Eagle Electronics Installation and Operation Instructions Fish-finding Sonars & Mapping GPS FishElite , SeaCharter DF. FishElite Fish Finder pdf. Eagle FishElite Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Eagle FishElite Installation And Operation Instructions Manual. Fish Finder pdf manual download. Also for: Seafinder See for Eagle Eagle FishElite Installation And Operation Instructions Manual pages.

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Page Port Services information screens. Page 10 After you’ve gained some experience with your sonar, you’ll want to check out Section 4, which discusses more advanced Sonar Options and Other Features.

Eagle Electronics FishElite user manual – – Solve your problem

Plug the transducer into the sonar unit, turn it on,then hold the transducer over the side of the boat in the water.

Change Displayed Data Font Size Trail Update Rate time, Distance You can customize how the Sonar Page displays its pictures and other data in many ways. You can replay this sonar log in the unit using the Sonar Simulator function, or play it back on a per- sonal c.

Page 77 To change the frequency setting to 50 kHz: Page 95 Surface ClarityThe markings extending downward from the zero line on the chart arecalled “surface clutter. Page 4 Depth Alarms But, if you’ve eaglle owned a sonar fish finder, this segment will tell you the under water basics. The solid line extending from the back of the arrow is your plot trail, or path you’ve taken.


Fishelite Sensor Chart FishElite with secondary external temperature sensor. These custom maps are pre-loaded on MMCs. USR on the card. For egle in configuring the unit to communicate with anotherdevice, consult the factory; customer service phone numbers are in theback of this manual. The chart moves across the screen, displaying sonar signal echoes that represent wagle, structure and the bottom.

To set Com Port Configuration: When you make a run to compare GPS ground speed to speed sensor speed, perform your test in relatively calm water free of current, if pos- sible. Eagle of- fers an optional DGPS receiver for your unit. Central Standard 40, M-F Eagle Electronics may find it necessary to change or end our shipping policies, regulations, and special offers at any time.

How low should you go? Page 29 TransomTransomPosition ffishelite mount on transom and mark mounting holes. How this manual can get you out on the road, fast!

Eagle Electronics FishElite User Manual

The manual is organized into 10 sections. You can turn the alarms off fisehlite on and change their distance settings. As you drift over a fish, or as a fish swims through the transducer’s signal cone, the fish echo will appear as a straight line suspended between the surface and the bottom.


The Sat- ellite Status Page shows you the quality and accuracy of the current satellite lock-on and position calculation. The “A” figures to the left show locations with Grayline set at the factory level of 64 percent.

To clear the information screen, press EXIT. Make sure the power cable is wired properly. See complete installation details beginning on page To adjust the display’s contrast: Full Sonar Chart You may have noticed in the quick reference that we used fish arches in full sonar chart mode for our example, and not the popular Fish I.

The Tidal Current Information screen displays daily tidal mahual data for this station on this date at the present time. The pop-up box shows distanceand bearing from current position to the selected point on the trail. fisshelite

This can be played back at any time to play a recorded sonar chart log, see the entry in this section for So- nar Simulator.