The story of Egil Skallagrimsson, the son of bald (”skalla”) Grimr, he was a real person, the details of his life come to us from saga and song. We mainly know of Egil through an Icelandic saga bearing his name, Egil’s Saga, again one of the very finest of the sagas. His family, like very many described. Egil’s Saga (listen) is an Icelandic saga. The oldest transcript (a fragment) dates back to AD. The saga is centered on the life of Egill Skallagrímsson, also.

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It is said that people who could take on the character of animals, or went berserk, became so strong in this state that no one was a match for them, but also that just after it wore off they were left weaker than usual. But that same autumn Bjorn took men and went ehil a cutter safa equipt northwards to the Firths, and came to Thorir’s when he was not at home.

The viking pillaging is pretty amazing. Notify me of new posts via email. But when they were come to Iceland, approaching the land from the south, they sailed westwards along the coast, because they had heard that Ingolf had settled there.

He is a it ahead of his time, perhaps more Shakespearian than his compatriots. In general, Egil’s poems in this edition are far more readable than other Viking poems that are full of kenningsthose annoying to me, anyway circumlocutions for such simple words as “man,” “woman,” and “ship” that tend to predominate.

And in the summer they went a-freebooting eastwards, and came home in the autumn, having won much wealth. The king looked at him, but answered never a word, and all saw that he was angry. To Grim the Halogalander he gave dwelling-place south of Borgar-firth, on the shore named Hvann-eyrr. For a time Egil, like his father, took refuge in Iceland until one year when he was travelling to England and his ship ran into a storm.


When he tries to make himself attractive to women, for example, it is by boasting of how he made the barns blaze ch. View all 4 comments.

Egil Skallagrimsson and the Viking Ideal

Previous Post The Vikings There are many problems that I would have solved earlier in life by rash confrontation that Skalllagrimsson recognize now might be better solved, and more permanently solved, by maneuver and negotiation. Egil furiously struck Grim with his bat. Sigurd said that he would hold to all that they had arranged; so they fixed the wedding-day, and Bard with his party were to come north to Sandness.

Egil became frail and blind. I will have your daughter to go home with me, and will even now make with her a hasty wedding. Far and wide about Finmark did he travel; but when he reached the fells eastward, he heard that the Kylfings were come from the east, and were there for trading with the Finns, but in some places for plunder also. So the cargo was moved from the ship up to the homestead at Borg. Now will I not take that counsel; serve thee I will not, skallagriksson I know I should get no luck by yielding thee such service as I should wish and as would be worthy.

Like his father, Egil was uncommonly ugly in appearance, though his brother was very handsome.

Thorgils at once set forth the furs and showed them to the king. Afterwards Eirik Bloodaxe was crowned co-king, [f] and as Thorolf headed home to Iceland, the king gave him a gold-inlaid ax as a gift to Skallagrim. Browse the Archive Search by Keyword.

Egil’s saga (13th century)

Brynjolf resolved to go, and with him Bard his son; and in the autumn they went southwards to Throndheim, and there met the king. These men king Harold had sent after them to slay Grim.

So Harold gained the Naumdalesmen and Halogaland, and he set rulers over his realm there. Egil’s Saga or Egill’s saga Old Norse: But when Thorolf came north to Torgar, he was well received. So he had a good merchant-ship made ready, and got men for it.

Now the sons of Hildirida came to Thorolf, and put in the claim which they thought they had on the property that had belonged to their father Bjorgolf. When spring came, and the snow and ice were loosed, then Thorolf launched a large warship of his own, and he had it made ready, and equipped his house-carles, taking with him more than a hundred men; and a goodly company there were, and well weaponed.


Thorolf asked what had been the errand of the men whom Harold sent thither. He took refuge with Arinbjorn, the son of Thorir who had sheltered him before.

And so it came that Skallagrim was appeased, and said that Thorolf should have his way here. He was originally known as Harald Shaggyhair because he had vowed not to cut his hair until he had performed this consolidation; as things turned out, he had a fine head of fair hair.

He afterwards moved his homestead to Munodar-ness, that being thought more convenient for salmon-fishing. Don’t have a Kindle?

Egil’s Saga

They were good-looking, small of stature, naturally shrewd, like their mother’s kin. This is not for the faint-hearted; but seeing the complexity of Egil’s poetry is a fascinating experience.

When Egil returned home his father was not pleased, but his mother proudly declared Egil had the makings of a real Viking in him. But when they had doffed their travelling clothes and donned mantles, then Hogni gave orders to bring in a large bowl of beer; and Hildirida, the sqga of the house, bare ale to the guests.

Egil Skallagrimsson, Warrior Poet – HeadStuff

The king had a ring of men set round the hall: Posted by Simon on April 9, https: There was fought a great battle, with much slaughter in either host. He did so; he went to the king where he sat at meat, and when he came in he greeted the king. He speaks a verse to Yngvar and is rewarded with three shells and a duck’s egg.