“Brush up your Grammar” foi pensado para promover a aquisição das competências necessárias e indispensáveis – definidas pelo programa da disciplina – ao. Ex.: Come and see me when (=after) you have had your dinner. Recently Manuela, Brush up your Grammar –Remedial Work – 3ª Ed.,. Porto Editora, Brush Up. Paperback; Publisher: Porto Editora (); ISBN X; ISBN irregulares – as soluções de todos os exercícios Brush up your Grammar –

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Brush Up Your Grammar : Exercicios De Ingles Com Solucoes

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English to Spanish by allowing individuals to add and correct entries. Several dozen languages represented so far. Dictionaries can be searched online or downloaded. Gdammar links to other free dictionary sites. Busuu Language Learning Community Free online community for learning a new language. Provides online and interactive lessons, grammar guides, and a community of other learners and native speakers for practicing while socializing.


Fairly extensive grajmar online course. Bbrush Portuguese Free online lessons for learning beginning Portuguese. Includes vocabulary, the alphabet, grammar lessons, verbs, numbers, and more, all with audio to let you hear the proper pronunciation.

Says each language contains words. English to Portuguese Dictionary Online dictionary of common words and phrases in English with Portuguese translations. Currently contains some short lessons about specific topics, with more to come.

Paulo Brazilian newspaper in Portuguese. Not interactive – one page has fill-in-the-blank phrases, another page has the solutions. Not intended as a general-purpose translation dictionary.

JN Homepage Portuguese newspaper. O Globo On Brazilian online newspaper in Portuguese. Might have RealAudio broadcast – I couldn’t find any.

Single-Serving Language Gramamr Free printable pocket-sized phrasebooks and language efitora for a number of different languages in varying stages of developmentas well as providing the information on the site. Guides vary by language, but some include basic useful phrases, numbers, the alphabet, shopping, travel, and more.

Some language also include downloadable audio files MP3 speaking the words and phrases.


English grammar – Will & going to

Site also provides links to Web sites related to each language. Speak Edjtora Language Free online community site for learning languages. Forums and a live chat allow members to discuss and practice languages.

Member-submitted language lessons let you brush up on your vocabulary or grammar, or help others. Good introduction to languages. Volunteers are needed to help add to the guides.

iLoveLanguages – Your Guide to Languages on the Web

Formerly known as Languages Made Clear. Verbix Online Conjugator Online verb conjugation for more than languages. Pick a language, enter a verb, and get its conjugation in more than a dozen different tenses. The Spanish documents include verb conjugations and lists of examples of using por vs.

Site is in German.

Members create shared dictionaries which you quiz yourself on through flashcards, multiple-choice, or translating activities to aid in memorization.