The Navy Personnel Command can only issue the Honorable Discharge (DD Form N) certificate. The certificate may be issued in. DD-2, Us Uniformed Services Identification Card. DD, Report of DDN, Honorable Discharge Certificate. DDA, General. A DD Form or DD Form must indicate a period of active duty service dates to be a valid document for eligibility determination purposes.

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Military and veterans benefits often vary from person to person.

There are many factors that determine which benefits you may be eligible for, including when and where you served, how long you were in the service, and whether your were on active duty or in the Guard or Reserves. Our question today ds from a former Reservist who received a DD Formand wants to know if this can be used to obtain a DD Form in order to qualify for certain Veterans Benefits.

I am wondering if you have had any experience helping a veteran receive a DD I received my DD but it is not sufficient to qualify for Medical Benefits. The requirement is to have a DD My question involves determining if there is a process to now secure a DD Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thanks for contacting me.

Can You Use a DD Form to Get a DD Form ?

This is a common question among former Guard 526n Reserve members. A DD Form is only issued to servicemembers when they separate from active duty service. In addition to the DD Form received after initial training, members of the Reserve Component should receive a DD Form when they leave active duty if they served at least 90 consecutive days or more of active duty service.

This often applies to mobilizations, or activation under Title 10 orders and other circumstances. Members of the Guard or Reserves who have been activated more than once 2566n have been issued more than one DD Form The paperwork can get tricky in these circumstances, because technically, the member is released from his Guard commitment and immediately enrolled on active duty service.

At the end of the activation period, the member is discharged from active duty, issued a DD Formand reinstated sd his or her Guard or Reserve status.

Be sure 256b verify your DD form shows all periods of active duty service. The best time to correct service records is while you are still serving. So be sure to get copies of all records and ensure their accuracy. As always, try to keep copies of your military records forever. You can keep physical copies or scan them and keep digital copies backed up online. Learn More about these discharge certificates and when they 256 issued: Each branch of the military most likely publishes a guide for discharge certificates.

AFISeparation Documents.

dd form n –

It covers when certain forms are issued, and why. As alluded to in the reader question, a DD Form is often 265n by the VA and other benefits organizations to qualify for veterans benefits. It is the key to proving military service and qualifying for a variety of veterans benefits.

The instructions the veteran receives with the DD Form are simple: All active duty servicemembers are issued a DD Form when they separate from active duty. Each branch of the service cd personnel records for about 256 before sending them to the National Archives. If your branch of service no longer has these records, then you should contact the National Archiveswhere military service records are permanently maintained.


This is the case even if you successfully and honorably served your term. Df you were activated while part of 25n6 Reserves, then you should have a DD Form If you believe you should have received a DD Formthen you will need to contact your unit, your branch of service, or the National Archives to obtain a copy of your DD Form Here are some tips for getting copies of your DD Formmilitary records, and other information:.

If there is an error in your military records and you were supposed to have been issued a DD Formbut for some reason it was never issued, then you would need 25n6 file a request with the Board of Corrections for Military Records.

You will need to substantiate any request for change of military records ds evidence, such as a copy of your orders, travel vouchers, signed statements from your commanding officer or someone you served with, or other evidence.

Filling out this type of form is outside of the d of this article, but you should be able to obtain free assistance with any of these issues at your county or state Veterans Affairs office, or through a Veterans Service Organization such as the DAV, VFW, American Legion, etc.

Can anyone answer that question? It can get very confusing, depending on service records and various benefits requirements. The best course of action is contacting a veterans benefits office that can help you go through your service records, time of service, and other factors to help you determine your benefits eligibility.

Note that the guidance for prior reservist is different than for Active Duty and National Guard. Take your retirement into your own hands and read the guidance yourself on OPMs site.

Alot of VA HR Benefits Personnel think that Reservist guidance is the same as all others but it is not for the simple reason that the reserves is different. For all other active duty days, you were on orders s or s, etcwhich states that you were on Active Duty and the dates. You should be able to request copies of your orders from your reserve military branch that archives your records. I am prior active and reserve, and have about 5 years of active time while df the df.

Not sure about every branch, but the Air Force Reserve providing us vd a every year that has a complete breakdown of all Active dates starting and ending performed for that year. This process will ddd a lot of work 256j your part because you will have to put every Active Duty date on the forms to request your earnings for buyback.

I have a huge stack of orders because I hardly ever did my 15 days together, so I have an order for 1, 2, or 3 days in most cases, and each order has to be entered separately.

Then once DFAS gets it, no telling how long it will be before I get my military earnings statement back because they have to account for each individual order.

Then once I do get my earnings statement, my VA Human Resources Benefits Rep has to enter every single and order as well because all entries have to have a start and end date. I wonder how many reservist are out there that have no clue if all their active time is accounted for.

Hopefully by the time I finish, they will have more guidance and training for the VA Benefits Personnel.

This article is wrong! It will say Honorable Discharge even though you are still serving. There are 2 forms, long and short. The long form will have discharge info. If you are activated, you will get another to cover the time on active duty. Thanks for serving and take care. Someone who was recently on the board to make these changes. Both my mother and father have passed away and are cremated and in Urns.


We would like to place them into a cemetery and was wondering if this form would qualify for a Military Cemetery. I spent 8 years in the active USNR and received a dd n in Am I eligible for any services now that I am 80 years old and am diabetic? Hello Jerome, Thank you for contacting me. The only way to know for certain is to have the VA verify your service dates and type of service to see if you are eligible for any benefits.

They will do a free records review. They have trained veterans benefits counselors that can assist you to verify benefits eligibility and make any benefits claims if you are eligible.

I wish you the best, and thank you for your service! I immediately joined the US Navy Reserves inactive. I am going through all the processes now for disability benefits. Am I considered a veteran? Yes, Louis, you are considered a veteran.

Dd Form 256n

However, the Veterans Affairs office has different qualifications for earning different benefits. You would need to check with them to 256j what you are eligible to receive. So now I think none of this really qualifies for any true veteran benefits, correct? Who do I contact to confirm if I qualify for anything? Thanks for your comment, Harry.

Military discounts are up to individual stores — and they vary widely in terms of who is eligible. The best way is with a military ID card not applicable for you, but it would be for othersa VA Issued ID cardor a drivers license or other state ID card with a veterans designation.

Those links will help you find more information on how to get one of those forms of ID. You might also be able to prove your military service with a membership card to vd military organization such as the VFW, American Legion, or similar service organization.

This will vary depending on many factors. Benefits are often available at the local, state, and federal level, and all of them have different cd guidelines. The best way to find out which benefits you are eligible to receive is by contacting the VA and scheduling an appointment to discuss possible benefits.

Local and state benefits also vary and will depend on your service, which benefits are available, requirements for the benefits, etc. Another good place to go for benefits assistance is through a veterans service organization such as the VFW, American Legion, or similar organization. They have trained volunteers who can help you navigate the benefits system to learn what you may be eligible for.

I hope this is helpful, and thanks for your service! I am trying to enlist in the National Guard. I am a honorably discharged Army Reservist. I was separated in I have my dd for basic and ait. I do not have any paperwork with my separation or re codes on them. I have already 256nn records and they sent me my whole service record. There is still no separation or re codes. All I have is my discharge notice which states honorable discharge for reserve component and my honorable certificate.

Where do I find my separation and RE codes?