: Emax Cf kv Brushless Motor W/prop Saver for Rc Airplane Multicopter(pack of 4 Pcs): Toys & Games. The Emax CF brushless out-runner motor is slightly more powerful than the E-Flite Park It is capable of producing up to 22oz of thrust and generate. KV (rpm/V), Diameter, mm. Length, mm. Shaft, 3mm. Prop Size, 10×5 or 10x Customer Reviews. 0 Based on 0 reviews. 5 Star. 0%. 0. 4 Star.

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There are plenty of decent motors in the class.

The purpose of this article is to give some info on why CrashTestHobby recommends this motor for all of their small wings and small and midsize trainers. I’ve seen posts that claim the little red motor is a decent six dollar motor, but a crappy ten dollar motor.

Why Do We Love the Little Red Motor? (Emax CF) | Flite Test

I really wonder where these comments come from. In my experience these motors work great across a wide variety of applications. Price point At the time of this writing, these motors can be had for six bucks and some change.

A lot of new flyers will try to get into the hobby as cheaply as possible. At around six dollars these guys are almost disposable. This is probably one of the main reasons these motors are our favorite for our combat planes. Availabilty Hobbyking sells this motor as the fc and it’s available in the US warehouse. If you are in the states and don’t like ordering from across the ocean, it can also be had from many suppliers in the US. Weaknesses There are some gotchas with this motor.

Once you are aware of it’s shortcomings and take a little time and effort to work around them you can have a motor that will work great and last a long time. Rewinding and experimentation This is where this little motor really shines and truly shows it’s value. The design of this motor makes it really easy to rewind. I emxa of people who will actually take a brand ema motor, strip the windings and then rewind them.

This is one of the few places in this hobby where you get something for almost nothing. A little time and the right wire and you can take a burned out motor and end up with one that works better and is more reliable. I have one motor that has been rewound several times before I figured out the right kind of wire to use.

I gave up on emad cheap wire from radio shack and use only wire that has a high c temperature rating. It looks like the sweet spot for this motor is nine turns of 23 or 24 gauge wire. I’ve seen other winds succeed and work well with this motor. Experiment and have fun. Check out this thread on RC Groups if you are intested: I’ve seen these motors work well on so many different planes.


Just some that I know of off the top of my head Brushless conversion Hobbyzone Supercub. Scythe and Assassin Combat plane. Coroplast and dollar tree F22 planes. CTH Pelican and Albatross trainers. Address the items in the weaknesses section and for about six bucks you’ve got what I think is a great motor.

It works well across a wide variety of planes and for pilots with a broad range of skill levels. Please also feel free to comment. I’m sure there are other great motors out there, maybe I just haven’t found the emad that I like better- yet.

Chopped shaft, riding pusher on an F I usually don’t shorten the shaft anymore unless it’s going on a front mounted setup. You need to log-in to rate articles. Looking for your store account? Mounting plate- the base of the motor is held into the mounting plate by two little grub screws. These motors are often delivered with the screws loose. Blue locktite is your friend here. Pull the two little grub screws, a generous drop of locktite in each hole.

Put the screws back in tight, but careful not to overtighten. If you meax one or both of the screws you can replace them easily with a 3mm socket head screw.

Be careful 22822 to overtighten, it is possible to crank down on the screws so hard that the bearing gets squished. Bearings- the bearings are cheap, they can be replaced if needed. A drop of bearing oil on the front and rear bearing every now and then and they will last for a long time.

EMAX CF2822 Outrunner Brushless Motor

Thin motor leads- the wires that exit the windings are very thin and are also fragile. The first thing to do to prevent them from breaking is to make sure the motor is mounted securely see above. What we see very often is that the motor will try to spin in the mount causing stress in the wires. Another thing that can help with this is stress relief. I like to wrap a very small zip tie around where the leads exit the windings, I also like to secure the leads to the plane either with hot glue or goop or another small zip tie.

Naked motor leads- Most places that sell the little 28222 motor don’t supply or put on the little 3. You are going to need to source them from the web or your local hobby shop. Soldering them is a little bit more difficult but still easily accomplished.

If you eamx to try a 28222 option you could check out the CrashTestHobby site and use a modified Deans mini connctor like Lee does. Recommend This Article You need to log-in to rate articles. Ninja, Good article on the motor that I have purchased more of than any other. Toss in the ‘s same motor, but I think terminated differently and e,ax have two motors that fly SO many planes. My tricopter was powered by the ‘s and they worked brilliantly.

This really extends the life of one of these motors, particularly under harsh conditions, such as combat, and the inevitable shenanigans that happen when flying with knuckle smax friends. I wonder how many of these motors I have downstairs that I could rewind Log In to reply. Proper stress relief of some kind really goes a 282 way to help these guys last longer. I think I accomplish what David is emx about with the little zip ties.


Lee from CrashTestHobby wants to do an instructional vid for his website. If we ever get around to doing one of those, I’ll probably do a write up specifically for the rewind process. Take a look downstairs and see what you have. Too bad we don’t live closer, we could take a weekend and have a rewind party: Royall on November 15, As a new RC hobbyist, 2282 would be a nice thing to see how rewinding a motor is done.

Does Flitetest have any tutorials on this? Royall- Not sure but I hope emxa get and article put together soon but it will be pretty specific to these little red motors. For now this link is the closest thing I have.

The little red motors are a good place to start, they make it easy for ya Log In to reply. I find Smax bend more shafts than emac and the mounts are not durable. I found a lamp socket base that I made do with, but the set screw binds the bearing.

Alternative mounts have been pretty pricey, depending on what you need. But it would be possible to make one. I’ve bent a couple of shafts myself I bet there is a joke there somewhere. But have also had good luck replacing them. With the front mounted motors, I have also sometimes cut the shaft and mounted the prop saver right against the bell.

With the pushers I just leave the shaft full length and haven’t managed to bend one yet. Can you post a link to the lamp socket? I might wanna give that a shot: Cool- I’ll check ’em out: I love these little motors for all the reasons you mentioned above. They are cheap, powerful and versatile. I have them emzx all my Swappables, a foamboard F22, and a D. I think they spin up nicely. I use them with the Skywalker 20A Esc. I am in the Midwest so I usually get mine at ValueHobby and ejax them in two days.

Thanks for the article, good stuff! Never had any kind of problem with ValueHobby. They get stuff to Utah in a couple of days smax well. Never had to talk with them on the phone but they must be good people ; I also like the Power HD mg servos that I get from them.

I use them as a wmax in replacement for the hitec hs82mg SteveRoby on November 14, These have the strongest shafts of any small motor Ive tried.