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To ensure applicants are treated consistently, staff including volunteers should be trained on policies fssm to their job. The policy instructions will be based on the size of the disaster and the timing 12655 the disaster. Total this figure by on-going and new applicants. It is recommended that copies of verification documents be made when possible.

Upon approval, Economic and Family Services finalizes an administrative letter to provide counties with the policy specific to the disaster.

Fsdm 1265 pdf

The decision fsem the disposition of regular Food and Nutrition Services applications pending when a disaster occurs will be made post-disaster. Disaster Food and Nutrition Services certification activities must be reported to FNS daily during the disaster authorization period.

Do not require the household to complete an authorized representative form. A disaster representative is an individual authorized to apply for and receive benefits on behalf of a household.

Food Stamp Disaster Manual FSDM

The policy will be addressed in the administrative letter. Obtain verification of eligibility factors e. If the benefit period is a full month, issue eligible households the full benefit allotment for the household size.

Provide a fsm with substantiation that commercial channels of food distribution have been disrupted and restored. Counties will be notified via an administrative letter as to what form to use for applications. This request should be from three to ten calendar days.


Datasheet fsdm | ChipFind Datasheet Archive |

Indicate whether replacement Food and Nutrition Services benefits will be sufficient or if households need to be given additional benefits to bring the allotment up to the maximum benefit level. The total income received or expected to be received during the benefit period minus a deduction for disaster-related expenses shall not exceed the allowable income limit. The Division of Social Services consolidates the daily reports of each county department of social services and submits one report to FNS.

This can change with each disaster. If the household receives or anticipates receiving a reimbursement for these expenses during the disaster period, only the net expense is deductible.

A determination, with substantiation, indicating households in the affected area are in need of disaster assistance because the ongoing Food and Nutrition Services Program cannot meet the food needs of these households. If the benefit period is one-half month, issue one-half the full benefit allotment for the household size, rounded up to the nearest dollar. Includes cash on hand and funds in checking and savings accounts. Attach a detailed area map defining the affected area.

Choices for handling the fsrm include:. The resource test may fsfm from one disaster to another. A receptionist may be assigned the responsibility of tracking this report and for maintaining a daily disaster application log. Counties must submit the information described in Part C. Expenses the household has paid or expects fsfm pay during the disaster benefit period.

Include proposed agreements with other agencies or locations to handle certification and issuance functions, if applicable. The State will issue a daily cumulative report that identifies Food and Nutrition Services case dispositions.

Interviewing applicants and processing applications may be done by one individual or the duties may be separated. For questions or clarification on any of the policy contained in these manuals, please contact your local county office.


An allotment equal to the maximum monthly allotment established for the regular Food and Nutrition Services Program for the appropriate household size. ECC staff answers questions from affected counties, secures and arranges for supplies, and assists counties as needed.

Must have experienced at least one of the following adverse affects: County rsdm applications will be investigated as needed.

The State will consider requesting automatic benefit replacement for ongoing Food and Nutrition Services households if the scope of the disaster warrants such. Keep in mind that only DSS employees are allowed fsdmm process applications. 12665 confirmation follows the verbal notification. Advise the household of fsmd civil and criminal penalties for violations of the Food and Nutrition Services Program.

The approval specifies the geographic boundaries and. Since every Disaster application will be assigned a new FSIS case number, it is important to search individuals thoroughly to ensure that duplicate participation will not occur.

Notice of approval may be made in person or by telephone, followed by written confirmation to the State Division of Social Services. Much of this information is received from county emergency management officials through their contact with state personnel. Once a decision has been made regarding which disaster feeding program is appropriate for the disaster, the affected county also:.

Provide a detailed description of the geographic area or part of the county in need of assistance.