The one handbook I can find doesn’t give much in the way of power selection, I figure the best Psion handbook on GitP is called Lycanthromancer. . Game systems I play: DnD , Pathfinder, Star Wars Saga, Vampire: .. D&D 5e/Next · D&D 4e · D&D 3e/e/d20 · Older D&D/AD&D and Other Systems. NPC Psion (Telepath). .. You’ve read the Player’s Handbook, the DUNGEON MASTER’s. Guide . In contrast, psionics rules for the new edition of the D&D. Sources include the Psionics Handbook by Bruce R. Cordell; various Mind’s Eye articles on This product uses updated material from the v revision. DUNGEON MASTER, d20, d20 System, WIZARDS OF THE COAST, Player’s Handbook, Dungeon .. character classes: the psion, the psychic warrior, the soul-.

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Druid for Serpent’s Cunning, Invoker for Flame of Hope especially nice if handbok multiclass with a leaderWizard for the awesome daily powers and Arcane Mastery in epic, which also combos nicely with the Demiurge epic destiny so you can spend multiple action points s&d Flame of Jandbook for the action point benefit. If you’re trained in Dungeoneering, also consider Stay Back. The augment 1 gives enemies a better reason for moving through the zone because it blocks line of sight.

Excellent option for Eberron players. Refer to the Powers section for help picking good powers. Dual Hallucination already gave you a multitarget daze that deals psychic damage at level 13, and is more versatile to boot, so you should just stick to that.

This gives you combat advantage where it might otherwise be hard to come by, and the best part is: By this point in the game, the Control Object power, which is already fairly weak, is very weak.


Although prone is a lame status effect, being able to shoot handbopk flyers out of the sky can come in handy occasionally.

The Mind’s Eye: a Psion Handbook

Caelic on September 25, You should be focusing on “dirty tricks. Avoiding that outcome should be in the forefront of your mind, since with every non-Psion level you take, your manifester level suffers. If you want to be Small and you only have access to the Core races, Gnome is better.

There are exceptions, however. Spur to Action on an orb. Initiative is handbokk important for a controller, and since Dexterity is one of your dump stats this feat is a no-brainer.

Thasar’s Psionic Nuker (3.5e Optimized Character Build)

Very good multiclass option. Sign up using Facebook. Crystal Body DrM Grants immunities at a lower level than most such effects, but makes you vulnerable to certain, fortunately rare kinds of damage.

Mindsight LoM Not found in the feats section of the handhook.

The New, Virtually No-Nonsense Guide to Psions

Hit or miss, you pick up your enemies for a turn, leave them restrained in mid-air, and smash them back to the ground at the start of your next turn. Summon hxndbook speedy ally that can attack and put dying allies back on their feet, or at least stabilize them.

A low level version of this orb is good enough, but the save penalty increases by tier. Have this and an Orb of Nimble Thoughts in your hands when combat starts, then drop them and draw your real implements. Last edited by Gnorman; at Or do you want to be a martial combatant or skill user with a few tricks up your sleeve to pull out in tricky situations? Also has no control effect besides putting another guy on the battlefield.



The unaugmented version does nothing but be a ranged basic attack. I prefer the psionics system, even if I like the vancian spells better. They enhance or modify powers. Illithid Grapple CPsi Useful, like any other natural attack, but expect your DM have NPCs react poorly to you, despite there being nothing in the feat text to handgook that happens.

While I’m at it, what’s the source on your avatar? Then this is the epic destiny for you! Wis Force Punch FM: Charisma is also tied to three of your class skills, which are all social skills.

Decent Psion Handbook If I get your question: And a bonus to Arcana is always useful. A bit better than generally-available feats. So, if my Druid does happen to come to a tragic end and I get to reroll, what Powers would you recommend?

An important power for Gnomes, Wood Elves and Shades who invest in Stealth and want to stay hidden, but very mediocre for everyone else. The more flexible targeting of the augment 2 is nice, but not enough reason to pick this over Force Hammer. DR, Mantle of Misfortune feat.

Meticulous – Search checks are pretty common.