Get chords for songs by Erock. danger zone (metal cover by leo moracchioli feat. erock) eric erock caldarone namm guitar gods part 1. How I Transcribed and Recorded “Sonic Meets Metal”. By Eric Calderone September 26, Advertisement. Guitar, bass and drum tabs & chords with free online tab player. One accurate tab per song. Huge selection Eric Calderone Tabs. DIFFICULTY. Skyrim Meets.

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You guys are always my top priority and I will always listen and do my best on your suggestions and requests. Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my Patreon page and big ups for all your support. Maybe give her a listen? It’s so slow and very depressing. Then I go back and record the main lead, one left side and one right side for harmony purposes. When people talk about him, I don’t think they realize he was only on two Ozzy albums.

In the Internet age, rock stars no longer have to perform in a band. Maybe you can do one of her songs.

I try and make it a big wall. Thanks to Eric Calderone for the interview!

Once a month a poll will be taken involving video games. That takes about a good four or five hours of just straight work.

It’s cool, one of my favorite things to do is I like taking a very sad and slow song like, ‘Requiem erovk a Dream,’ that’s probably another one of my favorites. Eric Calderone was born in New York and raised in Bradenton. He made that much of a mark with just two albums.


Eric Calderone | Guitarworld

Then I put in any, I guess you can call them overdubs, any synth parts or I do a dive here or there to kind of lead atb to a phrase. Because people are paying you via Patreon to make these ‘Meets Metal’ videos, you’re able to do this as a career, which is awesome. Subscriber and view counts updated as of July He was basically, at the time, he was probably the best guitar player in the world according to a lot of people.

It just gave me the feeling like, “Holy s–t, it sounds like it! To help keep Erock making new mashups, head over to Patreon and donate what you can. I was like, “What the hell? Can you take me through the full process? I don’t believe in that. You all blow my mind constantly and I owe everything to you.

Guitarist Eric Calderone Talks ‘Meets Metal’ Videos, Guitar Heroes + More

It’s never gotten old for me. After adding an element of bassand sometimes including other optional instruments, such as synthesizershe records himself playing a real-time version of his cover; this is followed by an audio mastering phase. I can’t just loop something.

Jason Becker will always be my No. The first couple or the first 10, they’re basically all movies, video games and all that.

Eric Calderone is creating Meets Metals | Patreon

Then I go back and listen to the song and try and hear if there’s any harmonies and how the chords move. I probably play for about an hour or two trying to come up with ideas and if I like something, I’ll record it in that measure and then go to the next one, then I’ll listen back and see how it sounds and then erase it all and record it.


Use mdy dates from July We recently caught up with Eric Calderone, speaking with the beloved shredder about when he first picked up an axe, the long process of creating his ‘Meets Metal’ videos, his personal guitar heroes and more.

Retrieved 11 July Talk to someone about your potential earnings. Then I bounce it and I do my best to master it. I checked it out and boy oh boy what a fantastic platform Patreon is.

After the drums, I record the wall of guitars. How long did that one take to explode and go viral? After the harmonies I go back and play the bass. He’s like my go-to tutorial guy. There’s like, 80 more. Recent posts by Eric Calderone.

Eric Calderone

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It’s really that simple. The Tampa Bay Times. Your ‘Meets Metal’ videos take a very long time to orchestrate and record. Winning video game gets a full blown cover album. Did you that find you had a natural talent?