The Gateway GPRS Support Node (GGSN) is a main component of the GPRS network. The GGSN is responsible for the interworking between the GPRS. Single IP Cisco GGSN Usage Notes and Prerequisites Configuring Support for GGSN-Initiated Update PDP Context Requests Gprs tutorial. by packet paging to notify the GPRS 17 The GPRS access modes specify whether or not the GGSN requests user authentication.

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In addition, the PIN is a secret shared with the wireless provider and is not considered a user secret for external network access that is, tugorial external network cannot base user authentication on the PIN used for wireless access authentication. Also, the standards for CAMEL still have some ambiguities that make interdomain, multivendor operation of prepaid mechanism not likely to happen very soon, mostly because of interoperability problems which are being sorted out at this writing.

These network access services can be broadly classified into: Quality of Service and Tutorizl. Those two IPs must be different even if you’re running both processes on the same machine. Must match the ggsn 0 remote-ip entry in osmo-sgsn. We have therefore chosen to adopt our own classification, which we have just introduced and which will be further detailed in the remainder of the chapter.

Which encryption and message header authentication algorithms are expected to be used Whether manual tutoril or PKI infrastructure is used for authentication keys distribution Whether tunnel or transport mode is used Particular IPSec policies The IP addresses of the security gateways Password management criteria for L2TP tunnels should also be included.

For instance, when the user is authenticated, the Tutoriql server can return a name of a service to be provided to the user as described in the previous section, “IP with Protocol Configuration Options” or uttorial the information necessary to tunnel PPP frames to a LNS.

A Radio Interface Perspective. In fact, for service availability purposes tutoria, simply for scalability and load sharing, tutorizl is desirable to allow an access point to be distributed over more than one GGSN.

Note that Wireless LAN-based access is key in many hot-spot-based deployment scenarios more in Chapter 9 and is appealing for its high data rate and the low cost per byte. The main one is the addition of the PCU described above. So it is important that both the service provider and the customer can perceive tutorila as a useful tool for their interaction, service definition, and implementation.

This was tugorial very important addition to the capabilities offered by the GPRS system in that it allows more seamless adaptation to the installed base of wireline remote network access infrastructure that is today in most cases based on PPP.

The configuration of the GTP link. Billing date and payment methods conditions, integral usage data documentation, and other billing and financial aspects. The remote network access will be obtained using encapsulations methods allowed by Mobile IP, or by using the link layer and tunneling technologies defined for Simple IP when DCHP is configured. Once you’re done with experimenting and ready for production setup it might be convenient to create systemd units so all the parts are started automatically.


The different service policies may, for instance, allow the GGSN gvsn route user packets to different networks depending on the domain component of the username, thus allowing a subscriber to select a specific network and the service it offers based on this value. The ACL is also heeded.

A solution for that is to put several IP aliases on the same network interface or use the loopback interface.

GPRS PDP Context

In this way network operators could evolve their networks through GPRS and possibly EDGE tutoril the full 3G networks without having to replace and install more new equipment than was absolutely necessary. Usually, SLAs include availability figures, packet loss per class of service, replacement policies of failed units in the customer network if the operator also provides the customer premise equipment, troubleshooting and help desk support to administrators, technical training for administrators, IP addressing information, and the scope of the variables the customer can remotely manage.

GPRS architecture works on the same procedure like GSM network, but, has additional entities that allow packet data transmission. All charging plans are ultimately based on an appropriate charging data collection. Home Mobile devices Mobile vpn. We also avoided trying to map this to the standards taxonomy, since again this would have required us to justify decisions taken in the tutoril, which appears to be quite a risky and difficult task and not necessary for the readers to fully master the matter and properly apply these solutions in the real world.

In the standards, nontransparent access refers to all other access methods where the GGSN participates in user authentication. Availability of the MVPN service when roaming and associated roaming fees. For the sake of avoiding this kind of interesting but unproductive debate, at least for those who kindly decided to read this book, we opted to use our own terminology, which we consider more appropriate. In this book we won’t describe the details tutoriql CS voice capability, except for the need for users to have a list of phone numbers available in visited networks that would allow them not to dial back to access numbers in the home network.

On the other hand, this access mode is most suitable for services that require minimum interaction between the user and the terminal in order to set up connectivity.

It can be as simple as a round robin, or “pick the first in the list and scan through the list instead of retrying the same IP address when no response from the GGSN is heard back. Existing roaming solutions are limited in scope, and no significant commercial deployments have been recorded at present nor are expected in the short term.

When the mobile station or user equipment attempts to attach in a roamed-to network and the user has no right to get roaming service, the network may signal this, and the mobile station will not attempt again to attach to the network. A variety of MS can exist, including a high-speed version of current phones to support high-speed data access, a new PDA device with an embedded GSM phone, and PC cards for laptop computers. These are discussed later in the chapter. Later in this chapter we provide insight on the use of the Selection Mode and the preconditions for it to be useful in providing secure VPN services.


Although this is certainly not the most common scenario for data VPN for corporate network access, it will play a significant role if access to application-specific VPNs is used to support consumer services. In the opposite direction, packet data from the mobile is routed to the right destination network by the GGSN.

In operation, when the GGSN receives data addressed to a specific user, it checks if the user is active, then forwarding the data. BS11 are not supported.

Packet Data Solutions

The AAA subsystem may as well trigger applications in the home network to send to the MS visited network-specific push content, such as local news or alerts. The guaranteed QoS levels could also be part of the SLA, together with a traffic conditioning agreement according to the DiffServ model see Chapter 2 gggsn, including a traffic profile a customer must comply with and the policing and remarking rules a service provider would enforce at the boundary with the customer network to traffic complying and not complying with the traffic profile.

These mobile stations are backward compatible for making voice calls using GSM. It should be noted that WAP services access in roaming conditions could be made far more efficient and cost-effective if carriers provided POPs ggsnn the world by defining a phone list users could use as they dial from around the world.

GPRS Network Architecture Tutorial

Assign or change authorization policy: This data network overlaps a second-generation GSM network providing packet data transport at the rates from 9. Capex costs are normally very high for a new network, and operators endeavour to avoid this and use any existing networks they may have to make the optimum use of any capital.

In principle, an operator may tune the GTP timers and retransmission attempts for create PDP context requests to allow for the latency associated to “IP with Protocol Configuration Options” in setting up tunnels, but this is not a generally safe measure and also does not offer sufficient guarantees to provide acceptable service also when the user is roaming to networks that do not adopt the same tuning of GTP parameters.

The SGSN will connect to it.

The GGSN also collects charging information connected to the use of the external tuforial networks and can act as a packet filter for incoming traffic. All the databases involved in the network will require software upgrades to handle the new call models and functions introduced by GPRS. Other solutions may require more customization of the GGSN node e.