View and Download Clatronic AR USB/CR instruction manual online. AR USB/CR Car Receiver pdf manual download. Table Of Contents. View and Download Clatronic AR manual online. bt/usb/card. AR Car Car Receiver Clatronic AR USB/CR Instruction Manual. (98 pages). Specifications: General: High-resolution negative LCD-Display. USB port/MMC/ SD slot*. Anti-theft protection through removable control panel (with protective.

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View a manual of the Clatronic AR below. All manuals on ManualsCat. By using the ‘Select a language’ button, you can choose the language of the manual you want to view. Have a question about the Clatronic AR but cannot find the answer in the user manual?

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Clatronic AR manual. Previous page Next page. Table of Contents Page: Read the information of this manual to get familiar with your device quickly and be able to use all its functions.

We wish you an enjoyable experience. The user manual must be kept handy. It is to be read and applied by any person in charge of operating or troubleshooting. Keep this user manual for future reference and pass it on to any subsequent owners. Copyright This documentation is protected by copyright.

Reproduction of texts and illustrations, be it in part or modified, is only permitted with written authorization by the manufacturer. Limitation of Liability All technical information, data and instructions for connection and operation contained in this user manual were up-to-date at the time of printing and reflect our recent experiences and findings to the best of our knowledge.

No claims can be derived from the information, illustrations and descriptions in this user manual. The manufacturer assumes no liability for damages due to non- observance of the manual, other than intended use, inappropriate repairs, unauthorized modifications or use of unauthorized spare parts. If the dangerous situation is not avoided, this can cause death or severe injuries. Not avoiding such situation can cause damage.


Clatronic ar 815 Bedienungsanleitung Seite 72

Follow the instructions of this warning to avoid clatrknic. No other use is intended. Use the device only as intended. The risk remains solely with the user.

Clatronic | Manuals and instructions for use

Safety This chapter offers bdeienungsanleitung safety information on the use of the device. This device complies with legal safety clatrronic. Inappropriate use can cause harm to persons and property. Basic Safety Precautions For safe operation of the device, observe the following safety precau- tions: Before use, check the device for visible damage.

Children may only operate the device when supervised. Improper repairs can cause considerable dangers for the user. Moreover, the warranty will be void. Otherwise, consecutive damages will not be covered by the warranty. Defective components must be replaced with genuine parts.

Clatronic AR Manual (Page 25 of )

Protect the device from moist and ingress of fluids. Laser radiation can damage your eyes! Please observe the following safety precautions to avoid laser radiation: Do not open the casing of the unit.

Please observe the following safety precautions to keep yourself and others safe: Study the functions before you drive. Attach and remove the front panel only when parking. Overview of the Components See Fold-out Page 1 button: Turn unit off 2 Unlock button for front panel 3 Multi control knob: Eject CD 9 TA button: Activate and deactivate traffic announcements 10 DSP button: Start and pause playback 15 SCN button: Activate and deactivate repeat functions 17 1 – 6 buttons: Access station memory 18 SHF button: Activate and deactivate random playback 19 DIR button: Select next album 20 DIR button: Select previous album 21 MODE button: Program type 25 Display 26 button: Please observe the following safety precautions to avoid risks: Packaging materials are no toys, danger of suffocation.

Scope of Delivery and Inspection for Transport Damages The standard scope of delivery of this unit includes the following components: The packaging materials are selected in environmentally friendly and dis- posal aspects and are recyclable. Recycling of packaging materials saves raw materials and reduces the waste. Dispose of unwanted packaging in accordance with local regulations. Have the unit installed by a specialized workshop, if possible.


Use the ISO connectors when installing the unit. In this case the station preset can get lost. To remedy invert these connections 4 ACC and 6 continuous positive. The relay automatically extends the antenna when the radio is turned on. The antenna retracts again when the radio is turned off. This terminal can also be used for an external amplifier. Please contact the car manufacturer or the local dealer if your vehicle does not come with an ISO slot.

NOTE Before installation remove the two transport securing screws. Connect only to a properly installed 12V battery. Place the sleeve in the ISO slot. Secure the unit against theft, if necessary. Carefully slide the unit into the sleeve until it locks into place.

Slide the unit out of the sleeve. The holes are marked with T for Toyota and N for Nissan. Mount the brackets B with screws on the unit D. Start-up To protect against theft remove the front panel. Do not keep the front panel in the car. NOTE Keep the front panel in its casing. Changed settings are saved.

The display is activated. High volumes can permanently damage your hearing. Turn the multi control knob 3 to set the volume. Press again to cycle through the next setting options. The following settings are possible: Turn the multi control knob to change the displayed setting.

The unit sounds a beep tone when you press and hold a multifunctional button. The unit sounds a beep tone every time you press a button. The unit sounds no beep tone. With activated TA function the unit searches for a station with traffic announce- ments. No automatic station search. In this situation you have two options: To change stations the other station is played for less than one second. The other station is muted. Alternative frequencies with different Pl code are excluded from the search.

Alternative frequencies with different Pl code and no RDS information with high signal level are excluded from the search. The Loudness function enhances the bass frequencies.