The most popular is Arnold Reinhold’s Diceware list, first published in This list contains 7, words, equal to the number of possible. We’ll walk you through how to use EFF’s Long Wordlist [.txt] to generate a You can also use Arnold G. Reinhold’s Diceware word list, the original and still very. Diceware is a method for creating passphrases, passwords, and other cryptographic variables The original diceware word list consists of a line for each of the 7, possible five-die combinations. One excerpt: mulct mule.

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NO — Norwegian dlceware list provided by Willy T. Inserting a letter at random adds about 10 bits of entropy. Password authentication Dice Random number generation. If you want common words, why not find lists of words for teaching language to non-native speakers, such as the New General Service List?

That leads to a couple other ideas. A passphrase is a bunch of words and characters that you type in to your computer to let it know for sure that the person typing is you. A five word Diceware passphrase would have an entropy of at least More importantly, you are showing liwt user an example of what a password looks like.

That gives you flexibility in eliminating offensive words dicewaree replacing words deemed too short or obscure.

Diceware Word List Comparisons

This page was last edited on 21 Decemberat It should work on most modern browsers on computers that support Java that does not include Apple’s iOS, dieware. This page offers a better way to create a strong, yet easy to remember passphrase for use with encryption and security programs.


In fact, several organizations have already created their own word lists for use with Diceware. There is a French word list by Matthieu Weber, in several formats. Here is a sample Maori passphrase:. A five word passphrase provides a level of security much higher than the simple passwords most people use. In includes memorable non-words, punctuation, and the occasionally offensive word.

If you are using a passphrase for file encryption, we recommend you keep a copy written down in a safe place. Repeat this process until you have enough words for your passphrase. For more information, see the Diceware FAQ. Popular password manager programs require a master password or passphrase to protect the data they store. Here is a sample Slovak passphrase:. Computer security portal Cryptography portal. Hard to guess — even by someone who knows you well. All the digits are between one and six, allowing you to use the outcomes of five dice rolls to select a word from the list.

Write on a hard surface — not on a pad of paper. And there are lists for several other languages. Show them a weak one and they’ll think its OK for them to use a weak one.

See the Diceware FAQ for suggestions on how to memorize your passphrase.

TR — Turkish word list provided by Mert Dirik. Diceware wordlist passphrase examples: Look up each five digit number in the Diceware list and find the word next to it. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. For maximum security, you want to commit to using whatever it rolled, exactly as it appears.


Strictly speaking these are “passphrases,” not passwords. Unfortunately, it’s not a matter of just rolling up a password, dicsware if you don’t like it, just rolling up another.

For maximum security make sure you are alone and close the curtains. But, once you’ve decided to dicwware Diceware, which list do you use? Transparent – there are no “trust me”s. The security of both systems depends on the strength of the passphrase you chose.

wordlist_de: Diceware word list (German) in riceware: A Diceware Passphrase Implementation

Some give no guidance on how to do that, others have you make complex mathematical calculations. These situations are extremely rare. There are many different recommendations available on the Internet about how to pick a passphrase.

No background in cryptography or mathematics is required. Retrieved 4 December Let’s say they come out as:. Spread the word about Diceware! Do not use a computer eiceware or electronic dice generator.

You can also find the word list as an Appendix to Internet Secrets. It’s easier than you think! Using a short passphrase as an answer to a required “security question” like “What city dicewxre you born in?

The English list is based on a longer word list posted to the Internet news group sci. Here is a sample Swedish passphrase:.

An alternative listedited by Alan Beale, contains fewer Americanisms and obscure words.