Iniciaron comercialmente en Armenia. El 20 de noviembre de se creó la empresa confecciones Leonisa. Se incorpora en su fuerza de. CASO LEONISA. SOLUCION MERCADO CENTROAMERICANO Asegurarse de que la empresa distribuidora del producto cumpla con la función de vender el. También se explican los orígenes de Leonisa y se hace una descripción de DE LEONISA: UNA EMPRESA COLOMBIANA DE ROPA INTERIOR. COLOMBIA ESTUDIO DE CASOS Innovación presentación editor PYMES.

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Moreover, the literature review only revised databases of higher academic recognition ISI and Scopuswhich could leave out publications on cases of Latin American companies. For this purpose, the Manager of each one cso an initial proposal that he presents to the Board of Directors and justifies leeonisa expenses or investments.

This corporate center is formed only when making decisions that impact the corporate strategy and the functioning of each subsidiary in relation to the whole becomes necessary. Estudios Gerencialescso 98 Furthermore, these authors argue that there is a third element that characterizes the headquarters: From Competitive Advantage to Corporate Strategy.

The Corporate Headquarters in the Contemporary Corporation: In turn, the IT area is responsible for developments for all subsidiaries, based on the needs of both production and distribution companies.

Organization Science16 6 The first purpose arises from concerns related to the political or economic situation in the countries where the group has a presence. Organizational structure and knowledge-practice diffusion in the MNC.

In the literature on corporate strategy, multi-business companies are also recognized as conglomeratesmodern corporations or diversified firms.


Strategic Management Journal27 7 Nonetheless, there is no clear direction to encourage the interaction of subsidiaries or the creation of synergies between them.


For example, it would be interesting to analyze the possibility of rethinking the current multi-divisional structure based on the centralization of new processes. Over the years, the company has made changes in its strategy and structure to speed up its production processes and cwso its customers in more than 20 countries.

Regarding the leonsia configuration, it specifically refers to the multi-divisional form M-form as the structure that emerges when companies become so large that the simple divisional form becomes insufficient and, therefore, divisions appear above divisions.

The specificity of this case motivated this research into the management of Leonisa, a Colombian company in the textile sector. The formation and leonisx of this set of businesses is the focus of the study of strategy at the corporate level Chandler,p.

These three new forms were the result of studies carried out in one hundred Spanish companies in the period between and Therein, the author characterizes this group as a corporate center due to the corporate functions it has developed, such as: All of the above illustrates the structure of the companies belonging to the Leonisa group in Figure 2from the commercial and administrative including the productive fronts. Leonisa counts with channels for the commercialization of products in more than fourteen countries, through catalog sales, online stores, wholly-owned stores, large and small department stores and authorized distributors.


The competitive strategy developed in recent years has been based on two main pillars: Table 1 shows the countries of affiliation for the universities where the authors of the 15 papers studied work, the universities that stand out for their research on multi-divisional structure and the theoretical approaches from which such research has been carried out. These internal ventures are directly supplied by companies of the Leonisa group.

DissertationUniversity of St. What is my value proposition? The Structures of European Business.

Journal of International Management18 3 Leonisa was formed as a group from the creation of its different companies, with the purpose of minimizing risks in its growth strategy and, at the same time, daso both productive and commercial operations.

As a multi-business company, Leonisa counts with strategies at the corporate, competitive and operational levels. Harvard Business Review91 12 By doing so, they are deemed leobisa of creating synergy, i. The size, structure, and performance of corporate headquarters.

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In relation to commercial management, support is provided to all subsidiaries from the Foreign Trade and Distribution Channels area. Corporate strategy is concerned with both the definition of the business portfolio and its management. The structure of the Leonisa Group results from its corporate strategy of vertical integration, both forward and backward.