to the study of trust, and pathbreaking research on The Sicilian Mafia. Diego Gambetta (born in Turin, Italy) is an Italian born social scientist. He is a professor of. Book Reviews: Diego Gambetta: The Sicilian Mafia: The Business of Private Protection. Cambridge, MA.: Harvard University Press, Show all authors. In a society where trust is in short supply and democracy weak, the Mafia sells protection, a guarantee of safe conduct for parties to commercial transactions.

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Diego Gambetta born in TurinItaly is an Italian born social scientist. He is well known for his vivid and unconventional applications of economic theory and a rational choice approach to understanding a variety of social phenomena. He has made important analytical contributions to the concept of trust by using game theory and signalling theory.

In Gambetta received his PhD in social and political sciences from the University of Cambridgewhere his doctoral supervisor was the late social statistician Cathie Marsh. From until he was reader in sociology at the University of Oxford and fellow of All Souls College.

Inhe was awarded a Title of Distinction as professor of sociology and in he became an official fellow of Nuffield College. In he was elected a fellow of the British Academy. In his book “The Sicilian Mafia: His approach has had much influence on the study of mafia-like gzmbetta around the world — it has been applied to cases in Russia, [5] Hong Kong, [6] Japan [7] Bulgaria [8] and Mainland China [9] — and more generally on the study of extra-legal governance [10] as well as Mafia Transplantation.


Gambetta has a long lasting interest in trust.

Inwhen the concept was largely ignored in the social sciences, he published a groundbreaking edited collection, with authors from all quarters of the social sciences “Trust. Making and Breaking Cooperative Relations”.

The Sicilian Mafia: The Business of Private Protection – Diego Gambetta – Google Books

His subsequent work in this area, with the late economist Michael Bacharach, [12] employs game theory to provide a rigorous definition of trust, and signalling theory to understand the nature of trust decisions. This work describes at once how trust can be threatened by “mimics” of signals of trustworthiness, and the general conditions under which signals of trustworthiness can be relied upon. Thomas Schellingthe Nobel Prize—winning economist, among the first and few to write on the economics of organised crime, wrote that the book “illuminates a vast field of strategic communication where trust cannot be taken for granted.

There is nothing comparable in print, and the book’s interpretations will carry well beyond the field of conventional crime.

Diego Gambetta

A number of Gambetta’s research questions have come from “puzzles”, unexpected or counter-intuitive correlations, such as the presence of a large proportion of engineers among Islamic radicals. Codes of the Underworld: Making Sense of Suicide Sicllian. Russell Sage Foundation with Heather Hamill. The Business of Private Protection. Were they pushed or did they jump? Individual decision mechanisms in education. Central European University Press, pp.


University of Rochester Press, pp. Trust and Society, New York: Russell Bambetta Foundation, pp. Cambridge University Press, pp. Spanish translation, in J.

An analytical approach to social theory, Cambridge: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article may be written from a fan’s point of viewrather than a neutral point of view.

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Professor Catherine Marsh, —93″. Private Protection in a New Market Economy. London and New York: Sicilkan Modes of Economic Governance. Mafias on the Move: How taxi drivers establish their customers’ trustworthiness. The best books of “.

The Sicilian Mafia: The Business of Private Protection

Retrieved from ” https: Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 19 Decemberat By using this site, you agree to the Terms gambtta Use and Privacy Policy. Analytical contributions to the study of trustand pathbreaking research on The Sicilian Mafia.