Details of the image ‘Coxa vara and coxa valga: diagram’ Modality: Diagram. decreased proximal femoral neck-shaft angle; vertical position of the proximal femoral physis and varus. pathomechanics. coxa vara and. Normal adult value is degrees. A decrease in the. Alsberg’s angle is Coxa vara. Fig 2:Alsbergs Angle and Angle of Inclination of femur. Spencer, p

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There are three approaches to correction of trochanteric overgrowth, each with separate indications: A good example of a femoral varus osteotomy is the Nishio osteotomy.

It’s an intricate system affected by your metabolism, nutrition, medications, wear-and-tear and medi A previous pelvic osteotomy had been performed B – Ganz relative neck lengthening and trochanteric transfer Intra-Articular Deformities Intra-articular deformities of the hip are deformities of the femoral head at vaoga connection to the femoral neck.

Furthermore, because varus osteotomy shortens the femur this has an effect on the greater trochanter. This human musculoskeletal system article is a stub. Vars are then taken: A vwra study of femoral neck fractures in children show the following complications: Prevention is always optimal, but when problems occur, treatment might involve weight-bearing exercise, dietary changes, exercise, medical treatments and possibly surgery.

Example of normal proximal femoral angles.

File:Coxa-valga-norma-varapng – Wikimedia Commons

Foxa deformities of the hip are deformities of the femoral head at its connection to the femoral neck. Because of this, consideration of the muscles of the hip and upper femur is crucial to avoid developing further complications. This osteotomy creates a relative lengthening of the femoral neck by shifting the trochanter laterally vaar the outside and distally downward. Deformity of the hip joint may be due to femoral deformity and acetabular dysplasia.

Coxa valga – Wikipedia

This example demonstrates that hip dysplasia can be corrected with osteotomy of the femur and not a pelvic osteotomy. For example, treatment for avascular necrosis can balga in growth arrest of the upper femur. This method offers excellent control of the osteotomy. The shaft of the femur is not moved laterally, however, a major difference with the Morscher osteotomy.


One example of coxa vara with hip dysplasia is in Congenital Femoral Deficiency. Literature is lacking, but surgical management appears to be the accepted treatment protocol for this condition. CT can be used to determine the degree of femoral anteversion or retroversion. Using the x-rays, the joint orientation angles of the hip are measured.

Deformity of the femur will often cause a resultant deformity in the acetabulum, and a deformity of the acetabulum will cause a resultant deformity in the femur. Another possible cox for the high occurrence of coxa vara is the loss of reduction after initial fracture reduction of implant failure in unstable fractures. The main indication is improved congruity and reduction of joint forces when the femoral head is not spherical.

Wrist drop Boutonniere deformity Swan neck deformity Mallet finger. Ten years after Nishio varus osteotomy The femoral osteotomy should be medially translated towards the inside to avoid a secondary translation deformity. This article does not cite any sources. A – Bilateral severe hip dysplasia with elliptical femoral head on right side B – Wagner-type valgus osteotomy performed as well as periacetabular osteotomy PAO of the pelvis.

The greater trochanter is lateralized, increasing abductor lever arm.

Another example is a non-spherical femoral head can be treated by a Ganz femoral head reduction osteotomy FHRO. If the differences are the same, there is no trochanteric overgrowth; if they are different, then trochanteric overgrowth is present.

This approach has yielded excellent results, extending the life of the hip for our patients while addressing their pain and disability.

Surgery is the most effective treatment protocol. The other two osteotomies do not change the part of the femoral head that articulates with the acetabulum. Contents Editors Categories Share Cite. Coxa valga and coxa vara are deformities of the hip. There is a risk that the greater trochanter may lose both tension and lever arm, which can lead to a lurch valha Trendelenburg gait. Toggle navigation p Physiopedia.


Arthropathies Congenital disorders of musculoskeletal system Musculoskeletal disease stubs Musculoskeletal system stubs. December Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Ten years after Nishio varus osteotomy. In the case of acquired coxa vara from a fracture, the proximal femur and femoral neck need accurate reduction and rigid fixation to avoid potential serious complications. Patients may also vaea femoral retroversion or decreased anteversion.

Developmental Coxa Vara

Hip Evaluation Evaluation of the hip is important for developing treatment strategies. Acetabular dysplasia and femoral anteversion are usually associated with one another. Physiopedia is not a substitute for professional advice or expert medical services from a qualified healthcare provider. When refering to evidence in academic writing, you should always try to reference the primary original source.

The approach is really two osteotomies: Correction of coxa valga is a varus osteotomy of the femur. Coxa vara is as a varus deformity of the femoral neck. What causes the knuckle popping sound? Contraindications for joint replacement include advanced arthrosis and stiffness.

Intra-articular and extra-articular surgical procedures can be performed to correct intra-articular deformities. At the Paley Institute, we offer the most technologically advanced treatment methods, with an emphasis on joint reconstruction and preservation over joint replacement. The content on or accessible through Physiopedia is for informational purposes only.