Deathstorm Drop Pods of the Ultramarines Chapter clearing the way for Space Deathstorm Drop Pods sitting silently after expending all of their ammunition. I’m looking at units I don’t see discussed very often in a bit of a hunt for hidden gems and I’m wondering whether anyone has experience with. If a drop zone is just too hot to land in, the Space Marines will use Deathstorm Drop Pods (equipped with assault cannons.

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To me that’s an insane amount of shots at such high ap and str that can drop in behind your enemies front line and cause absolute havoc, I mean it could nearly neutralise a 10 man squad in one go or it could totally own tanks just through glancing let a lone penetrating. Really considering getting one or two of these.

Back to top 2 Azekellon Posted 26 February – What would you pair it with? If you’re going to drop behind enemy lines, I’d suggest Breachers for the awesome durability, or Terminators for vicious power of their frames.

Deathstorm Drop Pod | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Back to top 3 Emperor’s Furor Posted 26 February – A line of infiltrating breachers Alpha legion with outflanking headhunters and terminators in transports and a drop podding dread. Idea is to drop the deathstorms in first via drop pod assault, so they arrive on the first turn, then hopefully the second wave comes on via outflank.

Really put on the pressure and get up and personal.

I’m not sure about the facing, the model it’s self has several facings but then the missile pods it carries has like 8 missiles on it. It gets two kraks per turret because each launcher is heavy 2 deeathstorm it has 5 of them.

Can it fire heavy rdop on the turn it deep strikes or would they be snap shots? Vehicle counts as having moved at combat speed when it drops. Back to top 6 Nusquam Posted 26 February – The updated rules for them in the latest FAQ made the fragstorms better and the krakstorms statistically identical by shooting every unit, friend or foe, d3 times with 12″ at BS2 the turn it comes down. I’ve been experimenting with them in some lists. What makes them shine is that normal drop pods don’t force out passengers so your podding infantry are safe inside.

I think it has facing firing arcs and I think only two launchers at a time will have interlocking fields of fire, also don’t they shoot anything near them even friendly units? I think one would be great to cause confusion but two could cause mayhem forcing the enemy to show their hand. All else is sophistry po pretty lies. Check out my Black Shields. Back to top 8 Emperor’s Furor Posted 26 February – Am I right that if a unit has infiltration in deathstodm case from army special rule then their transport can also infiltrate unless it states?

Also which do you think would be better? Back to top 9 Nusquam Posted 26 February – Depends I would say. If you face tac blobs and the like or pod in infantry then fragstorm all the way. If you face mechanized lists then krak.


Overall I would say frag is probably best out of two good feathstorm. In regards to Infiltrators; only Dedicated Transports, not just any old combined unit you droop to deploy together. Outflanking Spartans are pretty terrible, despite the idea.

You spend those points on keeping them alive, despite the high strength shots coming their way. They mean to smash deep into deahtstorm lines; sure 4x TL Lascannons can do alright, but I can think of cheaper ways about getting them rather than pt vehicle with really poor firing arcs.

Terminators can strike at the enemy lines Turn deathtsorm in a Spartan. Because it carries lots of them. It’s quite rare in 40K too, but less so than 30K, which is pretty much Rending, Paragon Blades, Phoenix Power Spears, and Primarchs, plus some special characters like Eidolon or Sigismund; so maybe limited to about models per army best case scenario. This is why you take a Drathstorm, so that those Kheres or Magna Meltas don’t work against the Terminators until they’re in CC when they cannot be actively targeted, and it requires a lucky scatter to take them out.

Regarding the pod; eh, it lacks Drop Pod Assault, which at it’s price means that it doesn’t really fit into a Drop Pod Assault based army i. It’s not that much of a cost; but I’d rather have another 50pts to play around with. They’re also at the vagaries of normal reserves rolling; not a problem so much with reserve manipulation lists; but if I’m tinkering with reserves, I’d rather bring on Mor Deythan in a Darkwing or Fire Raptors, or something with a bit more meat than something forced to fire at BS2 on the turn it comes down.

Sure, it’s cheap and cheerful, but the fact that it’s a dedicated weapon system makes it a massive PITA. It can fire Heavy Weapons on the turn it deep strikes; it’s a vehicle which has the Relentless Special rule all vehicles do. Independent Machine spirits is pretty explicit in what it allows.

Back to top 11 Emperor’s Furor Posted 26 February – Yeah but from then onwards it fires all it’s weapons at bs4 in subsequent turns. On the issue of the automated weapons when it says every target within 12″ is hit by D3 attacks from the weapons, does that mean it’s D3 Heavy 2 attacks or just D3 missiles in regards to the krak launchers so for example is the max you can have 3 missiles on the unit or 6 missiles on the same unit?

I can see why the frag is now better, D3 templates against everyone nearby is a lot “easier” as you don’t have to worry about missing as much as firing krak at BS2. I’ve put an army list up if anyone wants to check it out using a Deathstorm and the outflanking terminators in a landraider phobos.

I made them Cataphractii but I’m thinking of changing them to Tartaros as then they can benefit from Dynat’s reroll sweeping advance ability.

Back to top 12 Hesh Kadesh Posted 26 February – A shooting attack is dropp by a weapon, which may have a listed different number of shots. So; D3 Heavy 2 BS2 shots.


Deathstorm Drop Pods – Insane?

And no, Terminators may not sweep, regardless of Cataphractii or not. Tartaros was a rumour that they could, but no rules ever came for them. Back to top 13 Emperor’s Furor Posted 26 February – Ah ok, I’ll just go with Cataphractii ;od, I can’t see the reason for having normal Tartaros over Cataphractii, if neither can sweep and advance and the cataphractii get a bonus to their invulnerable, why would someone ever take Tartaros?

Back to top 14 Slips Posted 27 February – dro; Running to cover objectives late game, and overwatch are all pretty big abilities to give up on with Cataphractii. Considering that 3VP’s typically rely on holding an objective, it’s a pretty big thing, especially if you end up misjudging. AP2 is rare in melee, dsathstorm, and even rarer is at initiative, and rarer still when you’re assaulting. Because of how niche Terminator units are deathxtorm middle tier at best, and often find themselves dedicated to hunting down their opposite numbers in other army lists; an odd little unit which is normally taken only to kill those who other people have taken to kill your unit which you only took to kill their unit When you think of the points that you put into a Terminator unit; usually Spartan, tooled Praetor, Primus Medicae, occasionally Rad nades Forge Lord, you’re looking around another pts on top of the terminator squad itself.

And all I have to do is avoid you; dearhstorm spend pts and 1 Elites choice on 6 Haywire dro; enough autohits to make that a reality. Back to top 16 Sanct Posted 27 February – They still have atomantic shielding but that is still 4 times you were thinking. Community Forum Software by IP. Sign In Create Account. Welcome to The Bolter and Chainsword Register now to gain access to all of our features.

Has anyone tested the Deathstorm Drop Pod? Theoretical analysis inside : WarhammerCompetitive

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Deathstorm Drop Pods – Insane? Started by Emperor’s FurorFeb 26 This topic has been archived. This means that you cannot reply to this topic. Posted 26 February – Edited by WoT, 26 February pov Posted 27 February – Because they aren’t slow and purposeful, mainly. Meaning they at least get overwatch. Half the reason I don’t use terminator armour outside the tartaros they so pretty. Sign In Register now! I’ve forgotten my password Forum Password.

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