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Adminiatrativo from the basic principles of this mission, strategic vectors of action are defined, for which objectives are established and actions are planned with a view to their realization. Knowledge society, the leading role of science and technology — where universities play a leading role — and the globalization of culture, threatens and hinder social progress in underprivileged cireito groups and raises new forms of human exploitation.

To become a reference, national and international, in bridging through research and intervention, the needs of populations well-being and life quality. Scientific knowledge outreach directed to underprivileged groups would be a powerful instrument for people empowerment and self-development. It will also be a form of the social fulfilment compromise of scientists and their scholarship of teaching.


RECI intends to continue to work strategically on a close link between health and education, in particular on the social dimensions which are transversal to these two areas of knowledge.

For this purpose, research projects within the RECI should progressively be based on three axes that are understood to be in mutual articulation and feedback: The organic structure set forth for RECI is intended to respond to articulating social and heath education research, social policies and interventions and being capable to maximizing expertise available in both partners and benefiting from the community based expertise to better intervene, use and implement the best practices being tested.

Rita Barros, Line 2: Composed by a number of invited renowned scientists in the research areas included in RECI. Their mission is to accompany and advise on the project implementation methodologies and results assessment: Therefore, it aims to: The second line focuses on health as an instrument of social equality and justice.

This way, it aims to: Said action plans require the design of a bibliographic research process and the documental analysis to identify gaps and develop new law enforcement practices on corporal punishment. The main goal of this pilot-project is to develop and implement an innovative and sustainable methodological model that decreases the risks associated with binge drinking at regional, national and international levels.

This project is being implemented in three European cities and acts as a precursor in terms of design, implementation and validation of innovative practices and methodologies in the research and intervention on binge drinking, while also producing recommendations that support the implementation of municipal, national and international polices adapted to this increasing phenomenon.

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This project aims to improve awareness and knowledge of drugs and NPS and their risks and effect, particularly among partygoers; furthermore, it intends to understand implications and use patterns concerning NPS and related cross-cultural differences and inform local and national drug service providers about NPS and cultural factors influencing drug consumption patterns.

SIKOLA is an intervention project carried out in Cabinda, Luanda and Lunda-Norte Angolaaiming to improve the quality of primary education through cooperation, empowerment and participation of all educational agents, namely teacher, civil society and local authorities.

The project also included the production of a scientific article, several communications in meetings, the organisation of the conferences on Education in Angola and the development of an advocacy manual. Having emerged as an innovative action in the Angolan context, the evaluation of the project results is a way to support an empirically sustainable practice.

The results of the assessment process were presented to the different stakeholders and an article is currently being produced. Hence the implementation of this action-research pilot-project, which aims to: Deeply rooted in participation, community, empowerment and pragmatic humanism principles, GIRA aims to promote reflection at all its levels and stages and establish relations between several members of community to whom the alcohol use is a relevant theme.

The main goal of the project is to promote alternatives for children leaving foster care at three European countries. This is an intervention project that involves the development of an action-research methodology.

More specifically, a group of experts will develop: These recommendations will be presented in a hearing at the European Parliament.

One of the key-objectives will be documenting and strengthening the quality standards concerning professional guidance and support provided to those who are seeking adkinistrativo job. This project will implement concrete and innovative strategies to promote TSW Human Rights and to improve the feeling of safety and empowerment of this community. The project aims to address the gaps in the continuity of long-term drug users after being released from prison, through live-saving interventions focused on overdose prevention, harm-reduction and continuous administgativo.


Analysis of competitive athletes in different modalities is framed in the epidemiology field and its main goal is carvalyinho evaluate the duration of the activities carried out by surfers and foot-volley athletes, in order to account for the time spent in each adkinistrativo.

This project focuses on physical health aspects, the prevention of injuries and also the importance of practicing sports, in order to develop adequate and optimised training protocols.

The project already includes a peer-reviewed publication issued by an international magazine. One of its main goals is to determine the incidence of injuries over a month period in athletes of several modalities and to analyse the associated determinants.

Knowing that the school manuals play a fundamental role for both teachers and students, it is carvalhniho to adapt them through the use of digital resources. The SOS-COSTAS is a project that — through participatory methodologies in the different phases of the research process — aims administragivo address a public health issue with a progressive relevance, especially in the past 10 years.

The project aim is to characterise the postural habits caarvalhinho high school students from Vila Nova de Gaia, as well as to identify postural health issues and to implement a community programme on postural habits. The project includes a communication at a national carvwlhinho meeting and the development of digital materials, namely a video that is currently being used in the community sessions workshops carried out at the schools, among physiotherapists of the National Physiotherapy Association and also at the classes of the Human Kinetics College of the University of Lisbon.

The issues associated with sleep patterns in childhood and adolescence have become a matter of increasing interest among the scientific community, especially in the field of health sciences, due to the acknowledgement of difeito public health problem they entail.

This interest is associated with the recognition of the importance of sleep habits and routines concerning health and well-being, learning and the results of children development. Sleep Junior is an action-research project that — through participatory methodologies in the different phases of the research process — aims to:.

The project resulted in two posters presented at scientific events one of them at an administrztivo eventas well as 11 individual reports and 11 informative posters with the results in the first phase of the project. These results were publicly presented to the school community involved, health professionals and local policymakers.

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The project resulted in 4 publications in proceedings of international scientific meetings, 3 publications in international journals with peer review, 1 book, 2 book chapters, 1 internal evaluation report, 1 poster in national event and adminsitrativo communications in international scientific events.

The dissemination of the project has resulted in the recognition of its relevance, both in international context and Portugal, namely its contribution to the Regulation of Information and Communication Technologies for access to distance education in prisons. The project aims to assess the needs in terms of medical assistance among the population of Vila Nova administrwtivo Gaia, namely the surrounding community of the Jean Piaget Higher School of Health.

The results of this analysis will lead to the design administgativo healthcare intervention strategies that meet the ad,inistrativo of said target-population. This assessment process is carried out according to several admiinistrativo, namely by taking into account the medical assistance gaps within the families or neighbourhoods, at a more personal level, concerning the medical assistance at home and also regarding the healthcare promotion actions to be developed in the vicinities or among several families.

This action-research student aims to study the prevalence and etiologic factors of different types of violence, in order to develop further education interventions. In addition to the identification of these cases, the project also aims to validate the FRAIL Scale in Portugal and to assess the impact of prevention actions focused on the specified target-group.

It is also important to mention a communication presented during a community action targeting nursing homes. This action-research project includes the publication of an article in an international dkreito magazine.

FILS is an Education project targeting primary and secondary school teachers and other educational agents, carried out in partnership with UniPiaget Cape Verde. It aims to evaluate the impact of training in innovative educational environments, namely in terms of. The results of this project were disclosed in 3 books, 7 book chapters and 1 communication in an international scientific meeting. The project also resulted in the elaboration of didactic materials in multimedia format video and App for Android.

REDE-DL is a transnational action-research project that aims to produce knowledge about the possibilities of Internet use, digital tools and mobile devices to enhance literacy, numeracy and digital competences of students in less developed regions of Sub-Saharan Africa.

The results of the project are presently being submitted to an international peer-reviewed magazine. The main goal of MovERGO is to assess the efficacy of cargalhinho implementation of a mixed exercise-educational programme on pain perception by industrial workers. This research is relevant to address the need to define a specific and effective health and well-being programme, in order to reduce and prevent a higher prevalence adminiatrativo musculoskeletal injuries in occupational contexts, namely in the automobile industry.


The difeito will hopefully optimise the functionality and physical condition of the individuals, which is currently a major public health challenge for an aging society. Taking as a starting point the census and characterisation of the pedagogical, ideological and architectural dimensions of primary education schools and former primary schools in the districts and counties covered by the Jean Piaget Higher Education School Almadathe team will explore their origins and the significant moments of evolution — according to the broader context of the major stages of the constitution of the elementary education network in Portugal.

In this sense, it is vital to promote initiatives awareness-raising actions and strategic activities on the prevention of backache — in partnership with different internal and external agents at schools.

The main goal of this project is to verify the effects of a school physiotherapy programme through health education sessions and changes arministrativo the school environment, particularly among 5 th and 6 th grade students from Algarve. The results of the project were presented at two communications at scientific meetings one national event and one international event. The main goal of this research is to estimate the prevalence of DCD among kindergarten and primary school children from selected regions in Portugal and to analyse its relationship with participation in physical activities and laterality behaviours.

The project comprehended a chapter in an internationally published book, one article published by cagvalhinho international peer-reviewed magazine and two communications and one poster presented at an international congress. The project collected information and visions from caregivers of children at risk and from learning facilitators working with them. Moreover, it identified strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the non-formal education actions.

The non-formal learning methodologies were then characterised and compared. The project comprehended the assessment of the action-research intervention: This was an exploratory mixed carvalhijho research, which main goal was to understand administeativo the austerity measures implemented inin Portugal, changed the lives of people who use drugs PWUD and the functioning of the services they resort to.

The project also aimed to analyse if the implementation of the Portuguese Drug Policy Model PDPM had recently been changed — and to what extent those changes were related with the intrinsic properties of the model or with the context of the economic and financial crises.

Research results are published and available at: The project aimed to contribute to the development of innovative and effective health promotion interventions regarding the emerging NPS use in Europe; it combined research, practical guidance development and administtrativo activities.

Regarding research, the project involved the development of innovative methodologies to identify and monitor new trends and patterns in the approaches in prevention, harm reduction and treatment. The Citizenship and Human Rights Education project aimed to contribute to the development of active and participative adult citizens.

In order to assess this project, the team developed an Evaluation Research methodology, which aimed to inform practice. The main results were published in a scientific paper: This prevention project was developed in the prison facilities of Guarda and its main goal was the prevention of inadequate drug use practices and issues associated with said practice among inmates.

The research component had a vital role in the intervention, namely concerning the sustainability of empirical practices. The project included the development of a manual, several communications and the organisation of a seminar open to the community in general.

This research project focused on students ranging from 10 to 15 years of age living in Viseu and the results enabled the development of community actions workshops at the D.

Two peer-reviewed publications were issued in international magazines and three communications were presented at scientific events two of them international meetings. The project focused on exploring ethnography-based geronto-psychomotricity as a basis for the creation of a new field of study in the ambit of innovative corporal practices among the elderly population — framed according to groups psychomotor interventions.

The project comprehended four presentations at international meetings, one of them as a poster. A Transdisciplinaridade no cuidar do seculo XXI. Estilos de vida e autoconceito: Um estudo comparativo em adolescentes. Imagery ability in Boccia: Comparison among federate athletes from different medical sport groups.

Motricidade13 4 Uncovering personality structure with the Inventory of Personality Organization: An exploration of factor structure with a Portuguese sample. Self-determined motivation and life satisfaction in Portuguese veterans athletes. Self-determination and healthy lifestyles: Effects of weeks of Pilates on functional autonomy and life satisfaction among elderly women. Journal of Spine6: