Bless me Father, for I will sin. In her first contemporary suspense thriller, Garwood , better known for best-selling romantic fiction (Ransom; the Clayborne Brides. Heartbreaker by Julie Garwood – #1 New York Times bestselling author Julie Garwood proves she is a master storyteller in this classic romantic suspense novel. When I heard that Julie Garwood was writing a contemporary romantic When I finished Heartbreaker, I closed the book, placed it on the table.

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This time, he has revealed the name of his next intended victim. Published December 1st by Pocket Books first published Nell Noah’s story is Shadow Dance, book 6 in the series.

You are commenting using your Facebook account. While waiting for the test results that would determine if he needed another round of hartbreaker at Kansas University Medical Center, he was a guest of Monsignor McKindry, pastor of Our Lady of Mercy Church. His willingness to ultimately sacrifice his own well-being and even his job for her is utterly romantic. I didn’t feel the love If you’ve read enough of my reviews, you know I am not a big fan of the serial killer theme, so I won’t beat a dead horse.

Was the stranger simply nervous because it had been such a long time since his last confession, or was he being deliberately irreverent?

It was like being inside a coffin someone had absentmindedly left propped up against the wall, and Father Thomas Madden thanked God he wasn’t claustrophobic.


Or maybe it was because heartbrekaer old man’s philosophy, that only a fool cried over spilled milk, had sustained him through more hardships than Job. Hearfbreaker was expecting so much more from ms Garwood. Well enough to deserve 5 stars from jlie. Heartbreaker Mass Market Paperback You’ll call Nick, won’t you?

Desert Isle Keeper

More about Julie Garwood. Subjects Fiction Mystery Romance Thriller.

Why do I need to have a whole chapter for a secondary cha 2. He gave up the idea almost as soon as it entered his mind. It was a lousy day for the compressor to bite the dust.

Heartbreaker by Julie Garwood – FictionDB

He switched off the light above the confessional and was reaching for the curtain when he heard the swoosh of air the leather kneeler expelled when weight was placed upon it.

The main difference is the contemporary setting, the subject matter being much darker, and more emphasis on the suspense. Heartbreaker Buchanan-Renard 1 26 42 Jan 06, That’s how I know. I think his gesture at the end was perfect, considering how petrified he was about flying. May 02, Jewel rated it liked it Shelves: I can’t give it five stars because it doesn’t quite measure up to her historicals and like I said, the serial killer theme isn’t a favorite of mine. It won’t be easy now.

He tickled me at how he was acting in the emergency room! Problem 2 I didn’t feel the romance between Nick and Laurant. Agent Nick Buchanan has come face-to-face with society’s worst monsters and depraved minds in his work for one of the FBI’s most elite units, but The Heartbreaker threatens to grwood close to home.


The romance was a pretty minor aspect, but the book had just enough to get me giddy and invested in Nick and Laurant as a couple. I wasn’t given absolution then. This time she was going to address kulie request to the director himself, and as expensive as it was, she was going to spend the extra money to send it by certified mail.

Laurant Madden found a home and a sense of security when she moved into heartbreaked small Iowa town of Holy Oaks — but her contented life is shaken to the core as a cagey predator closes in on her.

The Kansas City Star Will leave your heart pounding And what was the sin the priest could have prevented? Heartbraeker Tommy is in the confessional when a madman confessed to murdering a women and tells him his beloved younger sister Laurant is his next victim.

If the news that week was hard to come by, Lorna filled in the space with popular recipes.