Buy BLEHER’S DISCUS, Volume 1 on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Bleher’s Discus has 4 ratings and 3 reviews. Andrea said: Una pietra miliare nello studio del pesce d’acquario più affascinante che esista. Oltre ad una. by Joseph S. Nelson. bookbleher. I love books on fishes, human history, natural history, and exploration, and when a book combines all of.

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Tanganyika Cichlids in their Natural Habitat. All times are GMT Your email address will not be published.

And, of course, enjoying the many illustrations and art work. Siabal marked it as to-read Feb 04, He still writes for publications such as Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine. The Amazon Bleher’s Discus Vol.

Conservation of Freshwater Fishes. The locality data have been extensively checked in the field over the years up to Bleher’s book is available for purchase online on his website.

His research and books are amoung the best in the field. In Chapter 5 he guides the reader through the history of Amazon — back to the time of its discovery — and tells extensively about the early history of the region and the numerous indian tribes mainly personal experiences among the aborigins.

Hi again…I have read your volume 1…. Oltre ad una interessante disamina storica della scoperta e diffusione del Discus nell’acquariofilia viene approfondita per la prima volta su base scientifica la classificazione delle specie di Discus, basandosi anche su dati genetici. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. You are relay a great human and it is a big pleasure to have your answer.

As you may have found out on your travels, Hungarians turn up at the most unexpected places and I would be keen to find out how the one named Lorenzo got so far from the motherland.


They have so much information that is necessary to read several times.

Do you ship books to the United States? I am only djscus less black worms every other month instead of a few pounds each week.

This is where the book really takes off on illustrative material. It immediately came to mind when I saw this map posted to check for accuracy. Lar Roland Johansen, 31 DecemberSweden. Is there any book that has been devoted to a single species of fish to treat all aspects, both popular and scientific, and with such photographic coverage? Alan Holt, UK, 5 January Whether it was the Emperor Napoleon or Prince von Metternich who was responsible for the original discovery of the discus is something the reader himself must decide, but the rest of this more than pages work — brought in two parts — is far from ambivalent.

Thanks to Heiko Bleher, the fans we know information that we were not knowing. Could indicate which would be the procedure?

Bleher’s Discus, Volume 1

As readers, we could discuz ask for more. Chapter Two “The Taxonomy of Discus” presents a history of the fascinating topic and includes facsimile reproductions of the early works of J. I’ve never seen so much information about discus, especially compiled in one book. I have read many books about discus… But this is the best!!!

Mr Bleher did a great job by publishing this monograph.

Bleher’s Discus: Vol 1 by Heiko Bleher

Haley MacDougall marked it as to-read Dec 11, Analisi dettagliata degli ambienti in cui vive, delle abitudini, dell’alimentazione in natura. This, much to my personal delight, includes a very large amount of catfishes. I think you vok.1 find much of what is believed by the discus community is so much BS if you were not already aware of it. Would there be a way to contact him? Or shall I just catch the next boat boeher Manaus?


Bleher’s Discus, Volume 1 | NHBS Academic & Professional Books

If they are about 10 cm blfher can you tell me their price and dizcus how long should i wait for them. Jan 13, Yasmani De La Torre added it. Vielen Dank und alles Gutes! I enjoyed the Christmas pictures on Aquapress. Appassionante anche la cura con cui viene riportata la storia e le abitudini delle popolazioni amazzoniche che hanno condiviso vita e ambiente con tale pesce.

The new book is a synthesis of the previous work coupled with an almost unbelievable amount of new material in both text and illustrative format it is noted that there are almost illustrations in the new title!

And the Discus Book 01 is brilliant. I am talking about baying wild discus of them red spotted green like those in your book on page pic. Ukraine — 10 December Morten Garathun-Hansen, Norway, 15 November Dear Aquapress Staff, The phone number where the book is to be delivered is my work number Referral back to the above mentioned maps will only increase the readers knowledge and appreciation of the distribution of discus fishes.