Kip Thorne, the physicist who wrote the book on black holes (and time warps), discusses the new physics he’s most excited about, and exactly. Astrophysicist Kip Thorne’s book on the black holes was a revelation for me in college, both for its science content and Thorne’s willingness to. Black Holes & Time Warps has ratings and reviews. Kip Thorne, author of Black Holes and Time Warps, is one of three Nobel laureates for Physics.

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The visible universe called the “brane,” short for membrane has three spatial dimensions and one time dimension; a fourth spatial dimension called wadps “bulk” may be all around people, but they can’t perceive it.

In the following chapters the author tells the birth and evolution of the concept of neutron star and black holes by the work of Scharzschild,Chandrasekhar,Oppenheimer and others and the idea of the Hawking radiation. Thorne’s development of the subject is largely chronological, except where clarity demands that the exposition engage in a little time travel of its own. By the time graduation rolled around, I’d found science writing and was relieved and excited to know that science was going to be a part of my life after all.

Then there is a chapter on gravity waves, one on different ways of considering black holes, one on the discovery that black holes can evaporate, and one on the interior of black holes and the problem of singularities.

Thorne also showed me and, I hope, many people that writing for a general, non-scientific audience was not beneath one of the greatest astrophysicists in the world. You will get a great introduction to great minds in math and physics of holez 20th century, many of them friends of Kip Thorne. Black Holes and Time Warps: Iip example, he published scientific papers on the physical possibility of time travel, which wasn’t always considered a serious avenue of investigation.

Over fourteen chapters, Thorne proceeds roughly chronologically, tracing first the crisis in Newtonian physics precipitated by the Michelson—Morley experimentand the subsequent development of Einstein’s theory of special relativity given mathematical rigor in the form of Minkowski spaceand later Einstein’s incorporation of gravity into the framework of general relativity.


Black Holes and Time Warps – Wikipedia

The rip-roaring world of X-rays, gamma rays and gravity waves cannot be “seen” without special instruments that have only been practical within the last 75 years. It explains the process for acceptance of new ideas within that community, gime I had no idea of before. Return to Book Page. Is Wormhole Travel Possible?

Black Holes & Time Warps: Einstein’s Outrageous Legacy by Kip S. Thorne

May 14, ala rated it it was amazing Shelves: Leading the reader on this awesome journey is theoretical astrophysicist Kip Thorne, who during his career was considered a world authority boack black holes and other strange topics in astrophysics.

Thanks for telling us about the problem.

In this universe, I am limited to satisfying my curiosity with physics books written for the lay reader. Available Our Retail Price: We’d never seen waterspouts — tornadoes over thone.

‘Black Holes and Time Warps’

Nevertheless, the book goes into the general theory of gravitational waves and the process of developing a suitable observatory for these waves — all of this, without using complicated formulas or the like.

Edward rated it really liked it Shelves: I first heard the name Kip Thorne during my third year working on an undergraduate degree in physics, when my friend Dan gave me a beat-up paperback copy of Thorne’s book, ” Black Holes and Time Warps: I didn’t end up becoming a scientist, but in part, because of this book, I kept science in my life.

The behavior of this space and the material which approaches it are not well tome, with a complete marriage of relativity and quantum physics yet to be achieved. However, I think it would appeal to me even now.

The theories currently don’t give any specific indication of where a solution might be found. The idea is to get a personal picture on topics of current interest, written by prominent characters involved in the research. This classic was first published in hardback in I’m on page and this chapter was about the general retaivity that states that it doesn’t work I’m on page 66 and basicly it’s taliking about the newtonian’s physical laws and how a guy tried to find a flaw in the law witch states that light is measured the same and depends on motion so this guy is michelson and he created a technique that now is known as michelson’s interferometry and he measures light in aether in every season and finds out that they all come out blaack be the same measurements.


Black Holes & Time Warps: Einstein’s Outrageous Legacy

What’s nice to this book is that it has a lot of personal elements – how different important figures are different in their characters and the way they guide their students and how they come to accept and reject certain ideas, or even how certain people gets attention or not by the community by virtue of his character. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Black Holes Kip Thorne is an eccentric author who reveals scientific enterprise of quantum gravity and black holes research in a simple language.

And the anecdotes are also fascinating.

It is this adjustment of our dimensions of height, width and depth to accord with the constant of light speed that results in the weird stretching and compressing of objects and of time. This book is free of marketing strategies of the publisher as the author shares his knowledge with the reader to his best of abilities to make everyone understands it even by offering few simple calculations and formulas.

Einstein’s Outrageous Legacy is a popular science book by physicist Kip Thorne. It has been dismantled and a successor instrument is about to take up the search. You’ve come to the right place.

Behind it all lies Einstein’s relativity that opened up a chapter on the search for truth by minds that have to model places in the universe where matter and energy take on magnitudes unknown to human experience. Yoles me the book is well written and the book was everything that I expected and more.

Black Holes and Time Warps: He’s a master of the scientific minutia and thoughtful about the big picture. View all 3 comments. I found myself revelling in it, not wanting the story to end. Is it matter, energy or something else common to both?

Amazing how guys did things in those days