CATIA allows the user to perform design optimisation in a short time using “ product engineering optimiser” inside the “knowledgeware” module. CATIA Knowledgeware. CATIA® V5R Formulas. Formulas are used to build relationships between parameters. They are the first type of relation that you will. Catia V5 knowledgeware awareness session. Francois Trudel. DS Service, Lean Engineering. KBE Development Application Consultant.

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Edit formula Create a formula based on existing definitions or measurements in the model.

Design Optimisation Using CATIA Knowledgeware Module

Change the part number in the Edit name or value of the current parameter field. If need be, knowledgewarre this parameter. You can easily associate two parameters from a parameter editor. Specify the file containing the design table data, then create the necessary associations. The Knowledgeware options allow you to create formulas based on interdependent model values, specify a range or a list of acceptable values, and lock the current value of a knowledgewaare.

Right-click the Value field of the Edit name or value of the current parameter actia and select Add Multiple Values You can use the Dictionary list to view the commands for a specific data type or function. In the Reorder window, select In or After and select a relation. In the f x dialog box, click Import, then specify the import file path.

To know more about working with parameters please see the About Parameters section. For example, for Japanese users, if vi is started from xterm, vi will not support kanji whereas if it is started from aixterm AIXkanji will be supported.


You can type the filtering relation directly in the appropriate field or click Edit To reorder parameters, right-click the parameter to be reordered, and select Reorder Knowledgeware is a group of techniques that you can use to control parameters knowkedgeware on your knowledge of the model and its intended application.

Specifying the Material parameter value. Parameters and relations order now corresponds to the creation order. To enter an argument value, position the cursor where the argument is intended to be and capture the feature definition from the specification tree or from the geometry area.

UR2 includes a comment indicating the reason for a range of values— Add range and Add comment were used in combination to provide the desired range and indicate the reason for it. Displaying only a formula definition in f x.

Editing or modifying a parameter. Displacement boundary conditions Temperature boundary conditions Pressure loads Point loads Gravity loads Rotational body force loads Surface heat fluxes Point heat fluxes Film conditions Initial temperatures Temperature histories There are several techniques that you can use to add Knowledgeware to analysis parameters. The way columns are arranged in a design table is identical to the way the associations were defined.

Specifying a measure in a formula. You must unlock the field to edit the value.

This option is intended for use with machining or other part manufacturing operations where manufacturing tolerances are applicable. Edit the parameter, then in the edition box, right-click the value field and select Change step Select Between as measure type, then click successively two edges in the geometry area. Click the icon located next to the parameter value field. This push button represents the relation which constrains the parameters.


In the Parameter properties tab, check Constant. Double-click the parameter in the specification tree. The parameters and formulas are applied to the document. Importing parameters and formulas.

CATIA Knowledgeware Infrastructure

About the parameters that cannot be inserted in a design table. Note that this indicator is not recursive. Select 1mm or click the New one command. Before doing this, check that the knowledfeware catalog is installed on your machine.

You can also include a URL to a web page or a file that contains supporting information. The Measure Between dialog box is displayed.

Edit the parameter, right-click the value field in the parameter edition box, then select Edit formula Knowlrdgeware assign multiple values to a parameter, select Multiple values at parameter creation and enter the values one by one to specify the value list. A visual indicator located at the relations set level indicates that the set contains hidden relations.

Tips about the access functions to the design table. The new parameter is added to the parameter list. In the formula rule or check editor, select the Design Table item in the dictionary, the list of the methods that can be applied to a design table is displayed. To add a column to a design table, open the.

Select a method, then click F1 to display the associated documentation.