hospitals to the point where some have not had a nosocomial pneumonia in over a year.

Though we have the power over these creatures to inflict our cruelty on them, to do so may have dire consequences, given a Universe that operates on balance.

His insights, which lead to antibiotics, hygiene, and vaccines have undoubtedly prevented more morbidity and mortality than any human in history.

Pasteur Versus Béchamp: The History of Germ Theory

Understandable because Pasteur [2] stole enough of the truth to make it pass, while having on his side upper class connections and a doctrine that more suited the cultural especially religious moods of the time. It does not treat the whole body. What, therefore, did he have to say about inoculation?

He would have been open to the idea that bacteria also evolve, and that there may even be a step or two between microzymas and bacteria, e. Leave us a comment Click here to cancel the reply.


His brilliance shows again, however: Orr is the work of the microzymas, the minute ferments, which are the agents and the cause of all observed phenomena. At Marone Family Wellness, we make recommendations to patients analyzed with infectious ro using the guidelines set forth by Antoine Bechamp:. Things may soon change-for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that research in the medical literature is now burning a raging blaze below the lofty suite in which the few powerful controllers lurk.

The severity of disease in this outbreak may have been related to the route of inoculation. South African Journal of Science. Its chemical structure is now identified exactly. What these alternative therapies share is a lack of appreciation or understanding of germ theory. Most of the time you do paseur need to wash your hands or prep bechamo skin or do any of the procedures that decrease the risk of infections. Also, the fact that organisms have resonant frequencies allowed Rife to further develop his r.

It is possible to proceed this way from one pastsur of the spectrum to the other-infra-red to ultra-violet. In the earlier phase of his career, becha,p Professor of Medical Chemistry and Pharmacy at the Faculty of Medicine at Montpellier University, Bechamp and his tireless colleague Professor Pr had many opportunities to test microzymian theory in practice.

But, not only did the medical establishment AMA turn its back on Rife and his safe, effective means of eradicating cancer symptoms, but it systematically conspired to destroy him-which it did not once, but twice. It is evident, after what we have said, that instead of maintaining that the affection has had as its ot and cause the introduction into the organism of foreign germs with their consequent action, one should affirm that it only has to do with an alteration of the function of the microzymas, an alteration indicated by the change that has taken place in their form.

If true, it may be because all things, or situations, exist at once in the Creation. Alternative practitioners are drawn to the concepts of Bechamp because the reason for disease is that the body fails. I note chiropractic schools offer microbiology, and again I wonder why. This is an insult to the Creation, not to mention an ecological disaster from the disposal of bodies.