HAZET is a leading German tool manufacturer based in Remscheid. In addition to factory and workshop equipment. You will find HAZET hand tools in our new. HAZET main catalog NO.: 70 – Page search. Please wait, your request is being transmitted. Online Katalog. PDF Download (MB). Páginas Valid. HAZET main catalog NO.: 70 – Page search. Please wait, your request is being transmitted. Online Katalog. PDF Download (MB). Request quotation.

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Flexible Handles etc. Twin camshaft engines 1. Strong plastic worktop resistant to solvent with 2 integrated storage wellsBoth sides with innovative fastening panels, e.

HAZET main catalog NO.: 70 – Page 284

Japaneseand American vehicles j drive This enables providing a mechanical advantage when attempting to rotate the rod 32 to open a hose clamp. Combination Wrenches or Hammers etc.

Method for manufacturing large-diameter annular component and guide rail of walking mechanism. With four main halls designed for storage, technical equipment, and production space in addition to office space, haxet rooms and entrance hall, Tronrud Engineering’s manufacturing, research, and development building is worth seeing.

That is, the tool may be utilized for not only kataog type hose clamps, but also with respect to ring type or wire type hose clamps. After inspection by us, we will replace your tool or repair it free of charge, provided that the tool shows a material defect or faulty workmanship.

Tell us your ideas. Hazet hand tools -? The first and second rails 20 and 22 are spaced so that they may engage the outside edges or portions of the outside edges of the tangs 4042 of a hose clamp 44 and thus retain the band type hose clamp 44 aligned appropriately and axially in the hose clamp tool. Help us to improve our service!

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It is a further object of the invention to provide a hose clamp tool which facilitates maintenance of a hose clamp in engagement with the hose clamp tool for band type and ring or wire type hose clamps. The hose clamp removal tool includes first and second cylindrical parallel rails connected together by opposed, spaced end plates.


HAZET disposes of the corresponding torque testers.

Another feature relates to the portion of the axially extending rails 2022 intermediate the generally parallel rod 30 and the jaws katalpg Central locking system allows mutual drawer locking according to EN Thus, it is an object of the invention to provide an improved hose clamp tool.

This is a continuation-in-part application incorporating by reference and claiming priority to previously filed co-pending utility application Ser. As interconnected members, they may hazef an intermediate channel which acts as a guide for a projecting dovetail or arm extending from the moveable jaw and thereby eliminate the sliding connection of the moveable jaw on rails or equivalent structure.

Use a hammer to bump on new head. In other words, the rails 2022 attempt to preclude the hose clamp 44 and more particularly the tangs 4042 of the hose clamp 44 from slipping laterally.

The process of developing a machine or equipment often starts with an idea before it ends on the drawing board. In as much as the ring or wire type clampand more particularly the end tabs and are offset from one another, placement of those end tabsin the channels andrespectively, as illustrated in FIG.

The tool in the assembled condition, for example as illustrated in FIGS. Locking release by turning the socket by Measuring units serve to select the right-sized tools.

Robust and reliable with high illumination powerLight source: Parts of the motor like cylinder walls, pistons, valves, oil-pump, oil pan, gear, etc.

Katalogg channel is a channel which extends transversely to the slot 39 of the slidable plate 28 and channel is transverse to the slot 48 of the fixed plate With hand guard HS Blade size: Thus, while there has been set forth a preferred embodiment of the invention, it is to be understood that the invention is limited only by the following claims and equivalents thereof. The knurled knob may be of various sizes and shapes; for example, it may have an external hexagonal shape. Alternatively, a band type wire clamp, such as illustrated kztalog FIG.

Tronrud Engineering var en av foredragsholderne. Z,2l year – Twin vanos 2,5l year – Twin vanos 3,0l year – Twin vanosContents: Haset span1K V 15 – 27 – 40 A For spot welding within pipe grips Application on door entry widths, side parts, folded sheet metal, etc.


Saving money as camber adjustment is not necessary very sturdy, even for continuous use of impact wrenches DBGM – German registered utility modelContents: The tool of haaet 1 wherein said threaded rod includes a flange at one end and a reduced diameter section at the opposite end, and wherein one of said fixed end plates includes a counterbore for said flange and the other of said fixed end plates includes a throughbore for said reduced diameter section, and wherein said reduced diameter section projects kafalog from the other fixed end plate and said knob is attached to said projecting reduced diameter section to retain the spaced, fixed end plates from axially spreading.

Another object of the invention is to provide a hose clamp tool which may be utilized for effecting removal of hose clamps of various size and configuration. Read instructions before use. M 32 Recommended torque: The External Adapter oatalog be kataolg when the lnjector Claw cannot be used, either because of the vehicle type or because of the lack of space.

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Assistent” Safe fixation of the socketsdue to special locking system ball clampingin the holding square. Renovation of old buildings, hollow spaces, cable shafts, etc. Double Box End Wrenches x 23 up to 30 x 32 to be used in pairs Tool hook? By engaging the opposed, radially extending or generally radially extending and aligned tabs or tangs 40 and 42 and by moving those tangs 4042 toward one another by means of a clamp tool, the elastic pressure exerted on a hose by a band or clamp 44 can be released and the attached hose can then be removed or disengaged from a tube or stem or the like.

Rod 30 may be rotated by means of attached knob 32 to move the sliding plate 28 with jaw 36 20144 between first plate 24 and second plate