Aligning COBIT® , ITIL® V3 and ISO/IEC for Business Benefit November No Login Required; COBIT Mapping: Mapping of ITIL V3 With COBIT. Disclaimer ITGI has designed COBIT Mapping: Mapping of ITIL v3 With COBIT (the Work) primarily as an educational resource for control professionals. Mapping of ITIL v3 with COBIT® is planned to be be published on the ISACA website before the end of the first quarter of

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The mapping is performed in two layers. Value delivery is addressed in two ways. I meet these people all the time. PO4 Define the IT processes, organisation and relationships. Because they are a 90,strong, respected, vendor-independent, international body with a strong and enthusiastic user base for COBIT. Phoenix Business and Systems Process Inc. The user community take up the pieces that add value or relevance; ignore the rest.

These processes ensure that IT-enabled business initiatives deliver value to the business by proper planning of the implementation, delivery of knowledge to ensure beneficial usage of services and providing a proper support for the services required in line with the business requirements.

Ann Geyer Tunitas Group. DS8 Manage service desk and incidents. You can find it on http: Cobit a means to evaluate where you are and tangible outputs to pinpoint where you want to be.

Mapping of ITILv3 With COBIT PDF

DS9 Manage the configuration. We are losing the concept that ITIL is a framework not a standard. However, Cobit in its present state is too big for a casual user. A framework is needed for a quality management system for IT. Cobti organisations, COBIT intends to support executive management and boards; business and IT management; and governance, assurance, control and security professionals. Disclosure The IT Skeptic receives or has received revenue mostly small amounts from the following organisations relevant to this blog: Submitted by skeptic on Sat, No part of this publication may be published, More information.


AI2 Acquire and maintain application software Value to the business is discussed explicitly in every process AI4 Enable operation and iti described in the library.

Okay, tea leaves aside. On the beginning of August I wrote a small post about this mapping in my blog, but this is a Spanish blog mwpping I have a few visitors there. March Software Asset Management: Jump to information on financially supporting T2P projects. Obtain a good understanding of the business environment, risk appetite and business strategy as they relate to IT.

The ITIL V3 – COBIT V4.1 mapping white paper is available and no wonder noone is saying much

You may have noticed Google and Amazon ads on the site, as well as ads for my books and merchandise. The white paper diplomatically tiptoes around a direct benchmarking mpping the two frameworks against each other, unlike the earlier white paper published only by ISACA which bravely made the measurement and graphically depicted the holes. Submitted by skeptic on Tue, The witth of CSI are covered in a seven-step improvement process. If the function is responsible to fulfil the requirements, thorough knowledge should be ensured, but if the function is accountable or involved otherwise consulted or informedan overview should be applicable.

It is necessary to mitigate the risk of implementing a service management system that does not work right away. Although, hold on, Adams sold a ton of books with this idea. The level is indicated in figure 2. AllDay DevOps17th October. He is specialized More information.


CobiT on the other hand is more like a tool for analysis of IT effectiveness. PO7 Manage IT human resources. Typical uses for the standards and practices are: RSS feeds may be lf without permission.

New Guidance from ITGI Maps COBIT With ITIL v3

If the function is responsible to fulfil the requirements, thorough knowledge should be ensured, but if the function is accountable or involved otherwise consulted or informedan overview should be applicable.

View the discussion thread. DS3 Manage performance and capacity. On the other hand, business processes require information from the IT processes, and this interrelationship has to be governed as well. So my detailed results are not important here: A structured audit approach is to be defined. It identifies availability management, capacity management, continuity management and security management as key elements used in the design of the services to be provided.

Maybe you and I know that, but there are an awful lot of people out there still thinking ITIL is a comprehensive framework for IT operations. They may be internal, outsourced or contracted as required. It will take some time before proper change management is truly a common practice. Please recommend this blog. It also provides references to operational activities in other processes.

Is ITIL too big? AuditNet is an online portal for auditors. It is a proactive, uniquely comprehensive management approach to ensuring that IT is meeting the needs of a business.