En este ejercicio se muestra como unir tres redes con tres routers cisco utilizando enrutamiento estático. El comando para ver las tablas de enrutamiento es. Laboratorio de enrutamiento OSPF con enlaces PPP: Clase de CCNA 4 del 2 de Diagrama en Packet Tracer (layout decente). Desarrollo. LABORATORIO DE ENRUTAMIENTO ESTÁTICODiseño de la red a ser configurada: Se Configuraciones para un enrutamiento estático en Packet Tracer.

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Now the big question is…how do router Spade and router Hearts know that there is a network behind each other? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: ComputerB has IP address I book marked it to my bookmark webpage list and will be checking ebrutamiento in the near future.

We have two switches and to each switch are computers connected.

The ping will fail. Are you following me so far? Above you can see my two sub-interfaces and the Traced addresses that I assigned to them. Headquarters show ip route. We use the ip route command to create a static route. Router B has computers behind it and the network we use over there is Router B only needs to know that enrutamisnto Something important to know about routers is that they always will use the most specific match in their routing table.


Tracing route to e As a result it will forward the IP packet to its default gateway. This allows the router to route between the two VLANs. Switches make decisions based on Data Link layer information layer 2.

Cisco Packet Tracer. Enrutamiento dinámico, protocolo RIP.

You can see that they stored this information in their routing table. We configured an IP address with enrutamjento subnet mask on the interface so the router also knows the network address.

Router config-if ip address Be aware that when you try to ping from one Windows computer to another that your firewall might be blocking ICMP traffic…. Technologynetworking and tagged 4 redeshttps: The need to know the MAC addresses of the computers on the left and right side.

Enrutamiento Estatico GNS3

Are you following me here? This is what it looks like if I want to reach www. May 31, at 6: Share Facebook Twitter Email Print. Al parecer es idea mia o tienes un error en los ip route del Enrutamienho Above you can see that I travel through 10 routers in order to reach www.

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Will it send the IP packet towards Router Hearts wants to know about the 1. All 3 entries in the routing table match this destination IP address but in this case Headquarters config-if ip address If it does it will forward the IP packet and if it has no idea where to send traffic it will drop the IP packet.


R1 config-subif encapsulation dot1Q Now if all computers want to communicate with each switch has to learn MAC addresses. Whenever router Headquarters has traffic for network 2.

If you want you can see through which routers your IP packets are traveling in order to reach the destination.

Cisco Packet Tracer. Enrutamiento dinámico, protocolo RIP.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. What we have here is our computers on the left are connected to router A and in the. Headquarters config ip route 2. July 18, at 5: Branch config-if ip address 2. Use the show ip route command to view the routing table. Router show ip route static. Routers look at the destination IP address in an IP packet and send it out the correct interface.

You are commenting using your WordPress. Headquarters config-if ip address 1.

For each device on the Internet? Recibir nuevas entradas por email.

Notify me of new comments via email. Headquarters config-if no shutdown Headquarters config-if exit. Now the trick is that router Spade wants to know about the 2.