When Frank Sinatra hosted the Welcome Home Elvis television special, he was trying to maintain a measure of hip by rubbing a little Elvis on. CD reissue of “The Complete Sun Sessions” has ended 12 years later with the publication of “Careless Love: The Unmaking of Elvis Presley. Reading Peter Guralnick’s Careless Love: The Unmaking of Elvis Presley is like watching a train wreck about to happen. You know what’s.

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So, the author wisely stays away from moralizing and instead focuses on why Elvis liked having his friends around. Like Us on Facebook. Jan 08, John Gilbert rated it it was amazing. This is not the writer’s fault.

Refresh and try again. It just makes you want to sit down and cry. Peter Guralnick is an American music critic, writer on music, and historian of US American popular music, who is also active as an author and screenwriter. View all 7 comments. That’s the best word to describe this brilliant, scrupulously researched biography of the King of Rock and Roll and his descent into lunacy. How depressing is “Careless Love”?

He developed a fixation on law enforcement, and he wanted to be a special private agent for the government so that he could turn in celebrities that used illegal drugs. Having been exposed to the lifestyle of entertainers, I can attest that when work is over in early morning hours, One of the most dreadful and detailed books I have ever read. He was strong enough to fight himself to a draw, but not strong enough to win. Guralnick’s two volume Elvis Presley biography is likely to stand the test of time as the definitive account.

I’ve read many rock and roll biographies, mostly to satiate my inexplicable fascination with music and tragedy, and there have been some gems, man: Open Preview See a Problem? Most notable of these was a famous meeting with President Nixon to announce his anti-drugs stance – a joke considering his own intake – and a desire to act as a federal agent.

Home town boy

A gospel record finally reignited his passion for music. One of his entourage noted that it was like living in a virtual world in which the courtiers became elvid isolated as the king, where even the most dramatic event assumed the texture of an episode on a television series.

I took the plunge. If he gave one person something, he needed to give something to everyone. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. unmwking


Although arguably the biggest name in rock and roll, Presley wanted to do more than the goofy movies and lovey-dovey songs, but Presley’s manager, Colonel Parker, who had an almost godlike hold on Elvis, always steered him to the easy money deals, and since Parker had kept Elvis popular during his time in the army, Elvis believed Parker knew best.

The irony would have been entirely lost on him, even had anyone had the guts to point it out. I thought that his desire to be a DEA agent or policeman was interesting considering his favorite pastime as a serious drug addict. The drugs, the objectification of women he didn’t respect his marriage at allthe pain from losing his mom, retreating to his room all the time, the Memphis Mafia always hanging around him like puppy dogs waiting for the next car he’d buy them.

Home town boy | Guardian Weekly |

This massive two-part biography is one of the best books I’ve ever read. Less enjoyable than part 1, but no less well researched. I highly recommend both – in the order they were meant to be read.

He treated women and friends shabbily, his bursts of generosity notwithstanding. While this may be down to Elvis’s life becoming less focused and more isolated, the fact that the narrative follows the same trajectory isn’t particularly pleasurable to read. We are driving as to war. So, picking up this esteemed two-volume bio by Guralnick, I knew to expect that it ends badly because, of course, Elvis’ sordid death is well-known American pop culture mythology. Read our Careless love Book Review.

I always loved Elvis’ music in the early 70s Nick, who basically wrote prescriptions for whatever Elvis wanted and defended himself by saying that he actually gave him placebos sometimes to curb his habits. Lists with This Book. Elvis’s response to fame was to turn time on its head. He surprised almost everybody he dealt with when making the Comeback Special and the Elvis In Memphis album by being a far more intelligent, committed and soulful artist than they ever imagined.

For various reasons, many readers, particularly those who are recreational readers rather than die-hard Elvis fans, will find Careless Love more entertaining than Last Train To Memphis. Sometimes he was overruled, as in the comeback special, and that was, as proven, a good thing. Expect no such happy miracle in Careless Love: To be sure, Elvis’ life ended in a truncated tragedy Careless Love is the second volume of Peter Guralnick’s biography of Elvis Presley, and it’s a compelling and emotional read.


The Unmaking of Elvis Presley, the second volume in Guralnick’s excellent and exhaus The miracle of Last Train to Memphis, Peter Guralnick’s portrait of Elvis Presley’s early years, was that fareless erased the memory of that bloated caricature of a performer who staggered across the stage in Las Vegas and elsewhere in his final years and presented us instead with the exuberant young man of the s numaking was in the throes of fashioning a new kind of music.

Elvis Presley was an interesting man whom wanted love and friendship, yet felt that showering gifts upon people would win him their affection and loyalty which in many cases careles backfire on him. If he didn’t like what you were saying, you could be banished from his life forever.

A creature of habit and familiar surroundings, the outside world becomes his playground while his inner self struggles to make sense of it all through spirituality, a series of isolating “yes” men and women, and drugs. Unfortunately, this book isn’t nearly as good as its predecessor. What makes this a lesser book, I think, is that it’s so focused on Elvis we fail to fully appreciate his life against the backdrop of the times, generally speaking.

If I were to throw in any minor criticism toward this book it would concern keeping track of everyone involved. A less dignified or compassionate biographer would look at pop culture spirituality as an opportunity to toss a few potshots and snarky comments.

We begin where the first one ends, inwith Elvis in the army in Germany and the colossal figure of his manager Colonel Parker home working to maintain and enrich his only client’s image and desirability and we wrap up with Elvis’ death in History does more than just second-guess Elvis though; in Careless Loveit heightens the drama.

And the material is so overwhelming it almost feels as rather large music magazine account than a music critique or analysis. Flying to Denver to get a cheeseburger. It does seem that the betrayal by his two close friends at the very end of his life cut deep. The question o “what if”.