Heart: a schoolboy’s journal () Edmondo De Amicis, translated by Isabel F. Hapgood Heart: a schoolboy’s journal. The First Day of School→. Sister Projects. Heart: A School-boy’s Journal [Edmondo de Amicis] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Written following the Italian war for independence by. ENGLISH: Heart (Italian: Cuore) was a children’s novel written by Italian author Edmondo De Amicis. It is set during the Italian unification, and includes several.

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Heart: a Schoolboy’s Journal

Cuore – by Edmondo de Amicis “Cuore” is a children’s book in separate episodes, written by Edmondo de Amicis in Turin and published for the first time in by Treves, Milan. It was a great success and de Amicis became the most widely read writer in Italy. Many translations were made into different languages, among them Heart in English and Herz in Germany. The novel is structured as a diary of 9-year-old Enrico Bottini, a final year student in an amicsi school.


Every month there are tales told by the schoolmaster, challenging stories, with children as protagonists. The setting is Turin after the unification of Italy, between coronation of King Umberto I and publication of the book.

Heart – Wikisource, the free online library

The author wanted to teach young people civic virtues, that is, love of their country, respect for authority and for parents, the spirit of sacrifice, heroism, charity, piety, obedience and endurance of hardships, well represented in the words: Non headt un soldato codardo, Enrico mio. Your books are your weapons, your class is your team, the battlefield is the whole earth, and victory is human civilization.

Do not be a cowardly soldier, my Henry. The book was a great success also because the children in the tales came from different parts of Italy, and some of them have acquired a reputation of their own, aimcis “Dagli Appennini alle Ande” the story of Marco who embarks from Genoa to Buenos Aires to find his mother, who emigrated to Argentina and of whom nothing more was known.


The tale was the basis for several films and two animated series produced in Japan: Follow ItalyHeritage on Facebook. E ora venga avanti And now come forward Viva il Quadrato del Quarantanovesimo! Long live the Regiment of the Forty-ninth!

Questa Italia, l’avete fatta voi bambini. This Italy, you made it yourselves, children.

But the real Italy, our great Italy, your fathers made it, with their blood, their tenacity, their virtues.