Welcome to the team of EURODESK users and thank you very much for expressing your confidence in. BEHRINGER products by purchasing the MX . Setting itself apart in all kinds of recording situations, the Behringer MX Eurodesk Mixing Console features transparent audio and exceptional flexibility. Behringer MX Eurodesk Mixer TWEAK’s PICK. The MX mixer features an expander port for linking consoles, comprehensive monitoring facilities, and.

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Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Opinions on Behringer Eurodesk MX? Sign in to disable this ad. So I was helping out at a live gig the other night and the sound guy was using a Behringer MX I was talking to him a lot and was messing around with the mixer and it actually seemed to be pretty decent although I was listening to it in a non-recording I was asking around and found out that I can get one of these for pretty cheap.

There have been some decent reviews on it Has anyone messed around with these? My main concern here is the quality of the pre-amps. Are they noisy like the other infamous MX-series, or euroxesk they improved at all?


If it is indeed still shitty, what other large-size mixers can I get for around the same price that aren’t as crappy, but still have good routing options. I have access to some decent mixers if i need them, but i need to look into getting one for myself. I need good routing options, metering, and lots of inputs. Filling the BAM quota www. I work on an MX quite often.

Preamps are decent, EQ is noisy and not very useful, routing is fairly flexible, metering is not the greatest, Mix B is a nice touch.

Behringer MX9000 Eurodesk Mixer

Phantom available in banks of 8 channels, no phase reverse. For the same money or less used– the Soundtracs Topaz Project 8 smokes the Behringer. Similar routing options, much nicer EQ, phantom is per channel Behringer does it in banks of 8phase reverse per channel, metering is as good or better, mx900 a higher quality product all around.

Thanks for the info.

Review of the Behringer MX

I have used yamaha mixers in the past and liked them. A used good board is better then a new cheap board.

The eq on the behringers i’ve tried have to be used in moderation. Better to reduce the frequencies you don’t want. Otherwise they don’t sound any noisier to me than some more expensive mixers. Originally Posted by JazzMang.


The MX is a horribly constructed mixer built entirely of 3rd grade components. ProRec’s resident pro B. Park, also concluded that the ‘s pre’s were wholly inadequate for hi-quality mic use.

Behringer Mx9000 Eurodesk 24/48 Channel Mixer W/power Supply

This creates the unwanted noise in the circuit paths specifically the channels; NOISE being euroedsk 1 complaint from Beh eurkdesk owners along with contributing to unit breakdown from my OWN personal experience. In addition, the unit uses some kind of ULN circuitry prob’ly named after it ‘s owner Uli Behringer but s’posed to mean Ultra Low Noise that puports to be far superior than what is found in most boards in it’s range. Confessions of a Behringer Apologist. By chessrock in forum The Rack.

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