ESTUDIO WHI, REVISTA DE MENOPAUSIA, SALUD, REVISTAS MÉDICAS. Actualidad Inmediata Debido a la importancia de esta investigación y al impacto en. WHI. Progestin. Estrogen. Tibolone. Cardiovascular disease. Tromboembolic disease . Boletín de la Asociación Española para el Estudio de la Menopausia, . Los trastornos de la menopausia pueden ser evitados y combatidos Sin embargo, recientes estudios, como el estudio WHI, han puesto en duda los beneficios.

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It seems that the menoausia of the WHI writing group are mainly focused on public rather than individual health, since they say that, even small individual risks over time, and on a population-wide basis, add up to ten’s of thousands of those serious adverse health events and becomes an important public health concern.

Si continua menopqusia, consideramos que acepta su uso. The effects of soy-derived nenopausia on serum lipids and lipoproteins in moderately hypercholesterolemic postmenopausal women. Evaluation of soy phytoestrogens for the treatment of hot flashes in breast cancer survivors: As well known, the relevant overall WHI Memory Study WHIMS results were very disappointing, showing some increased risk for cognitive impairments and for development of dementia in the hormone users, when compared to the placebo arm.

Isoflavone rich soy protein isolate attenuates bone loss in the lumbar spine of perimenopausal women. Which clinical studies provide the best evidence?

J Nutr,pp. More recent epidemiological studies continue to supply evidence that long-term kenopausia hormone therapy may reduce the risk for CAD in healthy women. Given these latest additions to our overall knowledge the policy of EMAS wil be to: Amer J Clin Nutr, 78pp. Am J Clin Nutr, 72pp.

When hormone replacement therapy is not possible. Recent studies on their formation, metabolism, and biological role in health and disease.


Failure of estrogen plus progestin therapy for prevention. In addition, the telephone-administered cognitive battery showed adequate construct validity. Menopausal estrogen and estrogen-progestin replacement therapy and breast cancer risk.

Results from WHI and HERS II – Implications for women and the prescriber of HRT

To reassess the need of HRT after four years of therapy and not recommend HRT for the sole purpose of preventing chronic disease, such as cardiovascular disease or osteoporosis as other alternatives are available To promote the use of additional and alternative non-hormonal strategies for maintaining health and preventing disease in symptom free women of middle age and beyond.

So the issue of possible effects of HT on menkpausia function and brain aging in young postmenopausal women is still open until further, good-quality data are available. There is a higher event rate among users of digitalis in the hormone group compared with the placebo groups [ 6 ]. J Bone Miner Res, 16pp. The WHI decision to stop the estrogen progestin arm does not necessarily change a wise clinician’s decision as to the best clinical care of a postmenopausal woman.

Int J Whu,pp. The estrogen-alone data were published in and were summarized once again in two separate papers [4,5]: Remember the CACS study, an open coronary calcification study that was started after the termination of the estrogen-alone arm trial, when it became evident that the younger WHI age group might have benefited from therapy.

These cancers menopausiq invasive. WHI does not introduce new rules to good clinical practice. Unlike HERS which showed no benefit or harm after 6.

Home – IMS – International Menopause Society

Postmenopausal hormone therapy and the risk of cardiovascular disease: Hum Reprod, 16pp. Nutr Cancer, 26pp. In addition, estrogen plus progestin therapy did not prevent mild cognitive impairment in these women. The WHI safety committee [ 1 and 2 ] decided to interrupt one arm of the study because menopxusia on the combined estrogen-progestin, at the end 5.


No information is available about which of the age groups had more vaginal bleeding. We present the study rationale and design. Beneficial effects of soy phytoestrogen intake in postmenopausal women with type 2 diabetes. The Women’s Health lnitiative lnvestigators. Annals de Medicina, 87pp.

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N Engl J Med,pp. Maturitas in press. J Clin Oncol, 18pp. Soy intake and the maintenance of peak bone mass in Hong Kong Chinese women. The Memphis randomized trial. Maturitas, 44pp. Clin Invest Gin Obst, 30pp. The order of magnitude of the relative risks is impressive. It seems that this intriguing question was raised by other people, which led to initiation of a long-term follow-up on younger hormone users.

Flaxseed dietary supplement versus hormone replacement therapy in hypercholesterolemic menopausal women. Indeed, the study demonstrated a significant smaller coronary calcium score a lower calcified-plaque burden in women who used estrogen during the WHI trial as compared to those who were allocated to the placebo arm [8].

Breast and uterine effects of soy isoflavones and conjugated estrogens in postmenopausal female monkeys.

However, we all have learnt now to be ever whu cautious in discussing risks and benefits of estrogen and progestin treatment.

Controlled Clin Trials ; The past, the present and the future. The observed lower event rate in smokers compared with non-smokers in the hormone group is intriguing. In the protocol of the study it is mentioned that women had to have a base line mammography [ 5 ]. Risks and benefits of estrogen plus progestin in healthy postmenopausal women. Ipriflavone Multicenter European Fracture Study.