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The HP B is a single channel W DC programmable power supply with GPIB and RS connectivity. It is part of the HP x series. Agilent B/B/B/B System DC Power. Supplies All references to HP-IB have been changed to GPIB. A note about. I just picked up two HP B power supplies as I read somewhere quickly that it not only can be programmed via GPIB to set voltage/current.

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US and upHP B: Hewlett-Packard further certifies that its calibration measurements are traceable to theUnited States National Bureau of Standards, to the extent allowed by the Bureau’s calibration facility, and tothe calibration facilities of other International Standards Organization members. Safety SummaryThe following general safety precautions must be observed during all phases of operation of this instrument.

Failure to comply with these precautions or with specific warnings elsewhere in this manual violates safetystandards of design, manufacture, and intended use of the instrument.

Agilent / HP B Watt DC System Power Supply 20v 5a | eBay

Hewlett-Packard Ph assumes noliability for the customer’s failure to comply with these requirements. Used for measurement and control circuits designed to beoperated with one terminal at earth potential. It is designed to simplify the testingof digital cellular and 6632b phones. For example, data acquired using its dynamic measurementcapability can be used in determining the battery operating time of digital wireless communicationsproducts.

CCThe output is operating in constant current mode. UnrThe output is unregulated.

DisThe output is OFF. Press the OCP key toturn over-current protection off. ProtIndicates that the output has been disabled by one of theprotection features.

Press the Prot Clear key to clear theprotection condition. Refer to theProgramming Guide for a complete description of all programming commands. Unless otherwisenoted, both units will be referred to by the description “dc source” throughout this manual. Thatterminal must be connected to earth ground through a power source equipped with a groundreceptacle.

Refer to the Safety Summary page at the beginning of this guide for general safetyinformation. Before installation or operation, check the dc source and review this guide for safetywarnings and instructions. It includes a dc source, whichproduces dc output with programmable voltage and current amplitude, and a highly accuratevoltage and current meter, with the capability to measure very low-level currents.

Dc source status registers allow remote monitoring of a wide variety of dcsource operating conditions. The output of the dcsource may be adjusted to any value within the boundaries shown. If there is damage, notify the shipping carrier and the nearest HP Sales andSupport Office immediately. Warranty information is printed in the front of this guide. The dc source must beinstalled in a location that allows sufficient space at the sides and back of the unit for adequate aircirculation see Bench Operation.

Bench OperationA fan cools the dc source by drawing air in through the sides and exhausting it out the back. Minimum clearances for bench operation are 1 inch 25 mm along the sides. Do not block the fanexhaust at the rear of the unit. Unscrew the line fuse cap from the rear panel and verify that the fuse rating matches what isspecified on the FUSES label on the rear panel.


See table for fuse partnumbers. Connect the power cord to the IEC connector on the rear of the unit.

HP Agilent Keysight, 6632B

In general, if the wires are heavy enough to carry the maximum short circuit currentwithout overheating, excessive voltage drops will not be a problem. The voltage drops across theload wires should be limited to less than two volts. Refer to Table to calculate the voltage dropfor some commonly used AWG copper wire. Installation – 3Under normal operation, the dc source senses the output voltage at the output terminals on the backof the unit. External sense terminals are available on the back of the unit that allow the outputvoltages to be sensed at the load, compensating for impedance losses in the load wiring.

Youcannot remote sense at the optional front panel binding posts.

HP (Hewlett-Packard) 6632B Power Supply User Manual

When using remote sensing, you must program the OVP trip voltage high enough tocompensate for the voltage drop between the output terminals and the load. Also, if the sum of theprogrammed voltage and the load-lead drop exceeds the dc source’s maximum voltage rating, thismay also trip the OV protection circuit. When set to Fast mode, this switch disconnects the output capacitor that is located inside theunit. Fast mode lets you improve or enhance certain operating characteristics; while at the sametime degrading other operating characteristics.

The fault FLT output,also referred to as the DFI discrete fault indicator signal in the front panel and SCPI commands,is an open collector circuit that pulls the positive output low with respect to the negative chassisreferenced common. HP-IB address data is stored in non-volatile memory. The dc sourceis shipped with its HP-IB address set to 5. For verification tests, see appendix B. Complete performance tests are given in theService Guide. This chapter provides a preliminary introduction to the dc source front panel.

: Customer reviews: Agilent HP B power supply GPIB [Misc.]

Seechapter 5 for more details. Using the Keypad shift pandSome of the front panel keys perform two functions, one labeled in black and theother in blue. To perform the checkout procedure, you will need a wire for shorting the outputterminals together.

The following procedure assumes that the unit turns on in the factory-default state. Turn-On Checkout – 4Procedure6. Theoutput dropped to zero, CV turned off, and Protturned on. Press Shift, OV,Enter8. Press Shift, Prot Clear9. In either gp, thedisplay may show an error message that indicates the reason for the failure. Selftest ErrorsPressing the Shift, Error keys will show the error number.

Selftest error messages appear as: ERROR where “n” is a number listed in the following table. If this occurs, turn the power offand then back on to see if the error persists. The dc source must be in set to Local mode to use the front panel controls. Pressthe Local key on the front panel to put the unit in local mode. Front Panel DescriptionFigure CV The dc source output is in constant-voltage mode. CC The dc source output is in constant-current mode.


Unr The dc source output is in an unregulated state. Dis The dc source output is disabled off. OCP The overcurrent 6623b state is enabled. 663b Panel Operation – 5System KeysRefer to the examples later in this chapter for hl details on the use of these keys. System KeysThis is the blue, unlabeled key, which is also 6632b as Shift in this guide. Release the key after you press it. The Shift annunciator is lit,indicating that the shifted keys are active.

Function KeysImmediate Action KeysImmediate action keys immediately execute their corresponding function when pressed. Otherfunction keys have commands underneath them that are accessed when the key is pressed. When the unit is operating in frontpanel meter mode, all front panel measurements are calculated from a total of readings takenat a Therefore, the total acquisition time for a single front panelmeasurement is about milliseconds.

VoltagePress this key to access the voltage menu. Front Panel Operation – 5Entry KeysRefer to 6362b examples later in this chapter for more details on the use of these keys.

Parameter lists gp circular; you can return to the startingposition by continuously pressing either key. 663b2 Panel Operation – 52 – Querying and Clearing Output ProtectionThe dc source will disable its output if it detects an overvoltage or overcurrent fault condition. Other automatic fault conditions such as overtemperature also will disable the output.

Query and clear the dc source overcurrent protection feature as follows: On the Function keypad, press Protect. In this example, OC indicates thatan overcurrent condition has occurred. V or A MAX 6632b samples may notcoincide with the actual maximumor minimum point of the waveform. In this mode the portfunctions as a remote inhibit input with a discrete fault indicator yp signal. On the Function keypad, press Output.

Scroll through the Output menu by pressing q. Option is not available on HP B units. This capability is only available when the unit is set to the SCPI programminglanguage. You can save up to 662b states from location 0 to location 3 in non-volatile memory and recall themfrom the front panel. All programmable settings are saved. Save an operating 632b in location 1 as follows: Set the instrument to the operating state that you want to save.

Save this state to location 1. Press Save, 1, Enter. ASpecificationsSpecificationsTable A-1 lists the specifications of the dc source. Unless otherwise noted, specifications apply when measured atthe rear terminals after a minute warm-up period.