Freakin’ Fabulous by Clinton Kelly – Clinton Kelly won’t just revamp your wardrobe—he’ll revamp your life!The huddled masses yearn to be fabulous, and finally. How to dress, speak, behave, eat, drink, entertain, decorate, and generally be freakin’ fabulous, according to Clinton Kelly.

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The eating and entertaining sections had a lot of recipes His discussion of the English language was surprisingly comprehensive and on point. Of course, the keys to being better than everyone else aren’t always so obvious.

I was a little surprised, at first, by the tone of the book. The use of photos is great, I am a sucker for glossy pictures in books.

May 13, Michelle rated it it was amazing. A relatively amusing guide to, well, all of those opportunities for fabulousness listed in the subtitle.

And no one even brought me a bottle of wine for a gift, the losers. The how to dress stuff was very limited but he’s already co-authored another book on that subject, Dress Your Best: The book is a feast for the eyes.

I think he had someone help him with it, though, because he broke one of his own rules at least once that I saw.

What I’m Reading: Clinton Kelly’s ‘Freakin’ Fabulous On a Budget’ | Bookish

Return to Book Page. How many drinks are you serving???

I am a person of fabulous depth. How can he be so unaware of my pain and suffering? Overall the advice is fairly reasonable, although he assumes people have a lot more money and time than I do. How do you eat an oyster without getting kicked out of the best restaurant in town? I ate the donut at 8: I wish I would have bought this book instead of Stacy’s new one.


Unfortunately, this section was random and not comprehensive. I was surprised both at how useful and how entertainng this book was. The thing I found most charming about this book is Kelly’s wacky sense of humor. People who can’t speak English properly just sound so ignorant! Good hostess gift suggestions: There are also some classic appetizer recipes and hints about how to be a good guest — the other half of entertaining etiquette. Sep 16, Sarah rated it liked it.

May 30, Cassandra rated it did not like it. Or maybe I just want to believe the best about him. My husband stayed in bed until about I finished this book last night in my closet at 2: I went in there to get down on all fours and stick my butt in the air, the only way I could force this soon to be born baby with the power of gravity off of a giant nerve ending in my crotch.

I really enjoyed reading this book. This book is divided into 7 sections – dress, speak, behave, eat, drink, entertain and decorate.

Freakin’ Fabulous | Clinton Kelly | Readers Lane

Sure, if it’s a cocktail party and something that’s a big deal, but for an everyday sort of party that’s a bit over the top. On the slightly downside, if you are a normal person, this book will probably make you feel unfabulous for not having your clothes tailored or serving canapes at your cocktail parties.


If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. He’s freaiin trying to show us proper etiquette as well as being cool without trying to hard. Faabulous fashion tips were expected, but still useful. Mar 20, Sonja Isaacson rated it really liked it Shelves: I would LOVE to receive that as a hostess!

Oct 24, Danielle rated it really liked it Recommended to Danielle by: Just like Clinton, I’d rather throw a party than attend one. Videos About This Book. The latter seems really excessive. How can he ask a 9 month pregnant woman how she slept? Hardcoverpages. This was all stuff that Sr.

I’m not really a drinker. This one is hard for me. NEVER bring food or drink unexpectedly that you expect to be served at the party.

There are also one or two recipes I’ll try, and while I’m sure it bored some readers, I appreciate the chapter addressing A relatively amusing guide to, well, all of those opportunities for fabulousness listed in the subtitle.

Freakin’ Fabulous on a Budget

The non-meat dishes do look good, and I will try making some of them. Jan 27, Laura rated it liked it. I had no idea Clinton was so snarky!