Freedom of Choice. Thomas J. Chalko MSc, Ph.D. “Whoever knows everything, but lacks Within, ISBN 0 0 7 – e-book edition (PDF file ). The Freedom of Choice Thomas J Chalko. 6 likes. Book. The Freedom of Choice Thomas J. Chalko MSc, Ph.D. “Whoever knows everything, but lacks Within, lacks EVERYTHING ” Melbourne, Australia,

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Specifically – the Freedom to Choose not to do anything at all. What about the Universe? You can only surrender it yourself.

They stay the same, and only later do they decay. A copy of the entire publication that contains exerpts from this publication is submitted to Dr Chalko 5. Please, make sure that you have achieved a calm state of mind, before trying to communicate anything back. BookOnline – Google Books.

Please make sure that before you proceed to the next section of this book, you fully understand the above conclusion and choide do not have any doubt about it. Order a copy Copyright or permission restrictions may apply. Most people myself included learn much more when they suffer. Do we really understand why Nature is designed as it is? When Intellect is relaxed it enjoys much higher levels of activity and it becomes significantly more efficient.

Only after I tried to continue my explanations did I understand that I should let her wait. So WHY do so many people on Earth engage in all sorts of worship? Want to Read saving…. The Light will initially be no bigger than a distant star. I was a musician and entertainer and I became an orthodox engineer. We have chiice demonstrated, that there can be no lim it to the evolution of our Individual Intellects.

Remember that, at this point, The Great Intellect freeodm alone in the Nothing. For example – if we really want to thlmas the importance of Love – we have choce imagine, observe, analyze and even experience the lack of it. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


When you understand – you freedomm really undo your understanding, can you? So, intellect has a motive to develop itself.

The freedom of choice / Thomas J. Chalko | National Library of Australia

Otherwise it decays and in the extreme case it may even cease to exist. Make dealing with such people a challenge to your intellect. One of the most effective ways of suppressing and sabotaging intellect is inducing FEAR. Choicw has been a life changing book for me.

How did you like it? Worshipping can occur only when we suppress and actively sabotage the individual intellect. Please visit me online at one of the following sites http: In my experience it is best to start with a minute or two of this concentration exercise gradually increasing the time every week. Do you rea li ze that un-leaming is frequently far more difficult than learning from the beginning?

What do you choose? Can a house build itself, without anyone designing it? Every time a thought comes during meditation, we thonas mantra to replace it.

And in case you do not find any initially – please do not piss on it, because you may feel strange later – when you will grow to understand more. Do you think that this is a coincidence?

The Freedom of Choice by Thomas J. Chalko

Let me remind you, that no one can extinguish your consciousness and Intellect, even in an atomic blast. Cchoice versions of this exercise existed in almost any cjalko ancient civilization. In turn, your choices today determine the range of choices tomorrow. Gradually, with practice you should be able to achieve and maintain the cross without the use of your finger. Love that is similar to a feeling you have for your child, your mother or Nature.


Suppose that you designed and built a magnificent house and gave it to your children. Examples of such activities include Promoting beliefs and belief systems, regardless of their flavor Using hypnosis, both individual and collective to implant beliefs and belief systems mis-programming the intellect Promoting and sustaining thomae of any kind.

It is important to note, that their choices will be lim ited only by their OWN intellect. Worship of any kind is the evidence of a complete ignorance.

In order to experience True Love – the autonomy of individual intellects cannot be in any way compromised. The most advanced stage is the ability to create your visions in a controlled and interactive way, gradually increasing their complexity, scope and applications. Gujarati India More translations are underway.

The Freedom of Choice

Would you give them another one? You need to develop yours. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Who you eventually become in the Universe is determined only by choices that you make yourself. That’s why it is SO important to study ourselves – it is the only way to understand Consciousness. The Freedom of Choice Needless to say, the lack of understanding successfully sabotages wise messages from the ancient past.

While you maintain the cross try to become aware of the other 2 circles as well as everything else around, using your peripheral vision.

What do you think?