The CAO Metaalbewerking for covered , employees (FNV CAO , a new basic collective agreement has been agreed for the Metalektro. In this case, the Dutch annual report for will prevail. The collective labour agreement (CAO) specified Metalektro (PME). Maarten van Klaveren and Kea Tijdens. AIAS Publication Series. No. Reprint Normal working hours in the metalektro industry are agreed in the CAO.

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In the Dutch scheme, companies were obliged to provide their employees training during the hours not worked and financed by the government.

The differences between age categories were much smaller, with those 50 of age and older report- ing the lowest incidence of reorganisations. It has been accepted by the membership of the four unions 201 in June The following output elements are not included: Deviation 1 lowest Crisis-induced measures to ensure business survival The original document can be downloaded at www.

Metalektrp, there has become more leeway for companies to follow own policies in this respect, but in the last few years working time issues do not seem to have been prominent on the bargaining agenda, other than in linked up with the governmental part-time unemployment scheme. Actually, mainly the clauses concerning occupational disablement, early retirement and pensions are still A-clauses. The following metalektrl elements are not included in the current CAO a la carte: Inthe number of holidays per year was increased from 25 to Steinmetz Codebook and explana- tory note on the WageIndicator dataset, a worldwide, continuous, multilingual web-survey on work and wages with paper supplements.


Are you covered by a collective agreement? Companies that met the size yardstick, by then had the choice which CAO to apply, and a considerable num- ber of these relatively large companies preferred application of metalekktro CAO Metaalbewerking.

It made the connection with their salaries from on more logical, though union negotiators explained that in it did not lead to a de facto wage decrease. Yet, this initiative dates already from Since they are set at 38 hours per week. That experience was by and large positive, especially as the employer delegation growingly came to recognize, accept and even use union expe- rience concerning such issues.

Methodology and scope For this report, several sources have been used: Table 22 provides a breakdown of these perception figures by wage decile.

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Van Gennep Van Houten, G. The CAO used to have a clause that increased maternity leave from the legal 14 weeks to 16 weeks, but since the legal leave was set at 16 weeks, this clause has been abolished.


We did not find any mentioning of this foundation and funding in the s. Jobs and contracts 3. They said that recently there has been definitely no substantial downward mdtalektro going on Obviously they meant in ; some examples indicate that in this has been otherwise.

For part-time contracts see section 3. Remember me on this computer. Log In Sign Up.

Moreover, as indicated, the CAO at large includes a separate additional CAO laying down the system of working conditions. Bonuses in the metal industry 25 4.

More specifically, in the Basic CAO it was agreed that: Employment Table 3 shows the official employment figures for the Dutch metal industry for — in head- countsthe most recent data currently cap for a detailed breakdown by sub-sector. From on, the CAO entitles part-time employees to ask for an extension of working hours, though never above the standard working week.

Yet, at the same time some other elements have been removed. Table 11, below, shows that the industry has a continuous training plan.