Keywords. buhalterinė apskaita, statistinė apskaita, statistika, buhalterinės apskaitos ir statistikos sąsajos, balansinė statistika, nacionalinė sąskaityba. not prepare management reports from (Verslo apskaitos standartai, ; Li- .. Mikutis V., Perminas V. (), Žemės ūkio buhalterinė apskaita, Mokslas, įmonių finansinėse ataskaitose, „Buhalterinės apskaitos teorija ir praktika”, 8. Audito teorija ir praktika. Monografija. Vilnius,. TEV. . būklę, veiklos rezultatus ir pinigų srautus pagal buhalterinę apskaitą ir finansinių ataskaitų sudarymą.

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Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Economy, finance, management Law Irr. Epstein Banking on Markets Pilna kaina: Kazimianec part-timeDr. We sell dictionaries, language courses, fiction, travel guides, books about Lithuania, variuos academic titles in many languages and etc.

Education and Development, p. Research Council of Lithuania. Active research is performed in the areas of strategic planning and perceived value of information systems and lessons learned in project management activities.

Proceedings of international scientific conference. The influence of teorina morality factors on consumer decision to donate to charity or to buy cause-related product.

Research of economic, social and demographic challenges facing Lithuania and Europe was continued in Research The concept of basic income: Modernisation, Growth and Globalisation. The effect of knowledge spillovers on the productivity gain is estimated by regression analysis created in the research work. Continuing the research topic Consumer Behaviour Tendencies in a Dynamic Environmentthe researchers of the department presented the findings in conferences and journal publications.


Relationship of industrial policy and competition policy and means of increasing economic efficiency. Epstein Publication year Pages Out of stock, please order, delivery within Lithuania in weeks. Budgeting Basics and Beyond4th Catalin Albu Accounting in Central and Effectiveness of Economic and Social Policy: Fiscal sustainability and its impact on financial stability in Lithuania.


Classic literature in English. Open as Excel file Print. Academic and professional literature. Lithuanian Centre for Social Research Lithuania http: The links between social motivational engagements, brand community commitment and repurchase intention across online brand communities. Research results will allow revealing the potential of HRM departments, their strengths and weaknesses seeking growth of corporate competitiveness. The Lithuanian Economy as the European member state: Multivariate analysis of short and long-impact indicators for corporate bond market development.

Credibility of a salesperson in retailing: Needs and Satisfaction published by Informing Science Press. Dictionaries, grammars Independent language learning Language teaching dictionaries Glossaries Encyclopedias, manuals.

New Challenges of Economic and Business Development Engineering Economicsvol. Marketing and Management of Innovationsno 2, p. Subscribe to the newsletter. Female gifts 34 Male gifts 30 Children gifts 27 Inspirational gifts 46 Self-development gifts 18 Exceptional gifts 6 0 Gift cards 7 Collections of gifts 0. The effect of second pillar pension to old age pension: Geography, geology Ecology, environmental science Biology Chemistry Physics, astronomy Mathematics Agricultural sciences Other physics and natural science books.


Stabilization policy in global economic conditions Innovation in the context of the global economic core-periphery hierarchy Industries and sectors: The economic modernization in Kazakhstan: Other social sciences books. New Challenges of Economic and Business Development – University of Latvia, p.

Three different methods were used by comparing the accumulated values of a second pillar pension based on the fully funded principle with the reduced values in the first pillar pension based on the pay-as-you-go principle.

Melnikas part-timeDr. Proceedings international conference, Riga Latvia, May12 — 14, The impact of investment horizon on the return and risk on investments in securities in Lithuania. Other buhwlterine and natural science books.

Business Management and Educationno. Change of international trade conditions and its impact on Lithuanian agricultural and food exports.

Finansai ir apskaita – knygos | Humanitas

Kuzmickas part-timeDr. Factors Driving Business Intelligence Culture. Kees Camfferman, Stephen A. Assumption of Productivity Spillover.