simulation with each tutorial, it is highly recommended that you save your work emphasize one particular feature of Aspen that is covered in the tutorial for that. with HYSYS, as the starting point for your dynamic tutorial case. some of the basic concepts of building a simulation in HYSYS. Three. I have collected some tutorial video for our Learning purpose. You can 6-Gas Processing – LNG Fractionation Unit with Aspen hysys

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This means that if you went so far as to run with no coolant, you would lose product out the vent never a good thing. Perhaps, you might want to develop the habit of always making a record in the Data Recorder also part bysys the DataBook right before running your Case Studies.

Get Started With Hysys V 7.3

Utility costs, and other issues, are directly tied to the temperatures we use for various operations. To shorten your simultation time enormously, open the column’s Property View. Checkmark the reactor temperature and level as independent variables and the convesion as a dependent variable.

The column should turn yellow, and you may close its window. We are going to do things a little differently from the way we did things in the SET example with the Spreadsheet. I have included this second Case Study in my file containing this completed example, CaseEx.

Blissfully, unaware that we just made a mistake, let us now proceed to doing something about the Conversion.

Go ahead and open up the DataBook now under the Tools menu. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Yep, Conversion is nowhere to be found on that list of Variables. Conversion as the variable go ahead and change the Variable Tuforial at the bottom to just Conversion. The Liquid Percent Level is not offered as an independent variable! Therefore, that is the variable we truly wanted. Since the tutrial rule goes, the bigger the piece of equipment, the more expensive it is, we’d like uysys see how sensitive the reaction is to the size of the reactor.


Oh, and make sure the Spreadsheet is also not in Modal View push the little “pin”. For more information on the special functions and logical expressions you may use, press Function Help We will need two more variables: Again, I don’t know why, I’m just reporting what I saw and warning you to be aware that the data you get may possibly be buggy.

The Variables Navigator will appear. The multiplier is because hyssys wish to express the conversion as a percentage. First we need the Molar Flowrate of Propylene Oxide entering the reactor.

Case Studies Example

It’s easy, because the variables tutorjal already defined, and it’s informative. I have collected some tutorial video for our Learning purpose. Since we will be varying the liquid volume by changing the Liquid Level percentage and we like even numbers, go ahead and change the Vessel Volume to ft 3.

On the Parameters Page, checkmark the box that says Ignore column during calculations. There are two variables called Liquid Percent: Now make hysyss the Spreadsheet Property View tutoril on the Spreadsheet Page yes, you’ll need to push the little “pin” on the stream’s window to switch out of Modal View.

One of these, Reactor Tempwe will actually use ourselves. Now I did a little experimenting and I discovered that if allowed to run adiabatically i.

You may also want to try a two dimensional case study, Coolant Duty vs. It doesn’t actually consider it a variable and heaven forbid you should actually want to 7.3 it for something.

You’ll probably need to change the basis from Mole Fractions to Mole Flows.

Get Started With Hysys V – Chemical Process Simulation – Community

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Now position your cursor over the 12C3Oxide’s Molar Flow and using the secondary mouse buttondrag the number to cell B2 of the Spreadsheet. We’re done with the example. Now, in cell B6enter the following equation: If you hyss not have such a file you may start from my version entitled ChemicalsEx. Now press Start on the Case Study. In general it is a good idea to be aware of your settings before running a case study as the Case Study will not return you to your original state afterwards.


Also, though the manuals state that you should be able to delete individual points, I was unable to do so the Delete key at the bottom of the window erases the whole Case Study, so don’t try that. For a lower hjsys on temperature, let us take the first temperature we were given to try in the example, 75 o F.

Hyeys Add to create a new Case Study. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Select Reactor from the Object List. Well just in case you didn’t, the example consisted tuotrial using a CSTR to react Propylene Oxide with Water to make Propylene Glycol, then separating that out as a product. That’s right girls and boys, the Spreadsheet and your profs complain you don’t pay attention — Well, actually they complain that you don’t come to class, but that hsyys neither here nor there.

Begin by adding a Spreadsheet to the simulation on the Object Palette. On the Reactions Page, you can see that the current Liquid Volume is ft 3 and that the current conversion in the reactor is Never regard study as a duty but as an enviable opportunity to learn to know the liberating influence of beauty in the realm of the spirit for your own ttutorial joy and to the profit of the community to which your later works belong.

This example will build on the simulation you made for the Chemicals Tutorial Case from Chapter 4 of the Tutorials Manual.